Chapter 40 The Reappearing Light

Chapter 40 The Reappearing Light


The monster roared and move onward, because there was nothing that colud stop it, the whole city already had nothing left to destroy.

The soldiers survived on the ground shouted, yet they were already lack the strength to fight anymore.

Is this the end?

Han Yi was covered in wounds and couldn’t stand straight anymore, he lean on the side of the rock of collapsed building, panting heavily and looking at the monster wrecking havoc, his heart was full of grieved.

The fighters dropped down one after another, created the grey arc on the sky, and for the remaining ones, there were only 2 left, and these two pilot already didn’t have anything to use anymore, as all their ammunition ran out, thus in the monster’s eyes, they were just the remaining flies.


The monster slowly walked to them, for these little ants resisting it, it still was very curious, why not it made them reincarnated early.

The monster slowly lifted its foot, making the remaining people shrouded in the shadow, just like their state of mind.

Han Yi eyes shone, he wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, his hand slowly stroked the last grenade while his other hand arrived at the slug pin, waiting for the instant the monster’s feet fall.

Even if he was going to die, he wanted to at least tear a chunk of meat from it.
Although it was very difficult to achieve.


Suddenly, there was a huge light beam appeared from the sky, instantly piercing through the monster’s right shoulder.

The monster roared in pain, it was flown away for several hundreds of meters by impacted force, it then fell to the ground, causing a huge quake.

This change made the Night Raider team members looked blankly at each others, failed to understand what’s going on.

Still, it seemed like they were saved.

Only Han Yi frowned and looked at the sky, he had a premonition, as if somethings was coming.

The monster raised it body up, panting, then it stood up and roared at the sky.


The voice was still ear-splitting as before, causing many of them to stepped back.

Following along the monster’s vision, Han Yi and others looked at the sky covered with dust and gunpowder smoke. The smoke and dust coming from the ruins basically covered the whole sky.

Relying on their excel vision, they managed to see that there was nothing on the sky,

No! If there was something………

Han Yi narrowed his eyes, secretly hoping in his heart, and looked at the sky again.

As expected, he saw a “huge” black spot approaching at full speed, with only 2 seconds, he could see that black spot’s true appearance.

The red interspersed with blue figure enveloped in flame diving down, the sharp-edged eyes shone with light, and on the head carried the sharp blades.

Wasn’t that…….the Giant that appeared at Nanxi City of the Gaoyang City before?——Ultraman Zero? Why did he come here? What’s his purpose?

Just within a second, many thought flashed in their mind.

But without giving them time to ponder, Ultraman Zero’s burning leg penetrated through the monster’s body, then he rolled on a ground and then returned to the half kneel position.

The time seemed to slow down, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds……

The Night Raider team members on the ground open their mouth, an idea suddenly surfaced in their mind, incomparably shocked them.

It……couldn’t be……


A sound of huge explosion answered their thought.

The monster that basically overwhelmed them before, was just settled with a kick.
“That Giant……such strength?

They unconsciously gulped, blankly looking at the Giant before them, suddenly in their mind came a thought : “If one day we and him become enemy…….the result would be……”
That day might come sooner or later?

They asked themselves, soldiers from past til now never afraid to challenge death, but they was afraid of solitary, they had family, they had wife and children, therefore they aspired for peace, but in this kind of situation, Peace? Was it impossible?

Didn’t know of the mentality of the people below him, Jiang Qi stood up from the ground, wiping the tip of his nose with his thumb with confidence then snapped his fingers.

“What a cool landing!”

After that, Jiang Qi raised his head looking at the Sphire on the sky, sneered.

The Zero Sluggers separated from his head instantly, flew with the rippling sound toward Sphire.

Zero Sluggers! (tl: Rawls also has Telekinesis, but I will omitted that)


Wherever the Zero Sluggers went, a sound of explosion would emerged, Sphire was dying at the very fast speed.

The pilots in the fighters widen their mouths, shocked at what they saw, they knew that these animals were hard to deal with, coping with one or two was still tolerable, but once they came in groups, their power became terrifying, these freaks seemed to share a common mind, composed into a single entity, they basically didn’t know what to do.

Yet today was the day their view on life were subverted, these Sphire seemed so fragile as pudding before The Giant.


As all Sphire were killed, Zero Sluggers automatically returned.

Looking at the perished Sphire, Jiang Qi let out a breath, however he didn’t notice that deep pit that the meteorite dropped into before had the orange light shone up……


Looking at the fighters flying cautiously pass him, seemingly to test whether he had an evil intention, Jiang Qi suddenly felt ridiculous.

If he did had an evil intention, these people would already be dead.

Of course Jiang Qi naturally couldn’t say these words, so he just let the planes to flew past him.

Looking blankly at the Jiang Qi’s face, the pilot even forgot to change their direction.

“Ten seconds……He only used ten seconds to killed the monster and the mysterious organism……”

Hearing the sound from the radio, Jiang Qi nodded, looking at Jiang Qi, a sound whispered : “So awesome……”

As if to sense something, Han Yi turned his head toward a direction, suddenly said : “……the enemy was also not simple……” (tl:that’s basically a scene from Ultraman Dyna first episode!!!!)


The remaining people failed to understand why their own Captain said that, followed along his vision, they fixed their gazes at that place.


Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s ears stirred, he felt some sort of danger and subconsciously retreat from his original place.


A second after Jiang Qi retreated, this location suddenly exploded into a deep hole.
Jiang Qi looked at the deep hole and was covered in cold sweat, if he did not move in advance, he might suffered that.

He tilted his head, looked at the direction to find the culprit that caused this deep hole, but after a glance, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but became dumbfounded.

In front of him was a monster not much different in size from himself, its body was covered by silvery thick layers of carapace, there was a yellow gem on its nose, its mouth was rhomboid, small and pointy, both of its hand were sickle-like.

“This monster is……”

Without waiting, that monster’s sickle-like hand shot out a thread of long and thin lightning at the building beside Jiang Qi.


With the huge explosion, Jiang Qi was submerged in the flame and smoke.



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