Chapter 45 The Devoted Daughters

Chapter 45 The Devoted Daughters

The conference ended, this conference of the century finished like this, with the ups and downs and the uneasiness in the hearts of countless people.


Jiang Qi switched off TV, having a myriad of thoughts in his mind.

This trend of development took a different approach from the Ultraman’s show but still reached the same result, that was to build a base and space station.

The only difference was that the combat force did not have a few members like in the show, it basically had over thousand people.

As for the ocean combat forces, they were stationed separately at the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

Each country would established their own ground combat force, with their weapon resources supplied from all over the world.

At the Moon, there was a base established there.

At the space, there was a space station.

They launched a defense and counterattack satellite, and also established a satellite protection network.

The satellites were continuously launched within the solar system, and an intelligence network of the solar system was established, and based on this, it would continuously explored outside of the solar system.

Kneading his forehead, Jiang Qi still felt somewhat dizzy.

Wearing patient outfit on his body, Jiang Qi walked to the side window and looked deeply at the city.

In the center of the city, the lamplights shone bright, illuminated every inch of soil under the Mercedes-Benz’s wheel, the light shone like the entire sun as if it did not want the Mercedes-Benz to deviate from advancing toward its direction.

After a while, Jiang Qi sighed, it could be said that this trip was a loss.

It was obvious for Jiang Qi, all the wounds he got from fighting stayed on his body, although many of them were severe, but thanks to his amazing recovery ability, there were no big wounds on his body now.

But while he was alright, Jiang Liu was not though.

Because he was crushed by the falling building, he was sent to large hospital for operation, although his life was not in critical condition now, but his legs were severely injured, therefore he might not be able to stood on his legs anymore.

This was very dangerous, especially in this present day, where there might be an alien falling through a crack of rock and killed him.

If monster were to appear, Jiang Liu’s chance of fleeing was next to none.

After Jiang Liu regain his consciousness, Jiang Xue and others immediately head toward Gaoyang city, switching to the largest hospital there.

Because every city nearby Beiwu city had their hospital crowded.

Because the injured people were really too many, even though the government do its utmost to save them, but the morgue was still full, and it was even increased everyday.
If you were to looked at Beiwu city right now, you could not see the earlier “Mountains and Rivers below the heaven” scenery anymore.

The buildings were completely in ruins, and there were those unattended corpse that sent out the nauseous stench into the sky, even though the water flow past here everyday, but the color of blood could still be seen.

Having no choice, for the sake of preventing the infectious disease spreading, the country had blocked off all of the Beiwu’s river and made the decision to burn all of the corpse in the city.

Because that place had too terrible smell, and it could also polluted others city nearby.

Stroking the Shield of Baraji on his hand, affected by the warmth of it, Jiang Qi’s disturbed mind gradually relaxed.

Jiang Qi got back to the bed, probably because he and Zero combined into one, the wounds Zero received also transfer to his body.

Will both of us also fight together next time?

As if the Shield of Baraji could hear his thought, the blue gem on the bracelet slightly flickered a few times.

Are you comforting me?

Jiang Qi made a wry smile, even though he inherited most of the Zero’s skill, his actual strength was still very weak.

Thinking back to a punch on that day, Jiang Qi still remembered that punch, that close to invincible strength shocked him many times.

When I can become strong like that?

He still wished for that person to teach him the skills of others Ultraman, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t contact that person.

Did he leave? There was something……

Rolling on bed a little, Jiang Qi still couldn’t sleep, perhaps it was because of the live broadcast on TV before that made him unable to fall sleep.

Jiang Qi got off the bed and went to the ward beside of his, he hesitated a little but finally gently pushed open a door.

The space in this room was not different from his, there were two beds inside.

Jiang Liu lied on one of the beds, covered with the oxygen mask with paled face.

Although he was already out of dangerous condition, with the excessive loss of blood and severe wounds, he still spent majority of times in coma.

Lying on another the bed was his daughter, Jiang qi, the tear on her fair face still did not dry off.

At the side, Jiang Xue took the blanket and covered her.

“How is he?”

Jiang Qi walked to Jiang Liu’s side, softly asked at Jiang Xue.

“He fall into coma from time to time……”

Jiang Xue lifted her head, looking at Jiang Qi with red and swollen eyes, and the voice that answered him was no longer the usual gentle but hoarse voice.

“Little qi didn’t sleep for 3 days already and just fall sleep a moment ago, so I carry her to bed.”

Jiang Xue said, her pale hand gently stoked Jiang qi’s cheek, she smiled faintly and her face was slightly rosy, it looked so beautiful in Jiang Qi’s eyes.

Actually, did Jiang Xue herself had the time to close her eyes since Jiang Liu’s incident?

Jiang Qi though, he said : “ Let’s me take over, you can rest for a bit.”

“How can that be?”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Xue thought for a bit and reject him.

“You still has wounds on your body, how can I let you do this? I appreciate your kind intention, but……”

“Aren’t we a family?”

Jiang Qi immediately interrupted her, making Jiang Xue slightly dumbfounded.
“A family doesn’t need to say much.”

Jiang Qi walked to her and rubbed her head.

“I already rest more than enough, you must also take care of your body and don’t let yourself collapse, or else that will make thing worse.

Jiang Xue blankly looked at Jiang Qi, feeling the warmth that was similar to Jiang Liu’s.

Her face suddenly became red.

“Eh? Your face……”

Jiang Qi was looking at Jiang Xue all the time so he naturally her difference, he seriously said : “See? Are your body fine?”

As he spoke, Jiang Qi’s fingers softly touched Jiang Xue’s cheek.

As expected, she was burning hot!

Seeing Jiang Xue’s face became more and more red, Jiang Qi was about to speak but he was interrupted by a voice.

“You smelly brat……taking advantage of my daughter…….when I’m not looking again…….”


Jiang Qi and Jiang Xue hurriedly turned their heads, they saw Jiang Liu, didn’t know when, looked at Jiang Qi with the raging flame in his eyes.

“Father, are you alright? I will get you water.”

Seeing Jiang Liu regained consciousness, Jiang Xue was overjoyed and thrown the feeling before to the back of her mind, she then quickly went to get Jiang Liu water.

Then, the ward sank into a dead silent.


Outside the hospital, a middle aged man stood at the door and had a strange smile at his mouth.

“In here……I can smell it……”




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