Chapter 38 The Mysterious Youth (Bottom)

Chapter 38 The Mysterious Youth (Bottom)

In the white space, Jiang Qi was looking face to face with the mysterious youth, it was as if they were not affected by the flow of time.

Looking at the person in front of him, Jiang Qi blinked confusingly.

It was as if this person was fused together with this whole space, Jiang Qi couldn’t see his figure clearly, but the feeling of aura from his body made Jiang Qi very relaxed and want to be intimated.

“You are the Shield of Baraji’s new successor?”

That person lifted his head and asked, his voice was very warmed, and that also woke the confused Jiang Qi up.

I am what?

Jiang Qi did not know why he had just appeared in this state, and Jiang Qi’s confused scene fell into the eyes of the young man.

“It seems you are still not grown enough.”

That person said, and mockingly said : “And he was like my youth period.”

“Who are you?”

Hearing this person’s mocking, Jiang Qi hurriedly asked

This person might know, why this world was changed so much? Why his trace of existence was erased? Why was monster appeared……


It was as if he already expected Jiang Qi to asked this question, he said : “If there is some changes the next time we meet, I will tell you.“

“What’s having changes next time? why don’t you tell me now.”

Hearing about next time, Jiang Qi suddenly exploded, he extended his hands and was about to grabbed that person, he didn’t expected that his hands would pierced through that person’s body.

“This…….This is……”

Jiang Qi, who was shocked by this scene, looked at the man in front of him with amazement.

He didn’t just run into a ghost right?

“I only leave a strand of light in the Shield of Baraji, it doesn’t has physical substance.”

That person looked at Jiang Qi and knew what he’s thinking, so he immediately explained Jiang Qi’s doubt.

“Light? You are Ultraman?”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi widen his eyes, he never expected that he would be standing with an Ultraman, who’d believed that?


That person slightly nodded, finally answered Jiang Qi’s question.

“Which Ultraman are you?”

Jiang Qi hastily stepped forward, widen his eyes, eager to know his true form.

Nexus……a generation of Shield of Baraji possessor.”

Seeing Jiang Qi, that person’s voice contained a little bit of smile in there.

This boy……resemble his younger self at that time…….


Jiang Qi cried out, Who was Noah? He was acknowledged as the Tsuburaya Production’s first Ultraman, the first being of light since the Big Bang!

“Where are you now?”

Jiang Qi eagerly asked : “The monster all over the world already start to wreck havoc, humanity has difficult times protecting themselves, this world urgently need your protection!”

“Excuse me……”

Waiting for Jiang Qi to finished, that man indifferently said : “We are not exist on the same plane of spacetime, we are not even on the same timeline, therefore, I can’t help you.”

“What should I do?”

Jiang Qi got panicked at once, the situation at the present was just merely a small-scale one, what if the more stronger monster were to appeared now, what would happened to this world?”

“Don’t panicked!”

That person seeing the flustered in Jiang Qi’s heart said : “This world still has hope!”


Jiang Qi dazed, this world still has hope?

“That hope is you.”

That person extended his finger, pointing at Jiang Qi.


Jiang Qi pointed at himself in surprised, said “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, it is you.”

That person seeing Jiang Qi not believing, said it again : “The Shield of Baraji has its own intelligence, since it chose you, then your identity is determined!”


Jiang Qi wanted to refuted, but he couldn’t find any word, he could only stand there, with his red face.

“I understand your feeling.”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s expression, that person’s voice suddenly became deep.

“A long time ago, I was the same as you, confused, hurt, hesitated.

“But you will realized, because of the lose, you will realized that hesitating won’t only harm yourself, but it’ll also harm important people you wish to protect.”

That person’s voice became even more deep.

“Because of this, my teacher was dead, many and many people was also dead.

“Tragedy itself didn’t make us unable to achieve our goals, tragedy in fact encouraged us to chasing our goals,

Doubting that your dream couldn’t be realized was not a disaster, but having no dream to realized was a disaster;

Couldn’t catch up to your ideal was not a misfortune at all, a misfortune was that you don’t have an ideal to catch up;

Couldn’t reach the star was not shameful at all, but it was shameful that you didn’t even try to reach it;

It is not a defeat but rather lowering your goal that make them pitiful;

you have dream, a big dream, a unattainable dream, those might lead to a change of dream.”

“These are my teacher’s last words, this speech always encourages me, therefore, you also don’t give up.”

That person slowly spoke, then he looked at Jiang Qi, capturing his every expression.


Jiang Qi gently stroked the Shield of Baraji on his hand, making it to start flickered with dazzling light.

“I must remind you one thing.”

Seeing the light gradually enveloped Jiang Qi, that person suddenly spoke : “This is not like a video game where you can stop as you want, you can only press on…….”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi hesitated.

You can’t stop?

However, that person’s speech still reverberated in his ear, before his eyes, it seem he could see Jiang Xue and others lifting Jiang Liu’s body soaked in blood into the cars……

Jiang Qi closed his eyes, the light continued to enveloped him.

That person seeing this scene, also nodded.


The light continued to envelope him, countless particles of light started to fuse with him, making him moan.

It was different from the last two time, this time it was as if he was really composed of light.

Emerium Slash of Zero was the same as Ultraseven’s Emerium Ray, launching the laser from the Beam Lamp at the forehead with the outstanding power, very effective for hitting the mobile target

Wide Zero Shot: Similar to Seven’s Wide Shot, by assuming an L-shape arm pose, it shoot a powerful light beam from the right wrist.

Zero Sluggers : Holding Zero’s Sluggers and rush into enemies’ line, sweep through the surrounding enemies.

Zero Twin Shoot: Put Zero’s sluggers to the chest, then transfer the blade’s energy into light beam, to launched very powerful enegy skill.

Zero Attack Ray : Shot by put both hand in cross shape, did not has high power. (Beam Zero Spike? 赛罗攻击光线, I couldn’t find the information about this move)

Ultra Zero Kick : Learn from Leo‘s Kick.


An enormous energy continuously poured into Jiang Qi’s brain, that was all of Zero’s light skill.

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