Chapter 36 Out of Danger

Chapter 36 Out of Danger

The atmosphere was filled with thick smell of blood, combined with the smell of gunpowder, caused people to feel nauseous.

The firing on the ground continuously made spark on the ground, Jiang Qi kept on running, he couldn’t stop, the noise of firearms attacking behind him stimulated him.

Many birds suffocated by smoke and fire, were hit by the merciless bullets. Right now, weeping sound of the children, yelling sound of the people and roaring sound of the animals intermingled together.

Didn’t know whose blood fell on Jiang Qi’s face, there was still some warmth left on it.

If he could stop to look around, he would found that, on this ground’s vicinity was already filled with blood, of every 3 step there would be a pool of blood, and in these pools of blood were bound to have a person or maybe a few person lied in it.

Jiang Qi did not realized at all that he had already cross over a few corpse, he didn’t know why the Sphire on the sky still kept attacking him, but he managed to pull through each time.


As the bitter battle kept going on for a while, suddenly there were several fighters flying over the sky, looking carefully, they looked exactly the same with Wing of the Night, just that there had the number from 1 to 20 on them.

“These are??? The fighters for guarding base?”

Hiding from the Sphire’s wave of offensive, Han Yi looked up and saw the arriving of several aircrafts.

The significance of these several aircrafts need not to be said, the current Wing of the Nights were still not undergoing the process of mass-production, the whole nation didn’t possess over a hundred of these.

The Night Raider’s base was only constructed recently, the defensive system was still not ready, the sheltered facilities were constructed first, because Wing of the Night could take the responsibility of guarding the base, now that most of the Wing of the Night left the base, if there was an sneak attack at the base then……

“Han Captain, can you hear me?”

Suddenly, a deep voice came from Han Yi’s radio.

“I can……”

After answered the question, Han Yi hesitated.

“It seem I was right, since the satellites were destroyed, we can only communicate through the short wave frequencies.

That person hearing Han Yi’s voice seem to sigh a breath of relief.

“How can you guys be here?”

Han Yi did not understand how Ding Yunfeng know that they didn’t have enough man power?

“It turned out our Ding’s thumb did not feel relax, so he specially dispatched an unmanned drone.”

That person said teasingly.


Ok then, the battle was too intense, Han Yi really didn’t pay much attention.

“Now, please let Han Yi’s captain issue the assignment.

After chatting time was over, that person’s voice return to normal, using the military tone to talked.

“Help that young man arrive at the top floor of that building at all costs.”

Hearing Han Yi, that person finally paid attention, after all this place was basically a hot zone, as for the monster rushing toward here, they need to dispatch several fighters to divert its attention.


Braving through the gunfire, Jiang Qi finally arrive at the end of the street, now all he need to do was climb up, then everything would be finished.

Carry on with a pale cheek, Jiang Qi slowed his pace, in the process of recklessly ran here, his ankle was twisted a long time ago, but previously he simply didn’t has time to pay attention to it, now that he could relax a little, the piercing pain immediately assaulted his entire body.


A green laser shot at the pillars beside Jiang Qi, gave out a huge spark.

Jiang Qi jumped up in fright and turned to look, seeing a Sphire, without having to do anything, he saw that Sphire, in an instant, was killed by an artillery shell.

These fighter……

Jiang Qi dumbfounding looked at 3 more arriving aircrafts in the sky and was surprised, he never expected that they actually had reinforcements.

These fighters was enough to balanced the situation, now Sphire won’t have enough energy to deal with him.

Tighten the key in his hand, he strides into the room with the unique style.

There was nothing inside the room, it was spacious and void of anything except an upstair.

Jiang Qi did not stop here, he quickly went to the second floor, which was the same with the first floor, had nothing.

Jiang Qi went up again and this time he finally saw the box Han Yi talked about, it was on the building’s wall with the thick glass covering it.

If he wanted to open that box, he would has to smash the glass first, due to the flame of war still didn’t reach this place, Jiang Qi didn’t has any tool to open it.

He tried to use his fist, but aside from the beating noise, there was no reaction at all.

What to do then.

Jiang Qi pondered a bit, then he suddenly saw a light come out from the sleeve at his left hand, it came from the Shield of Baraji.

This must be it.

Jiang Qi moved his arm and stared closely at the thick glass, after storing power, shaking his fist, he used his Shield of Baraji on his left arm to smash at these thick glass.


Along with the melodious noise, the glass immediately shattered into pieces.

Seeing the pieces of glass on the floor, Jiang Qi was speechless, he never expected that this thing was so convenient.

If Ultraman Zero was to know that Jiang Qi used Shield of Baraji to smash the glass and still said that it was convenient, it was unknown how piss would he become?

Jiang Qi then walked to the front of the box, took out the key and trembly insert it into the keyhole.


Without being need to move his hand, the box gave out a clear noise and then open itself.

The box did not has anything inside, except for a thing similar to “Auto gear shift” handle.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Qi grab a hold of it, then push it.

Along with the Jiang Qi’s pushing, at each of the city’s corner, a pitch-dark passageway appeared, these passageways was originally constructed for precaution against the earthquake, these passageways could take the townspeople outside, far away from danger.

It was possible that the constructor never expected that these emergency passages would be someday use as the shelters from monster.

Along with the opening of the passageway, the resident of Beiwu city knew what’s happen, their mind suddenly emerged the silhouettes of the Night Raider squad, only the Night Raider squad was brave enough to confront the monster, therefore opening the emergency passages was also in their expectation!

With the resident of Beiwu City fleeing into the emergency passages, the tourists could also escape as well.

Fortunately, there were more than one escape routes, so it was not causing the event of people trampled each others.

Jiang Qi was at the window, watching countless people gradually escaped, and he finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Suddenly, the ground violently vibrated, almost swaying Jiang Qi down.

This noise……

Jiang Qi recalled the monster, his expression became bitter, now that the townspeople got out of danger, it’s also the time to determined who would be the winner with monster.

It’s just, could humanity do it? Jiang Qi still didn’t know how to transform, so he could not assist at all……

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