Chapter 32 Monster appeared??

Chapter 32 Monster appeared??

“Boom —-”

Huge burning object crashed down, and the pilot who was smashed by that fireball didn’t manage to even scream.

Han Yi widen his eyes filled with hate, he never expected that, just a moment ago, a comrade in life and death whom he just talked with, just……became dead……like that.

Don’t get impulsive……Absolutely don’t get impulsive.

Han Yi kept warning himself, he was aware that if he was alone then it didn’t matter, but now his each and every word bear the future of his comrade, this was his responsibility to take care of them.

Moreover, even if they themselves didn’t mind, what about the people behind them? These people need their protection!

“Keep drawing their attention as much as possible, we must ensure that these people have enough time to evacuate safely!”

Without the time to think more, Han Yi lied on the shelter’s side and gave out order.


The remaining pilot nodded and changing their move.

Sure enough, many Sphire’s attention were concentrated on Wing of the Nights, they started attack onto these planes.

However, they were still the elites among elites, they manage to executed the evasive maneuver. For a while, Sphire unexpectedly didn’t manage to hit anyone, on the contrary, this meant that “Night Raider” succeed in delaying Sphire for a time being.


Just as everything was moving toward the right direction, a strange roar emerged, making the “Night Raider” on the ground assisting people evacuated to halt their step.

“What’s that sound?”

Someone asked, uncertain. That voice was very distinct and many people heard it, so it’s impossible to be a misconception.

Han Yi narrowed his eyes, he swept his sight all over the battlefiled filled with smoke.


Suddenly, another huge sound rang, making Han Yi and the others instantly focused their sight.

Only to saw a huge silhouette appeared from the deep pit formed by the fireball that crashed down previously. That noise apparently came from here.


The ear-piercing roar rang out again, then from that deep pit, a huge silhouette climp up.

“Is that……an alien monster?”

Other Night Raider’s team members dully looked at that huge silhouette.

The monster had strange long horn over its head, its eyes were flickering red line.

The monster’s entire body looked like a live weapon, there was the stripe of silvery white color everywhere on its body.


The monster roared, then spitted out a huge flame from its mouth. The ground that got in contact with that flame exploded in a loud noise.

The thing was, most people in this city had not yet evacuated, and the monster was just appeared near the exits of the city. Its attack basically eliminated the possibility of people escaping.


A Night Raider member holding a detector called out to Han Yi : “There is the metal reaction coming from the monster’s body.”

“Metal reaction??”

Han Yi startled, asked : “Does it has the same vital sign as that machine from last time?”(Galactron from chapter 15)

“It’s not like that……”

That team member said hesitantly : “It has the same reaction as our satellite.”


Han Yi stared shockingly at the team member beside him, he took the detector himself and found that, not just the metal reaction, but also the radio wave band were exactly the same with the satellites above Beiwu City.

Why is it like this? Could it be……

Han Yi seemed to think of something. He raised his head intended to look at the monster, however he was unexpectedly attacked by the Sphire’s light ray.

Looking at the Sphire on the sky, Han Yi grit his teeth and said : “These guys are really too much.”

The weapon in his hand was just simply not enough to injure that monster, the only thing right now that could deal with the monster were the remaining Wing of the Nights in the sky.

This feeling of powerless made the Night Raider members felt the hatred from within their heart.

It didn’t matter if they were dead, but at the very least, they want to let the citizens escaped.

Closing his eyes, Han Yi started to contemplate inwardly.


As the battle’s circumstance continued to leaning toward disadvantaged position, an unmanned drone finally arrived.

“We’ve arrived at the target destination.”

Inside the base, an intelligence member sitting in front of computer reported.

“Pass the information to the main screen.”

After Ding Yunfeng heard that, he immediately ordered

The intelligence member’s fingers continuously pressing for a bit, then an image was projected at the 5 meters above the middle part inside the base.

On the screen, the scene of destruction appeared before them, the ruined city, the damaged buildings, many silvery white organisms flying on the sky, on the ground, a large monster roared, many people were escaping, the scene of explosion one after another snatched the life of people again and again

This war scene made people in the base to clenched their fists.

Life was so fragile.

“Are these extraterrestrial organism?”

After became silent for a while, Ding Yunfeng frown and discussed about the silvery white life form.

“It really seems to be the alien creature!”

The person next to him nodded and said to Ding Yunfeng.

“Continue to send out Wings of the Nights.”

Ding Yunfeng looked at the scene where a few Night of the Wings were attacked in the sky, rubbed his eyes and ordered.

“Commander, if we do that, the remaining forces in the base will not be enough if there is an enemy invasion at this time…”

The person next to him immediately stopped him, but he was interrupted by Ding Yunfeng.

“The life and death of 500,000 people in Gaoyang City is more important than anything else!”

Looking at that person, Ding Yunfeng’s tone was very sharp and he pointed to the scene on the light screen : “These sacrifices are our soldiers! If we can’t even protect those citizens, their sacrifice will be in vain.”

After listening to him, some of them bowed their heads, Ding Yunfeng did not care about them and shouted to the people below : “Night Raider squad, sortie!”


Ding Yunfeng’s voice just fell, and the voice answered from below, the sound was very distinct, clear and powerful.

Looking at the people below walked out. Ding Yunfeng turned and asked: “Can you find a way to get in touch with them?”


The man asked by Ding Yunfeng stunned and said: “If the sky doesn’t work, then we can shift to the ground and use the underground signals to spread information, but the disadvantage is that only land combat troops can receive it.”

“Then you do it.”

Ding Yunfeng nodded and said, he believed that Han Yi was unrivaled in the field of strategic deployment, and that with his understanding of Han Yi, Han Yi would definitely deployed a ground force so that the citizens could be evacuated, or they could cooperated with the air force by attracting enemy’s firepower.

Looking at the monster on the screen, Ding Yunfeng’s eyes flashed with a bit of worry.

Fight on! O our brave warriors!
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