Chapter 33 Hope

Chapter 33 Hope

Jiang Liu was holding a key in his hand, his face was covered in dirt and his cloth was rugged.

For the sake of getting this key, God know what he had to go through?

There was pieces of debris everywhere, there was panicking people everywhere, There was heart-wrenching scene everywhere. We humanity were so insignificant in front of the monster, almost the same as ant to them, the death of many people that continued to go on was suffocating. Perhaps a moment ago, some went to class, some went to work, some was cultivating at the farm……But after the heaven fall and the earth collapse, everything faded away silently.


The roof of the building in front of Jiang Liu fell off, blocking his way, this was not the first time, just a little bit more and it could crushed him to death, it could not go on like this, not to mention reaching his destination, it would be a blessing already if he did not die halfway!

Looking at the distant battle, Jiang Liu immediately came to a decision

He changed his course and walked toward the battlefield.

The battlefield was undergoing a myriad of change, in order to allow the people to evacuated, the remaining Wing of the Nights went to attract the monster’s attention, and they on the ground went to deal with Sphire instead.

Han Yi shouted loudly, and take the lead to raised his gun and fire at the Sphire on the sky.

“Bang!Bang!Bang…..”(突突突……TuTuTu….I’ll just go with Bang!)

Following Han Yi, other team members also raised their gun and start firing at Sphire on the sky, but Sphire did not show any weakness and sent out the green light ray of to fight back.

For a moment, bullets interlaced with light ray, the place was enveloped by smoke, the sky became pitch-dark like when the rainstorm arrived, the artillery shell was fired at every direction, gave out ash-color light.

In the worldview, from one end to another, the city shake, sank, and melted, an extremely large area was trembled like it was at the sea.

On the east, there was violent explosion, On the west, there was bullet flying everywhere, on the sky, there was a row after row of scatter bombs, it’s like there was the volcano beneath them.

Even these warriors who had been war-torn couldn’t help but cover their mouths.

In order to maximize its lethality, Sphire started flying in low-altitude.

However, they seem to had forgotten that although they can maximize their attacks this way, but on the other way, the opponent’s attack will also became stronger.

As a result, an embarrassing scene appeared. Sphire’s attack did not yield any results, and were instead killed by human.

For this result, Han Yi and others were also very surprised.

Sphire, however did not allow them to continue feeling surprised, once again swarmed in, this time, Han Yi and others repeated over what had happen again, killing a few Sphire.

It seem that the intelligence of these shapely life forms were not high……

Han Yi suddenly had a plan in his mind.

“We will draw the attention of these guys and then swiftly wiped them out.”

Han Yi turned his head and issued an order, seeing the disadvantaged situation of Wing of the Nights, he grit his teeth and open fire at Sphire.

The instance Han Yi open fire, other members then re-loaded bullet and followed him in firing at Sphire.

The Sphire did not rush down this time, but gathered in groups, elevated their altitude tens of meters up, and launched an attack in the air together.

Even if Sphire went up in the air, and their attack power were decreased, but it was still lethal to human beings. Even if just a little bit of Sphire’s attack brushed past them, they would still be dead.

In contrast, their firearms had limited lethality. The farther the attack target was, the smaller the attack power would be. Therefore, it was basically impractical to hit target at this height. Even if they manage to hit the enemy now, it would not cause much damage.


Because of this mistake, other comrades were unfortunately hit by the Sphire’s light ray and made huge explosion.

Han Yi clenched his teeth and stared at the place where his comrades died.

This time it was because of his mistake in assessed the situation that caused this result.

Looking at Sphrie floating in the sky, Han Yi was full of anger.

Unexpectedly, these guys could evolve! If their intellect were like 3 years old kid when they first arrived on Earth, now they were equivalent to the IQ of a 7 years old child.

We must not let them go!! If you let these things to grown on the earth like this, we won’t know what will happen!

Although Han Yi made up his mind, what could they do now to fight against Sphire?

Not to mention eliminated Sphire, It was already difficult to protect themselves!

More importantly, they also wanted to protect those ordinary citizens.

Just when Han Yi was anxious, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Han Captain! Han Captain!”

Turning his head, Han Yi did not understand, at this time everyone should be busy escaping? How could there was still someone on this dangerous battlefield?

When Han Yi saw the man clearly, he stunned. Although the man’s clothes were already in ruined and his face was full of dust, Han Yi was still able to recognize him.

This person, wasn’t he the one before? Why had he not left yet?

These thoughts flashed in his mind, and Han Yi immediately shouted: “Get out of here, it is dangerous here!”

“I have a very important thing to tell you.”

The man looked at blood stained Han Yi and said: “Do you know? At the beginning of the city establishment, the frequency of earthquake was considered, and many emergency passages were constructed……”

Han Yi listened and his expression became bright. If this was the case, then these citizens will all be able to escape from here.

“I have two messages here, one good news and one bad news.”

The man’s face did not had the slightest of tension, and instead he made a joke with Han Yi.

“Bad news……”

Han Yi couldn’t comprehend what kind of news was worse than the current situation.

“The bad news is that the emergency passages require a key to open.”

After hearing that, Han Yi even thought that the other party was playing with him.

Isn’t this news equivalent to abolishing the news he brought?

If not for this person left a good impression on Han Yi previously, Han Yi would have already thrown him out. Now is the race against time. You actually told me these nonsense?

“The good news is…”

The man saw Han Yi’s face and did not continue to tease him. He said directly: “The good news is that the key is here.”

Saying that, the man took the key out and shook it in front of Han Yi’s eyes.


Han Yi exclaimed excitedly, then asked: “What do you need us to do?”

“I want to go to the building over there.”

The man said, referring to a three-story building that is three blocks away from here, he stated : “I need your fire support.”

“No problem.”

After hearing that, Han Yi snap his finger and replied.

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