Chapter 30 Li Wenjie

Chapter 30 Li Wenjie

Li Wenjie was his name. His father was the deputy mayor of Beiwu City. Therefore, he was born with a golden spoon and grew up in a flattery.

Gradually, he was polite in character, but his mother died when he was eight years old, and his father married a second wife.

What he knew was that his father derailed and his mother had to commit suicide.

Because his mother died, his father had an excuse to take that slut home.

His stepmother was very bad to him, often using him as she please, sometimes when his father was not at home, she punched and kicked him.

But even so, what can he do as an eight-year-old child? Telling his father?

Don’t kidding, his father had been bewitched by that fox, unless his father saw it with his own eyes.

Maybe God was helping him. This woman lost her ability to give birth because of a car accident.

His father’s attitude towards him began to change, and he no longer ignored his love. Instead, he would ask for help from time to time. His father no longer always biased towards the fox, and sometimes will reprimand the fox. His father no longer came home late at night , his father will always accompany him, and sometimes he will be given gifts.

However, Li Wenjie knows that if the woman can have a son, his situation will be another.

He no longer believed in family, he began to mix with some friends in the community, using drug.

He knows that these people only using him for having a rich father. But he didn’t care. In his eyes, this is what the man owes him.


Li Wenjie ran out and accidentally fell to the ground.


Lying on the ground, breathing the air, the feeling of getting a new lease of life was not something you can imagine.

Li Wenjie even felt that the air was very sweet.

After a while, the little punk sat up and looked back.

That person, he will not forgot him in his life, to made him pee in his pants, from childhood til now, this was the first time he feel so embarrassed, he will never let that guy go!

The last sentence, like the devil’s brand, is rooted in Li Wenjie’s heart.

Standing up, Li Wenjie turned and was about to leave, but suddenly fell to the ground.

What did he see?

A man and two women were coming here, but in the eyes of Li Wenjie, the man was automatically filtered out.

The two women look exactly the same, one had a gentle temperament, another was a lively mischievous.

The former one dress in a pure white dress with long hair on her shoulders, without any accessories on her head, she gave off a natural and pure beauty.

The latter one, wearing a sportswear, sketched out her small body, had a single ponytail, and did not draw any makeup on her face, but it was still eye-catching.

Both sisters were pure and natural beauty, and if the former gave him breathtaking feeling, the latter was definitely made him excited.

The three people just took a look at Li Wenjie and automatically ignored him. Only the man’s nose was lightly moved, then frowned, and he looked strangely at Li Wenjie.

She looks at me!! She is looking at me!!! (tl: probably the girls follow looking over, if not then that’s disturbing)

In Li Wenjie’s eyes, there were only the lively and smart little girls, the other one were automatically ignored.

In the moment the girls looked at him, Li Wenjie suddenly felt that he was in love.


“What happened to that person?”

Jiang qi saw that a little yellow-haired boy had been looking here, his eyes were sluggish, so she couldn’t help but poke at Jiang Qi’s back..

“……I do not know either……”

Jiang Qi’s scratched his head. He seemed to smell something he shouldn’t smell before, and looked at the man.

They had just come down from the mountain and had stopped a taxi, but they didn’t expect that car would run out of gas halfway there.

They could only bitterly accept it, since there was no car on the road, they could only go back.

However, who is this person who looks like a pig’s brother?

Jiang Qi subconsciously glanced at his lower body, in the capacity of the intuition of Light being, his five senses were stronger than ordinary people.

How old is this person? Still peeing his pants in his age?

With the thought of “the less trouble, the better”, Jiang Qi and others did not intend to pay attention to him, but who would had thought, this guy actually ran over and stopped them.

“Hey! You can’t go there.”

Li Wenjie stopped Jiang Qi and others regardless of his image.

“Hey! Who are you? Let us pass!”

Originally, Jiang qi’s impression of this kind of person was not good. Now, seeing him became even worse, her impression of him became even less.

“You really can’t go!”

Seeing his goddess’ incomprehension, Li Wenjie patiently explained: “There is a person who claims to be a Night Raider member and said that there will be monsters in a while…”

This time, she didn’t continue to listen anymore. Jiang qi pushed away Li Wenjie and rushed out.

They heard that people here didn’t trust the Night Raider unit. If the so-called captain said that there is a monster, then the monster is really likely to appear again.

Worried about the safety of Jiang Liu, Jiang qi took the lead and rushed out, and Jiang Xue just nodded apologetically at Li Wenjie.

Li Wenjie stared at the backs of the two sisters. He said it very clearly. Why were these two still going?

“Thank you for your kindness.”

Jiang Qi patted Li Wenjie’s shoulder and followed them.

After associated with them for a while, Jiang Qi also found out that although this little witch Jiang qi likes to play tricks, and also has a little bit of poisonous tongue, But she also care a lot for her friends. She can eat nothing and give all her food to a stray cat.

Seeing that Jiang qi had this reaction, he fully understanded it.

Running with great effort, Jiang Qi looked up over the sky, there, something fell down.

Thus Jiang Qi ran even faster.

Useless uncle! Don’t run around wildly!


Looking at the back of the three people who have disappeared, Li Wenjie opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

what is happening? Did I changed or the world changed?


The sky, blue and blue, clear like a transparent mirror, thick white clouds hanging on the side of the sky, adorned the sky, the sky is decorated like in the picture book. If this was a normal time, then this was definitely a happy day, but now, no one had the mood to appreciate it.

They saw a huge fireball in the sky falling down, causing a huge panic to the people on the ground.

“Get away!!! Quick!”

Han Yi stood on the high platform and moving around holding the red flag, commanding the movement of the people, because of the uniforms on his body, as well as the planes constantly hovering in the sky, most people listened to him.

“Damn it! It’s too late!!!”

While commanding the mass of people, Han Yi glanced at the sky, saw the big black spots, and frowned deeply.




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