Chapter 41 Rolling

Chapter 41 Rolling


After a big explosion, Jiang Qi was pushed back by the air current and fell down, but he immediately stood up.


Jiang Qi tightened his fists, firmly looked at the monster.

How did it became like this?

Jiang Qi couldn’t believed it.

Ligatron was the composite monster in the Ultraman Tiga’s series, it originally did not has an emotion and substance, it wandered across the universe and was the cosmic creature with luminous body. It possessed the Jupiter Exploration Ship “Jupiter no.3” and its crew, obtained the data from the crew’s emotion and became monster.

To gather more energy, it landed on Earth, the sharp claw on both hands can puncture through the tanks, it could also be used to absorbed pure energy, it could thrown off the Multi Type Tiga and the power of Power Type’s Delacium Light Stream also had no effect on it.

Regarding this monster to Jiang Qi, It could said that this was not just a common troubled, because his defense power was not that high.

The most important part was, this monster actually fused with Sphire????
This was a thing that Jiang Qi could never imagine, he might not has this kind of idea before, but as the fact stood in front of him, he could only accepted it.


Ligatron let out a monstrous roar, after that both of its claws once again shot out the blue energy beam.

This time, Jiang Qi was ready, he put his right hand horizontal at his chest, and the Lamp Beam on his forehead sent out a green laser.

Emerium Slash!

Two light beams, one blue and one green collided and cancel each other out.

The people on the ground and pilots on the sky widen their eyes.

The people inside Night Raider base at the distant also stop what they were doing and looked at this battle.

For them, this battle scene was the battle of the world, if they manage to learned more about it, they might be able to understand what means the opponent has.


Light beams exploded, followed by Jiang Qi leap up to landed behind Ligatron.

He clenched his fist and ferociously strike at Lightron’s back.

“Deng——“ (tl:sound like hitting bell)


Different from the TV shows’ imagination, Jiang Qi only punched once, and his right hand already shook and numb.

How could this guys’ skin be so thick? Such hardness……

Jiang Qi pulled his right hand back, and found that Ligatron was shifting its body, so he moved his left leg backward, just in time Ligatron managed to turn around, a kick happened to land right on its face. But…..

Ligatron actually head butted him!


Jiang Qi fell on the ruins, covered in dust.

This guy’s defense power…….was too high……

Jiang Q raised his body up, panting and looking at the monster in front of him.
He slowly stretched his right hand, then quickly made an L shape, shooting out a white light beam.

Wide Zero Shot!

Seeing this light beam, the eyes of several people watching the battle changed.

Because this Light Beam eliminated two monster before, so its power was certified.


But everyone was disappointed because it seemed the light beam did not hit cleanly, it only scraped at the monster’s neck, destroying the carapace around it.


Enraged at Jiang Qi, the monster roared and the gem on its nose flickered.

Jiang Qi subconsciously perceived dangers, he quickly turned his body, then the ruins behind him suddenly exploded.


Seeing this scene, Jiang Qi understood that he should not dawdling with Ligatron . Zero Sluggers on his head once again flew out and flew to Ligatron, followed by Jiang Qi who also rushed forward.


The Sluggers cut at Ligatron, creating the noise of hitting metal. One of the sluggers only created sparks on its body and leaving traces of scratchs, while the other Slugger unexpectedly caused it to explode.

Of course, Jiang Qi never intended for Zero Sluggers to injured Ligatron, he just used them to distract Ligatron’s attention.

He used right hand to chop at Ligatron causing it to trembled slightly. Ligatron then used its right claw to attack back but Jiang Qi stepped back and caught hold of it.

It had to say that God was fair, although Ligatron’s defense was like a fortress, its attack speed was particularly slow, therefore, Jiang Qi could easily handled it.

Jiang Qi rapidly kicked at Ligatron’s waist several time, Ligatron also used the other claw to attack Jiang Qi, but he moved sideways and evaded it.

Then, catching its arm, he used his entire body’s strength to throw it off the ground.


Ligatron’s height was 65 meters and it weighted 770 million tons, as it fell on the ground, it caused the whole place to shake for a while.

Jiang Qi quickly rode on the monster’s back and continuously punched at its head.


Ligatron roared as if feeling its dignity was sullied, the propeller on its back suddenly spurted out a powerful turbulence, forcibly pushing Jiang Qi off its back.


Jiang Qi once again fell into the ruins.

Damn it!! I forget that this monster still has this move!

Just as Jiang Qi was standing up, he heard the sound of footsteps, he looked up and saw that Ligatron was already standing before him.

Not good! Jiang Qi wanted to move back to created distances between them but it seemed he was a step too late.

Ligatron’s attack already came. Without time to dodge, Jiang Qi was chop at the chest.



With the shriek, Jiang Qi fell to the ground, with this hit, he even felt that his internal organs was shifted.

Ligatron seemed to think that it was not enough, it lifted Jiang Qi up from the ground, using both its claws to press at his neck.


Ligatron started to gather the electrical energy on its claws, then it attacked Jiang Qi.


Jiang Qi’s scream could be heard from afar, many women in Night Raider’s base covered thier mouth, after all, this scene was pretty cruel.

But it’s not like they could go and saved him, because they still did not know if he’s an ally or not. And even if he was friendly, the soldiers, first they didn’t have any physical strength left, second they were also out of ammunition too.

So what could they do? Courting death by go there?


Gradually, as Ligatron was lifting Jiang Qi higher, the electrical energy began to drop, giving a Jiang Qi a room to breathed.

Jiang Qi did not has the mood to think about why the electrical energy was dropped. He could only feel that his consciousness became more and more blurred.


Suddenly, the gem on the monster’s nose once again shone, and the radiance of light enveloped Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi felt the huge pressure on his entire body, then he slowly lose consciousness.


I’m going to die? I’m not willing……to die in this guy’s hand like this.

Jiang Qi slowly open his eyes and found out that he seemed to arrive at the place filled with light.

Here……Isn’t this the place where my body was transformed?

He stood up and realized that he surprisingly did not has any injury at all.

What’s going on?

“This is your space of consciousness……”

As Jiang Qi became confused, a familiar voice rang from behind.

Jiang Qi quickly turned around, and as expected, he saw that person’s figure……



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