Chapter 29 Prepare for battle

Chapter 29 Prepare for battle

“Wait a minute……wait a minute……”

After Jiang Liu watched for a while, He suddenly saw that Han Yi had a conflict with the little punk.

Knowing the importance of this situation, Jiang Liu immediately came forward, because Han Yi could not shoot. If he fired, it would become an accident.


Han Yi didn’t care about the Jiang Liu, but he kept staring at the little punk’s eyes. It seems that as long as he moves a little, the punk will die.

“Captain Han Yi, please put the gun down first…”

Jiang Liu went to the front of the two people and said: “If what you said that the enemy is coming is true, then do you want to point your weapon toward our own people.”

After that, Jiang Liu quietly looked at Han Yi. He believed that as a captain, Han Yi would know how to advance and retreat.

However, he still underestimated the minds of the soldiers.

“He insulted the soldiers…”

Han Yi looked at the Jiang Liu and said a word, then he loaded the gun.

The little punk saw this and couldn’t endure it anymore, crying and shouting.

“Don’t… don’t shoot… save me… save me…”

The face of the little punk was full of tear and snot, he looked at Jiang Liu with a horrified look, and seemed to be asking for help.

“Captain Han……”

Looking at the expression of the little punk, Jiang Liu’s heart was also somewhat disgusted, but now it was necessary to calm down. If the gun was really shot, the Night Raider would really be in a disadvantageous position.

“…The point is this is not the time. If you want to settle the bill, please wait until everything is done, okay?”

Jiang Liu pat on Han Yi’s shoulder and stared at him.


He slowly turned around and looked at Jiang Liu for a while, then slowly let go of the punk.

The little punk ran out like he met a flood of savage beasts, and Han Yi hold the documents that had been thrown into the ground by the little punk. He said: “We’d checked the mysterious life form, they just arrive at the solar system in the evening yesterday.”

Han Yi said to here, paused and watched a group of people who held their breath and continued : “They are very hostile and have already destroyed many satellites along the way.”

“Finally, today in the morning…”

The speed of Han Yi’s speech gradually slowed down. “It has finally entered the gravitational range of our planet, and after our precise calculations, here is its most likely place to land.”

Han Yi’s voice just fell, and the crowd around him suddenly exploded.

For them, the monsters are nothing but fantasy products in the TV series. However, the events that have been rumored in the past few days have completely subverted their worldview.

Does monster really exist?

For this kind of thing, people are both scared and curious.

However, they never thought that they would have a day to encounter it, even if they thought about it, they didn’t expect it to be so fast.


Slowly, the crowd calmed down, and one of them stood up, and although his face was somewhat pale, his voice was clear.

“What problem do you have?”

Looking at the people in front of him, Han Yi’s heart basically understands what he wants to ask.

“…Since you has so many detailed, what about the evidence?”

The young man said, his eyes were firm and he said: “If there is no evidence, these are just the words of Captain Han, It is not enough to convinced us.”

Jiang Liu that listened to this question also looked at Han Yi. He had already thought of this question, but he did not ask, because he was very clear that Han Yi will not open his mouth.

But trust did not mean understanding. He also wants to know what the evidence is. He also wants to see how the team captain of the Night Raider answered.

“The evidence?” Han Yi looked at the young man in front of him and said, “It’s very simple.”

Looking at the crowd, he took out his mobile phone and said, “You can take out your mobile phone and see if you can make a call.”

When they heard Han Yi’s words, many people took a moment and took out their own mobile phones. At that moment, everyone had widened their eyes and stared at their mobile phones, and the screams came out one after another.

“Is this real?”

“What’s happen?”

They saw that their mobile phones’ originally full of signal was now completely gone!

Some people still did not believe, they pressed several phone numbers, and finally the tragedy grew, even the number of the Public Security Bureau can not be connected.

Jiang Liu frowned and looked at his mobile phone. If this was the really case and the monsters will appeared here after a while. How will Jiang Xue contact him?

Jiang Qi’s figure appeared in his mind, and Jiang Liu took a deep breath.

Stinky brat, I will hand the protection of my daughter to you, if they are hurt… I will never let you go!

“This…what is this?”

The previous young man asked inexplicably.

It’s hard to imagine that suddenly there is no signal in the world!

“It’s very simple.”

Han Yi snap his finger and was about to talk. But he didn’t expect to be picked up Jiang Liu.

“Is there any issues with the satellite?”

Looking at Han Yi, Jiang Liu said quietly.

“How did you know?”

Han Yi was surprised. It turned out that this person is not so simple!

“It’s very simple.”

Jiang Liu imitated Han Yi’s action and snap his finger. Then he said: “Before, Han Captain said that the alien destroyed many satellites on the way, and here is the place where it’s expected to land, so the first one to be affected, is the satellites over the sky of Beiwu City and other affiliated cities.”

After quietly listening to the reasoning of Jiang Liu, Han Yi smiled and said: “Good reasoning.”

If it was in a normal time, this may be obvious, but when the monster was going to appeared, in this circumstance, very few people were capable of logical thinking and most people just succumbed to fear.

Looking at Jiang Liu, Han Yi gave him a approval in his heart.

“Thank you for your compliment, but…”

Jiang Liu politely nodded and then pointed to the sky and said, “Are we supposed to deal with this thing?”

Everyone look at the direction of his fingers, toward the sky, and seemed to see a spot that grew larger in the blue sky.


Han Yi said: “Fortunately, our shortwave frequencies can still be used.”

Then Han Yi waved his hand at the back. On the ground, half of the Night Raider members quickly got on the planes. The rest began to check weapons and prepare ammunition, while Han Yi and others began to evacuate the masses.

Looking at the flow of people that started to get chaotic, Jiang Liu frowned and looked at them for a while, then his eyes lit up, thinking of something, and quickly run back.


As the wind surged, Wing of the Night flew up one after another and began to hover over the city.

Since the Wing of the Night was not equipped with an oxygen device, it was impossible for them to fight in space and could only wait for the enemy to arrive.



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