Chapter 4 Attack?

Chapter 4 Attack?

Meanwhile across the horizon, the U.S. Department of Defense, located on a plain, that was sparsely populated, imposed by martial law.

As usual, nothing was happening here.

It just that there was a special guest here.

Standing in front of the door, an US soldier yawned, he immediately looked around and found that nobody noticed him. With a sigh of relief, the soldiers continued to stand guard.

While within the Department of Defense, an old man in a suit with half a gray hair, followed by a lot of attendants.

The old man walked quickly and asked: “When was it happened?”

“Today at 12:52.”

Immediately the person beside him talked “The giant appeared for a full 1 minute and 40 seconds and then it disappeared.

The old man pushed the door of the conference room, the standard board in oval shape was arranged, while the translucent light screen on the wall showing the giant and monster in Nanxing City. The quality of this video was not much better than the video from the tourist.

The old man came in at the first sight of the Giant and the monster.

“My god, what is this ?”

The old man eyes were changed, his eyes looked straight at the screen. While slowly went to their seat, his eyes ware still fixated on the two figures in the display.

Slowly seated, the old man crossed his hands and put it to his mouth while still staring at the screen

A black man with glasses walked up to the front desk and turned the screen into a picture of the monster

“This monster appeared at 12:45 accompanied by a violent earthquake, which destroyed five buildings and injured countless people.”

Immediately, the display changed, showing the monster releasing a purple beam.

“This is one of the types of its attack, with the power of being able to knock the giant off the ground and leave a dozens of meter deep pit.

Then the picture change again, it showed the giant.

The giant appeared at 12:50, he’s about 49 meters with unknown weight and intense light beam.

And then the video playing the giant’s legs with blazing flame kicking the monster and able to make the monster staggered back

“One of his way of attack, blazing fire from his legs and he’s able to reel monster.”

“Method of attack No.2”

Then the man changed the video, playing a scene that shown the giant firing the light beam.

“With arms making the shape of L, he was able to fire a light beam. And then the monster was destroyed.”

The black man retreated after bowing to the old man.

Then the old man asked the other people around him ”Iin the past, is there a situation like this??”

“Unfortunately, I have looked carefully, there has been no such thing since the founding.”

Another man came and put a stack of information in front of the old man.

And the old man stood up and directly said: “I don’t want this useless thing, what I want to know now is where are they coming from?? for what purpose?? Will they not caused a threat to humanity??”

“We are not clear about this, after all, this is the first time we encountered this kind of situation.”

One of them replied.

“Then this monster is going to show up again?”

The old man heard this remark and looked to the man and said

“We have to assume the worst, sir.”

With this sentence, the meeting room fell into silence again.

“What about Max McGonagall?”

The old man suddenly asked.

“He suffered some injuries and was sent to mental hospital.”

The black man said.

“Mental? Why? This man has taken a valuable material for us! Is this the system of the country?”

The old man frowned.

Someone seriously said

“No, Sir.”

The black man quickly went forward and explained “Max McGonagall seems to be stimulated so much, he began to speak crazy, to not letting him spreading harmful speech, we can only put him to the mental hospital’s supervision temporarily.”

After hearing the black man, the old man went silence for a moment and said:” Immediately arrange a plane, I want to see this man.”


Leaving the conference room, the old man said: ”immediately ordered all the troops into the emergency standby state, we have to be prepared.”


A helicopter landed in the open field and set up a massive storm.

Behind the old man there were a lot of people escorting him to the chopper.

“Gentlemen, our future is in your hands.”

The old man turned abruptly and said to the warm-blooded soldiers, “Everything here is all yours.”

Finish, the old man turned to go, but, not waiting for the old man to go far, from the sky emerged a regiment of flames, directly crashed into the building they just had a meeting before.

And that set off the air, the wreckage of their own building flew over, almost buried them.

One of the soldiers shouted while standing up from the wreck.

“Hey!!, what happened??”

An answer came from afar.

“Don’t know!! It seems that a fire has fallen.”

Suddenly the black man that escort him asked.


“I’m here.”

The old man cough and stood up from the wreckage: “I’m fine, Is everybody okay ?”

One of the soldiers came to the old man and said

“Everybody is fine !”


Suddenly a strange voice is heard, and let them quiet down.

“Boom~. Boom~”

Then, a thick voice was heard, with the soldier’s training, they took out their submachine gun and together targeted at the place where meteorite just fell, where the flames were still strong, and the black smoke did not let them see things inside.


The voice came from that place, and an officer waved his hand lightly, and many of the soldiers were divided into two groups, which surrounded the area.

*Breath noise*

Suddenly a figure came out from the rubble. For human, that figure was a monster nearly sixty meters in height, it’s like the monster from before, but it’s also different, It could even be called mechanical life form.

The body was composed of silver and gray, the limbs were streamlined, the shoulder had blue and gray lines, the chest had a blue-colored shiny gem.

The face, like wearing a black mask and its eyes emitted red light.


The soldier that saw this monster froze for a few seconds.

An officer looked deeply at the monster and shouted, “FIRE !!”

At the same time, the red light flashed in the eye of the mechanical creature …
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