Chapter 37 The Mysterious Youth (Top)

Chapter 37 The Mysterious Youth (Top)


The monster’s grating roar reverberated throughout the entire city, everywhere in Beiwu City seem to tremble a bit.

It was fortunate that the residents and tourists of Beiwu City already evacuated.

Standing on the top floor, Jiang Qi’s expression became blanched looking at the monster, although he never saw the process, but seeing the silvery-white stripes on the monster’s body and the Sphire on the sky together, he still could recognized the monster’s origin.

It’s the Synthetic Monster!

Jiang Qi didn’t know how strong the Night Raider squad’s weapons were, but from fighting with the Sphire’s first form for a long time, they should be exhausted already, even Jiang Qi could see that.

Just dealing with their first form took a lot of effort already, not to mention dealing with the Synthetic Monster.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi felt a warmth at his left hand, he lifted his left hand and saw a bright light coming from Shield of Baraji.

“You……can help me?”

Jiang Qi looked at the bracelet, he had the illusion that this bracelet seem to had the intelligence of its own.

“Help me how? Transform into Zero?”

Jiang Qi sneer, not interested in this idea. He was well aware that he was just an average guy, he might be able to save humanity once or twice, but would the monster appeared only once or twice?

They would continue to appear, Jiang Qi was just one person, dealing with the strange and mystical abilities of the monsters or alien would eventually exhaust him.

Furthermore, mankind did not have the good opinion of him, there were many statement wishing for his death all over the internet, if his identity was exposed, God know what would happen to him.


The bracelet shook, seem to became displeased with Jiang Qi’s attitude. (tl: Awww~ cute)

Jiang Qi took a look at the monster wrecking havoc outside, there was a hint of struggle in his eyes.


After the bracelet violently vibrated, the strong light was suddenly emitted from it and wrapped around Jiang Qi’s body.

Wait! What’s the hell? So anxious to transform?

Jiang Qi facepalmed, was this Shield of Baraji’s sense of justice? This was just like a hoodlum!


The light gradually weakened, Jiang Qi opened his eyes and found that he arrived at the white space.

After looking around confusedly, Jiang Qi looked at the bracelet and asked with uncertainty: “Why do you bring me here?”

“You have come, successor!”

Suddenly a gentle voice rang from behind him, giving Jiang Qi a fright, he quickly turned around and saw a young man not much smaller than him looking at him.



At the outside, the monster started to gone berserk, insanely destroyed everything in town, while Sphire also broke away from the fight with Wing of the Nights, came to monster and circling around it.


The monster proudly roared once more, after wandered unbridled in the city, each step gave out a loud noise.

What to do now?

Looking at the monster in the ruined city, Night Raider team members looked at each other, they didn’t have any idea.

If they attacked the monster, they would be dead, they didn’t afraid of death but that didn’t mean they want to die.

But if they did not thoroughly defeat the monster here, the next time it’s appeared, who know what kind of death and destruction it might cause.

Obviously, this monster was not vegetarian at all, furthermore, there were still many Sphire on the sky.

For them at the present, their experience in fighting monster was lacking a lot.

“Han Captain, what would we do?”

The pilot on the aircrafts asked, unsure of what to do, they couldn’t attack rashly, they need the instruction from higher chain of command.

”Divided into battle formation, used 105mm armor piercing bullets, lock on target!”

Looking at the monster, Han Yi’s expression was ruthless.

At the side, Jiang Xue and Jiang qi, these two sisters difficultly tried to help Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu’s lower body was already dyed with blood coming from the open wound at his lower body through the destroyed clothes.


Jiang qi covered her mouth, tried not to make a sound, her tear fell down onto Jiang Liu’s forehead.

“Silly girl……what are you crying for”

Jiang Liu opened both his eyes and smiled fully, but with his pale expression and sweat on his forehead causing him to looked even more miserable.

“……You see……I was never able to tell which one apart……”

“Boo hoo…..”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s word, Jiang qi’s tear fell down even more.

Jiang Xue at the side, also trying to hold her tears, she must not cried, so she picked up medicine box, helping the medical officer and wiping sweat on Jiang Liu’s forehead.

“This won’t do, the injury already reached bone and muscle, he had to be sent to hospital immediately.

The doctor wrinkled his eyebrows and said, this was the most critical condition since he got here, for Night Raider members, most of their injury were just fresh wounds, or they died immediately and never reached him.

“Here?? To the hospital???”

Jiang Xue couldn’t help but asked with fury, here? This place was basically in ruins, where would you find a hospital?

“I will first give him an emergency treatment, then you girls carry him to the nearby hospital.”

The doctor said, his hands rapidly move in systematic order.

Jiang sisters should be rejoice, ordinary doctor would not dare to perform an emergency treatment on the critical injury in the situation where there was no equipment like this at all! Because they was not confident, but this medical officer was a trained Night Raider team member, Han Yi’s imperial doctor, he could still deal with this degree of injury.

“From here to the Yuhui City was less than 100 li, using the fastest speed Night Raider’s vehicle will be able to reached there under half an hour, that place will have sufficient requirement to heal your father.”

Hearing that, Jiang Xue was still anxious. As for Jiang qi, she was only paying attention to Jiang Liu’s body, and didn’t paid attention to them at all.



Yu Nuo piloted his fighter to do a perfect circular arc at the very fast speed in the sky, behind him, several Sphire was pursuing him.


Took a quick look behind, Yu Nuo coldly snorted, he moved the control lever, and his fighter suddenly rised and sped up.

The Sphire at the back certainly did not allow him to slip off, they also sped up and launched a few light beam, but Yu Nuo managed to skillfully dodge it.

After that, the corner of Yu Nuo’ mouth lifted up, then he controlled the fighter to abruptly stop.

Sphire didn’t expect for Yu Nuo’s trick at all, without time to stop, they finally flew over Yu Nuo.

This time, the situation reversed, changed Yu Nuo from prey into the predator.

Yu Nuo did not give time for Sphire to react, he rapidly launched the attacks, causing explosion everywhere, and more than half of the once pursuing Sphire were destroyed.

Doing this a few more time might actually expelled these granddaddy right?

Looking at the fleeing Sphire, Yu Nuo smiled in disdained, then he continued to chased the Sphire jumping around battlefield.
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