Chapter 39 Desperate

Chapter 39 Desperate

At the battlefield, the war’s situation was undergoing a myriad of change, the Night Raider members who was kiting the monster started to fall into disadvantaged situation.


The monster roared, making the huge sandstorm blew in all direction and attracted many eyes.

“Damn it!”

A pilot vexingly hammered on the control instrument.

It was as if their battle strategy was seen through by these animals, no matter what method they used to attack, theses monster always manage to find the way to resolve it.

Just like what they had predict before, these things could evolve.

What to do now?

That pilot vexingly pondered, suddenly, there was an alarm cry transmitted out from the radio.

“Danger! Quickly get back!”

Hearing that voice, that pilot raised his head and saw a Sphire charging at him.

With the bad premonition in his mind, he quickly pushed control lever, wanting to evade the incoming Sphire.

However, it was too late.

The Sphire continuously shot out green light rays, the Wing of the Night couldn’t evade it all and its left wing was hit, causing it to emitting green smoke and making the plane to spinning out from the trajectory.

It ran into another Wing of the Night, and then the two fighters crashed at the side of the large building together.


Huge noise and rolling smoke and flame struck these warriors.

Another one……Another one……

Looking at the one still walking became less and less, some of the indignant in these man’s hearts became the feeling of powerlessness.

Mankind right now was so weak, and this was just the beginning, mankind still had many things to achieved, so they couldn’t take a lying down here!

Thinking to this, these soldiers looked at each other again, their eyes revealed a trace of firm resolution, and a hint of intention to face death.

At least……At the very least for our comrade not to die in vain!

Picking up the guns, the soldiers one by one climbed up from the trenches, and charged forward the monster.

The muzzles, spurred out the flame. The soldiers were frantically firing at the monster. Their face were soaked warm, of course, with blood, their comrade’s blood.

Some soldiers who had broken hands or feet realized that they couldn’t fight anymore, so they used their own body to shield their comrade from Sphire’s light beams, but they were still all killed by the explosion; some soldiers who were about to die, used their last bit of strength to tied the bomb on their body and charged out, even if they were going to die, they wanted to just bit a chunk out of the monster’s meat, however, before they could reached the monster’s body, they were blocked by Sphire, and exploded into the sky, just like the flies.

And the rest could only fight on along with the warm current of tears, mucus, and blood on their face.

They kept howling, “Come and get me!!!” “This granddaddy will fight you to death!!”

Even if they were quickly killed, there would be new people stepped on their comrade’s corpses and ran toward and fired at monster afterward.

People would die eventually, some might die an insignificant death, some might die a honorary death, they were the people of the army, so the citizens’ death were heavier than Mt Tai.

Each and every soldiers kept sacrificed themselves, yet it was still not affected the monster a little bit, even Sphire did not suffered much casualties.

The Night Raider’s land combat troops of a few hundreds soldiers, now only left with over 20 soldiers, and for the one who could still fight could be count on one hand.

Several soldiers used the cloth strips on the wounds, the cloth strips were pulled by hand and were also covered with dirt. But the injured soldiers didn’t care about these, they hastily bandaged up.

Then they charged forward again.


“Daughter, I’m sorry, if you are holding this letter, it mean that daddy are very far away, therefore, I may not be able to attended to your 18 years old birthday, but I will surely send you present.

Don’t be nervous, daddy just go to a very far away place, so it might take a long time to return, at that time, daddy will make up to you by holding a grand birthday for you.

Son, father isn’t at home, you are the only man in the home now, so you must support the hole family, while father is not at home, you must protect your mother and little sister, understand?

From now on, you have to take the responsibility as a man and must do what a man ought to do.

At last, tell your mother for me, also tell your grandfather and grandmother, tell them that, I love you……”

Ding Yunfeng trembling held this letter in both hands, his eyes became red, this letter was found in the room by a dormitory manager.


Ding Yunfeng punched at the table sending out a loud noise, frightening the people in the tactical operation center.

They never saw the commander got so angry before.

“Call Captain Wang Zhenglin for me.”

Ding Yunfeng’s voice right now was very tranquil, but the people in the room had the premonition of rainstorm incoming.


After waiting for a few seconds, someone answered the call.

“I am Wang Zhenglin……”

The tone of that voice was very steady, slow and methodical, just as he finished saying his name, Ding Yunfeng interrupted him.

“I am the Night Raider’s commanding officer, Ding Yunfeng.”

Ding Yunfeng said to the other side.

“What are you doing? Sunbathing?? Drinking 82 years old wine? Looking at the big breasts of someone’s wife?”

Ding Yunfeng started to bombard the other side in frenzied, and the other side was silent for a while.

And the people in the room also carried a hint of smile on their face, it’s just that they were holding it in.

“I tell you! The humanity is in really big trouble right now, we need you, we need your most advance weapon, the Electromagnetic Railgun on the ROCS Kidd.

Without waiting for Ding Yunfeng to finished, Wang Zhenglin on the other side frown and interrupted him.

“This is military classified……”

“Cut the crap!”

Ding Yunfeng irritatingly roared at him, that made everyone’s eyes in the room to twinkled.

The current Night Raider was just a new established combat unit, although its privileges were comparable to the government, the expectation toward them was still very low. In the normal situation, they just needed to quietly used the achievements to smacked at those people’s face, but Ding Yunfeng was already done that.

“Do you understand the suffering of losing the family? Right now, the disaster has come, many people have to experience this kind of suffering, the people in the whole city need us to save them.

Hearing that, the other side became silent, then said : “Go on, I’m listening.”

“Fire the Electromagnetic Railgun at this coordination : 135°E and 44.33°N, AT ONCE!!!!”
To said that, Ding Yunfeng practically roared.


On the other side of the telephone, an old man with a calm and steady expression hang up the telephone, he wore a spotlessly white navy uniform, the whole body radiated the energy full of vigor.

He was Wang Zhenglin, known as the man who controlled one-third of the navy’s military strengths.

Right now, he slightly narrowed his eyes, gently moving his fingers.

“Contact Kidd.”

We human won’t let you monster had your way!


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