Chapter 3 Shoddy Product

Chapter 3 Shoddy Product


Jiang Qi slowly opened his eyes, and his first reaction was vomiting. Didn’t know why his stomach and all of his eaten food is all spill out.

Slowly rolled out of his bed and supported his body, Jiang Qi saw the burnt helmet and immediately thrown it out.

“Low-quality Product…..”

Rubbing his swollen head, he went into the bathroom, and washed his face.

This game seriously….. made my eyes black. I should complained about this.

Wiping the bruise with water, Jiang Qi gloomy talked in his mind

“ring….. ring…”

Suddenly Jiang Qi phone beside the pillow rang up, Jiang Qi mind still in fret and picked up the phone without looking at it.


“Jiang Qi !!! Where the hell has you been??”

Hearing the voice from the phone, Jiang Qi in an instant spoke more cautiously.

“Ma….. Manager ??? why did you call me ?”

“WHY DID I CALL ??!!!”

Hearing the words from Jiang Qi, the voice became sharp ” I TOLD YOU THE OWNER IS CHECKING IN THE AFTERNOON, YOU STILL DARE PLAYING WITH ME AND GO MISSING ??!!”


Hearing that, Jiang Qi instantly froze for a moment. Missing ?? what missing ??.

“you did not come at all in the afternoon, even though I pre-arrange this for you to met the owner.”

Blankly listening to that person’s words, Jiang Qi open the curtain. And then the phone fell to the ground “Bang.”

He saw the light from Gaoyang City outside, the light from the car is like a firefly, flying in this piece of “jungle” city.

“HEY !! HEY !!!”

The voice in the phone becoming louder waking up Jiang Qi.

“Manager, I’m here !!”

It was not right to shout so Jiang Qi quickly picked up the phone.

“You’re good Jiang Qi, You dare to drop my phone.”

The person voice became louder and louder and made Jiang Qi to put the phone away.

“Manager, please let me explain.”

Enduring the manager word, Jiang Qi said a sentence. But he was interrupted by the manager.

“Do not bother, I don’t want to listen to your explanation !! I already transferred this month’s salary into your card !! Goodbye !!”

“Manager, wait….”

“Beep… Beep…”

Listening to the busy phone tone, Jiang Qi phone fell into the bed.

What exactly happened here ??? Isn’t it obviously 11 o’clock before?

Jiang Qi looked at the clock on the bed and smiled bitterly in mind. How the hell it became 7 o’clock ??

Inadvertently, Jiang Qi saw the game helmet, he suddenly thought a possibility.

Isn’t this because of the helmet suddenly became a scrap, causing me into a coma ?. Then the reason for vomiting and bruising can be explained.


Jiang Qi fell to the bed feebly.

Why ?? Why did he obtained this thing?

Thinking about it, he also blamed himself. He already knew there was something in the afternoon, why played with it then??

But now it’s too late.


The phone once again rang up. Jiang Qi picked up the phone and look carefully, just a few days before the paycheck, it just a thousand dollars.

However, there was still 20 more days till the end of this month. He couldn’t just survive with just looking at this thousand dollars right?

Picking up the phone, and wanted to complained about the function. Suddenly without knowing why the function is already gone.

Rubbed his forehead, Jiang Qi didn’t want to think about what just happen and with his feeling dizzy right now, he just wanted a good rest for tonight.

……. But Jiang Qi didn’t know, the internet was blown up.

“Terrifying Monster??? Mysterious Giant??”

That title displayed in the front of major sites, the image was so blurred to the point of only able to see two massive objects in a fight vaguely.

“Another hoax thread, the clip is blurred so this must be fake”— Melon-eating brat.

“Oh– I can also make this kind of video”—— Tree Leaves

“This is real— it happened in Nanxing city!”——-Cucumber still not falling

“True!!—- I was on the scene”—– Teutonic. and also posted a photo

Seeing the picture, Many netizens tapped on the keyboard.

“Fake?? this is seriously the pic after the earthquake right??

“Wrong, Earthquake in Nanxing city hadn’t happened in the last few decades right ??”

“The comment above, how can you determine this is Nanxing city ??”

“I have seen the location of the picture, this is not far from Nanxing city logo, Carina Bridge.”

“is this really true.”

This time, the network blew up the pot and reconfirmed the video in that less than two minutes.

The video is shaking violently, and a foreigner appears.

“My name is Max McGonagall, a tourist.”

Max spoke very fast and with a serious face: “Oh !! my god! Guys, you guess what I see?”

Then he quickly stepped aside from the camera lens, the screen show a giant with red and blue stripes and a monster wrestled.

“I can’t believe it !”

And then Max said to the camera very exicited: “Hey!…. do you know? This is definitely a prehistoric creature! A prehistoric creature!!”

“I have completed the greatest discovery of human history!“

Max is drooling, he spits out with his tongue, he was still greedy and wanted to see more and having a close look.

Suddenly, the giant was getting hit by the monster tail and fell not far from Max. The giant fell to the ground and making the ground shaking violently, the impact caused by the giant fall made max to float, but he still recording this faithfully.

So, the netizens saw the next completed battle.

Blazing right leg, powerful beam…

For a moment, all those people was silent…..

“Oh My God… what did I just see ??”

“Thanks to max… we can see video like this”

“Why are there so few foreigners? I think I know.“


So, people were discussing, in the end, what were these things?? Where were they coming from??? why were they fighting??

But in the end they couldn’t make up a reason and could only give up, but this storm did not disappear, it gradually swept though the world…..


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