Chapter 44 The Transformative Change

Chapter 44 The Transformative Change

The sky was like a clean blue-black cloth, and the stars were like the gold dust being sprinkled on it. Under the resplendent starry sky, the sound of crickets emerged along with the gentle breeze under the trees, it was as if you could talk about everything from your innermost heart to the star. The night sky was like the navy blue curtain, decorated with the glittering stars, looking at it made one feel deeply intoxicated.

Everything looked normal and peaceful, but the people from all over the world right now were watching the live broadcast in front of them without a blink.


All people in HSD of USA stood ready, with heavy complexion.(tl:anyone know what HSD is?)

“How’s the preparation going?”

An old man in neat suit asked the attendant beside him.

“Everything is ready, every delegate parties also have arrived.

The attendant beside the old man immediately replied.

Today, everything must not go wrong, because to them, this might be the most important conference in their life.

The direction of this meeting was related to the future of mankind. If it could save the future of mankind, what was the loss of some benefits?

Looking at the old man in front of him, the attendant bowed his head, perhaps, Minister George also thinks this way too?


Tonight, the HSD conference was full of people. Every country, whether large or small, rich or poor, had all arrived, the media and the reporters also had arrived earlier too.
This conference was also live broadcasted globally!

As for the reason why America had organized this conference, everyone was aware of it.
At the backstage, a few people hurriedly put microphone on them

Looking at the people discussing in low voice outside, George repeated himself again, today could not fail.

Slowly, George walked to the stage, the discussing noise gradually died down, everyone’s eyes focused at him, and the flashed from the media continuously shot at him, TV cameras also closely followed behind him.

Practically, each and every moves George made were being watched by the whole world right now.

George finally arrived at the stage, thus began his conference speech.

The so-called conference speech, was for a party to put forward the speech about their point of view, after that the other parties would make a decision through voting.

It could be said that conference speech was the most fair system, it was also the most suitable for the current situation.

“Lady and Gentlemen, I am Minster of Defense of the United States of America, George.”

George’s first sentence, like ordinary speech, was ordinary peaceful self-introduction.

“Recently, there are many inconceivable things occurred in this world.”

Everyone’s eyes focused at him.

“The monsters that only appeared in science fiction movies appeared, they destroyed and hurt us.”

“Not only that, there are also aliens, they are not friendly toward us, they already madly wrecked havoc in China, causing tens of thousand casualties.

Hearing what George said, the camera lens of media shot toward China’s delegate. They wanted to look at the response from China, one of the three superpowers in the world.

But they were disappointed, because China’s delegate did not have any response, so they could only shift their camera back.

But when they were not paying attention, China’s delegate clenched his fist causing “creak creak” sound.

How could they not feel any pain? That was the blood of the sons and daughters of China! That was blood of the descendants of Yan Di and Huang Di! (tl:Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor)

But this was just an episode of conference speech, the conference kept on proceeding.

“We should unite together this time, standing up together to those enemies who invade us.

George was speaking, expressing his standpoint : “I believe, that we must build the whole world into one entity, a solid entity that no enemy can break!”

Hearing this, many countries’ delegates already realized what’s he meant and knitted their brows.

It meant the sharing of all countries’ weapon, economy and resources, for example : the permission for another countries’ military force to station in their own countries.

That example was still somewhat acceptable, but it wasn’t certain that every countries would want to integrated into one.

This had fundamentally violate every countries’ interests, it was unlikely that many people would agree to this.

George was indeed a head of Ministry of National Defense, he easily discerned everybody’s doubts with just a glance.

“This was not the time to think about your own benefits anymore, humanity was facing the greatest trial in all history right now, we must united together!”

“If, you are really blinded by benefits, then please bear in mind that, the premise of gaining benefits was that you have to be alive.”

The content of George’s speech was to dispel everyone’s misgivings here, but there were inevitably people who disagreed.

North Korea’s delegate raised his hand and asked : “If we really integrate into one, who would be the one making the final decision?”

Such question! Simple and frank! The eyes of every countries’s delegates shone at once.
“It will be taken care by 5 great representatives of the Council together!”

George also answered back in a simple and frank manner, causing Korea’s delegate to choked.

These 5 all had the same characteristics, their nation’s power were very formidable!

Britain and France were directly grouped with EU. As for Russia, America and China, there were not much to say about them, they were 3 world-classed super country.

These 5 countries could not only restrain but also supplement each other.

“Russia approve!”
“China approve!”
“United Kingdom approve!”
“Germany approve!”


Many countries’ delegated, included big countries’, successively announced their approval to George’s proposal, while many small countries’ delegates could only look at each other, then finally agreed too.

Looking at the scene below, George nodded, then proceed with the conference.

“I hereby announce, starting from this day, to officially establish , responsible for commanding and monitoring the world, and at the same time establish ocean combat forces, space combat base, space station, satellite counterattack system, and set up the solar system intelligence network.”

Hearing George’s announcement, others people were dumbfounded at first, then they simultaneously clapped their hands.

The main course started from here.

This so-called union, didn’t necessary mean that every countries had to open their doors and allow other countries’ army to enter, if it’s like that then how was that difference from forfeit their sovereignty?

Therefore, a base would be established in each country, and then jointly united to manufacture weapons for sharing with each other.

After figuring this out, many countries’ delegate finally smoothed out their brows, with this union they could finally bring out the greatest power possible into play.

“That is all for my speech!”

Finishing that, George bowed and left the stage.

At the same time, every delegates simultaneously stood up and gave a thunderous applause.

By the time of tomorrow morning, this conference would open a transformative stage that changed the structure of the whole world, it was undeniable that this was the transformative change forward, and also the most correct way of changing.



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