Chapter 31 Start of the Battle

Chapter 31 Start of the Battle


In the sky, one silver and white cell-shaped object flies over, engraved with strange patterns.

“This is… Sphire?”

Jiang Qi and others stopped their steps, widened their eyes, and looked at the creature floating in the distant sky, he yelled in surprise.

“What is Sphire?”

Jiang qi took a look, and somewhat looking suspiciously at Jiang Qi.

However Jiang Qi did not answer but stared at the silver-white life form in the sky — Sphire.

He was surprised, and he did not hear to what Jiang qi had asked.

His action was to be expected. Anyone who had watched Ultraman Dyna know that Sphire is the main antagonist of the entire series. It was a very powerful villain.

The mysterious Space Spherical Sphire was the original form in the Sphire monster system. It was a kind of highly intelligent cosmic creature that integrated its own organic body and inorganic body of the planet together because of the fear of limited life.

The name of Sphire mean “The Goddess of Wisdom” and it believed that human beings should not flew to explore the universe. It could be turned into multiple cell bodies for attack, its speed was fast, its action was flexible, and the most terrifying part is that it could attach to any object to form a strong monster.

It could be said to be the weakest, but also the strongest life form.

The original form was its weakest form, a plane could kill it, but when it fused with any object, it became extremely powerful, making Ultraman Dyna a headache.

When Sphire attacked the Mars base, it made the Super Guts team felt helpless! If it weren’t for the appearance of Dyna, I am afraid that they would give up the Mars base at that time.

In this world, the technology here and in Dyna’s series was not much different, this world maybe even more advance, but their combat experience is lacking a lot.

The people trained in the Ultraman Dyna’s time were all intend to have various skill(和怪手). These people had experienced the time period of Ultraman Tiga before, so they were trained according to everything related to monsters.

But It was not the case here. No one had ever thought about this kind of thing happening. The soldiers here had always fought against the human enemy. This time it had become a monster with terrifying ability, so it would definitely be very difficult.

It was very difficult to deal with these monsters without any information, not enough experience, and not enough resources.

Although number could somewhat make up for some disadvantages, it was still not enough and It was just a matter of time to be completely wiped out.

Biting his teeth, Jiang Qi glanced at his wrist and at somewhat dimmed Shield of Baraji.

Worst of all, he still didn’t know how to transform. Sphire had always first appeared in its original form, but if Sphire had fused with other objects, then the situation might become even worse.

At this moment, Jiang Qi hesitated, in the end, did he really want to enter the city?

If you didn’t go in, you might die. But if you went in, you would definitely die.

What should I do?

At this moment, In Jiang Qi’s mind suddenly appeared the scene when Jiang Liu taught him… when he recalled that, he deleted the scene where his face was slapped…

Useless uncle! You still owe me a face slap! Don’t expect that you can get away!

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi ran out again, followed by Jiang qi, and then the weaker Jiang Xue.

However, because they went against the crowds, no matter how fast they move, they will always slow down. They could only watch the symphony of gunfire in the distance.


The first one to launched an attack was Sphire. They appeared in groups, always in three together, or in five together.

It just got close to the land and did not wait for the Night Raider squad to respond, Sphire first carried out a bombing.

The high-rise buildings collapsed in an instant, and many people who did not come and just came out were buried.


Han Yi shouted at the radio, then took the lead and raised his gun.

Fortunately, they had been carrying short-wave radio stations, even if the satellites were destroyed, the pilots on the Wing of the Nights could still received Han Yi’s order.

For those who want to attack them, under Han Yi’s orders, his subordinates would not show any mercy.

Moving the control lever and dive down all the way. This scene was spectacular.

Facing of the torrential momentum of the Wing of the Nights, Sphrie did not panic at all, but instead they carried out a counterattack. The Wing of the Nights instantly fell into a disadvantage.

Although there were no casualties at the moment, but they were very clear with their experience that casualties would come sooner or later.

“Don’t confront it directly, try fighting on the periphery.”

Han Yi saw this scene and issued the kiting tactics to exhausted them at the outer periphery. Moreover they who were on the ground had to distracted them more, so that the forces on the air could destroy the enemy as much as possible.

“Xiu Xiu—-”

Aiming at a Sphire that lagged behind, 3 planes open fired together and successfully destroyed it.

Looking at Sphrie, which turned into a fireworks, the pilots of the three planes all gave each other a thumb up.

However, without waiting for them to put their hands down, Sphrie’s counterattack arrived.

As Sphrie were sharing a mind, how could they did not know what happen!

So, most of the Sphrie gathered and attacked toward these three Wing of the Nights.

They didn’t expected these creatures to react so quickly, because of a momentary carelessness, one of the planes was destroyed, and the explosion hit the other two planes, one’s engine was damaged and the other one’s tail was destroyed.


Jiang Liu rushed out of a room and held a key in his hand.

Seeing the battle in the sky, he wrinkled his brows with anxiety.

Looked at the ground again, a lot of people were injured, many people in order to escape, stampede without regard of others, It’s too much.

Clenching the key in his hand, Jiang Liu ran toward the direction of the battlefield.


“Damn it!! They are too many of them!!!”

There was a heavy gasping in the radio, and the battle with these monsters was draining their physical strength. They were basically hard pressed.

Like a swimmer, even with the long time of training, they still can’t be agile as fish in the water.

“Try to lure them away from the city, or else the damage will be too big.”

Han Yi filled the assault rifle with ammunition and said it to the radio.

“I will try.”

The pilot nodded and controlled the plane to rapidly spin a hundred and eighty degrees, but he widened his eyes because he found that they were surrounded by Sphrie.

“Our strategy does not worked, and our situation is not very good.”

Han Yi looked up and his pupil suddenly shrank.

“We really are in trouble……”


Feeling that the sound in the radio was a bit strange, just as he was about to asked, the pilot heard a yelling from the radio : “Get away!!”

Han Yi’s voice had not yet fallen, but the pilot suddenly felt numbness in his scalp, he suddenly looked up and saw a huge fireball…




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