Chapter 35 The Price of War

Chapter 35 The Price of War

Regarding of the war, Jiang Qi had nerves come in contact with it before, because in his previous life, there were many brave people used their blood to create peace a long time ago.

But he still understand that war mean blood and weapons.

The key in his hand suddenly weight like ten million jins, because he was scared that if he failed, everyone’s effort would be wasted, he feared that he would be killed by Sphire.

Seeing Jiang Qi hesitated, Han Yi understood what’s going on.

If it was possible, he would like to replace Jiang Qi and do it himself, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t be swayed by personal feelings, if he go then Night Raider would lose the commander.

That would cause hundred trouble without a single benefit, so Han Yi can only said.

“You take this key to the opposite multistoried building.”

Han Yi went in front of Jiang Qi and said : “On the top floor, there is a trunk, open it with this key, there is a lever inside, push it, that’d do it.”

Han Yi pointed at the three-storied building and said.

“We’ll use our full power to protect you, all you need to do is run there as fast as possible.”

Hearing Han Yi, Jiang Qi still could not understand how this responsibility suddenly fall onto him.

“I……I can’t……”

Jiang Qi shaker his head, stammered, and show a blanked expression.


Han Yi grabbed Jiang Qi, firmly stared at him and said : “Listen to me, from now on, you are a soldier!”

Me? Soldier!

Jiang Qi stared dumbfounded at Han Yi, completely failed to understand why was he talked to him like this, but after that, he unexpectedly felt his blood boiled.

Han Yi’ face was full of dust in addition to a few degree of wounds, but that still wasn’t enough to hidden away his firm and resolute eye, and inside his eyes, a feeling of refusing to surrender was conveyed to him.

“Someone has to rise up right now!”

Han Yi let go of Jiang Qi, sternly said : “You must go to the top floor as fast as possible, and open all the city’s emergency passages, otherwise, rivers of blood will flow here.”

Pressing his lip, Jiang Qi nodded, ready to set out.

“You also follow him.”

Han Yi pulled over Jiang Xue who was removing the stone on Jiang Liu’s body, said : “You go with him!”

Even the strong and unyielding Han Yi’s heart was fluttered a little, he somewhat hoped that Jiang Xue would go with him, but also hoped that she would not.

If she followed him, it would definitely dangerous, still why did Jiang Qi was hoping inside that she would go with him?

This kind of contradictory psychology made Jiang Qi unable to say anything.

“No! I won’t go!”

Jiang Xue struggled free from Han Yi’s hand, resolutely refused.

“My father is in a critical condition, I can not leave him here!”

Jiang Xue stared at Han Yi’s eye and solemnly said, and the dumbfounded Han Yi can only nodded.

Looking at Jiang Xue’s back, Jiang Qi didn’t know why he felt a little disappointed.

“Smelly brat……still doesn’t go?”

Suddenly, Jiang Liu under the rocks weakly said : “Every minute you drag on, many people were dying.”


Hearing Jiang Liu’s word, Jiang Qi nodded, ready to go, suddenly, Jiang Xue called him.


Jiang Qi turned his head, looking at Jiang Xue arrived in front of him, she slowly said : “I am very happy to met such a good friend like you, thank you for your kindness in saving life, therefore……you must come back alive!”

Hearing Jiang Xue’s word, Jiang Qi looked at her for a while, feeling warm in his heart.

“En! I will!”

Jiang Qi seriously nodded.

After all, there is still someone in this world who care about his life and death.

“Hey! Coward!”

Just as Jiang Qi was about to leave, another voice came over. Jiang Qi looked at the voice and turned out to be Jiang qi who had been practicing coldly.

“Don’t die, or else I won’t have anyone to bully.”

Listened to this tsundere, Jiang Qi rolled his eyes and said : “I won’t get bully even if I come back.”


Jiang qi did not pay attention to him anymore, rather she squat down and start removed the stone above Jiang Liu’s body.


Han Yi roared at Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi looked up and his expression became grave.
It turned out that Sphire actually turned back.

Without time to hesitated anymore, Jiang Qi charged forward, brought out the fastest speed in his entire life,

“Suppress them!!!”

Han Yi saw that Jiang Qi had charged forth, shouted, then acted as escort from behind.

This time, not just the people on the ground, the Wing of the Nights on the sky that suppressed monster also came over to protect Jiang Qi.

“Go!! Don’t stop!!”

Roaring from behind Jiang Qi, Han Yi randomly fired into the sky, never expected to hit anything, he just want to disturb the enemy’s objective.

What is war? Jiang Qi thoroughly understand now, using blood and life as the price.

Each artillery shell that fell, pulverized many family, each bullet also meant a soul eternally departed.

Seemingly understand Jiang Qi’s goal, Sphire tighten their bite at Jiang Qi, the jaws of death brushed past him several times.

3 streets, merely 300 meters of distances, so close yet so far, nevertheless he was unable to move a single step.

“Be careful!!!”

Suddenly, Han Yi shouted from behind, Jiang Qi looked at the side and found that a Sphire was charging toward him.

Jiang Qi still didn’t had time to react when suddenly there was a Wing of the Night moving in and collided with Sphire.


The spark from explosion woke Jiang Qi up, he subconsciously lied at the side of the abandoned car.

Rock, pieces of aircraft, and probably other things fell down at Jiang Qi’s face, gave him an unbearable pain.

After a few seconds, Jiang Qi stood up again, he was not stupid, he knew what exactly just happen.

A Night Raider member, for the sake of saving him, perished together with Sphire.

In fact, after dealing with the monster for a long time, this pilot already found out that his plane ran out of ammunition.

After a long period of battle, the ammunition was squander til it’s ran out.

After protecting Jiang Qi for a while, the pilot realized the anomaly of Sphire that continuously lifting up, sure enough, it took advantage of the time everybody’s firepower weaken to rush through a gap.

Of course, since each and every comrades was killed in action, he knew that he might not return, and in the situation where ammunition was all used up, this kind of intense idea eventually came up.

He could be dead, but that boy couldn’t, his body carried the fate of everyone here.

As such, he resolutely blocked Sphire with his own life.

Jiang Qi looked at the ruined street, feeling the throbbing pain in his heart.

“Why’re you still not move?? Run!”

A shout rang behind him, Jiang Qi looked at the Sphire in the sky, the town residents that still keep hiding from the monster, he ran to the multistoried building without turning back.

People that was killed by monster, I’ll certainly avenge you!

Although he lack the power, these scenery still upset him, so he pledge an oath.

And Jiang Qi didn’t notice that, a previously dim Baraji’s bracelet, now gave out a faint light……



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