Chapter 28 Conflict

Chapter 28 Conflict

“This is headquarter! Please answer! This is headquarter! Please answer!”

In Night Raider’s headquarter, the operator continuously call out.

“Still no news?”

Ding Yunfeng tapped that operator on the chair, sternly asking.

“Yes, still no connection.”

That operator nodded, answer baffledly.

“I just finished calling with friend who was far away in the US.”

Ding Yunfeng put his hand on the table and said seriously : “I previously calling my friend who was across the ocean using the oldest telephone system.”

“But our army is using the latest version of the communication system, so why can’t you contact them!!”

“It is also possible that the communication system has failed.” The communicator was scared by Ding Yunfeng and immediately said: “The satellite signal over there has disappeared.”

“That thing never failed once in 800 years, why now!”

Ding Yunfeng irritably hit his desk, said : “Can it be restore??”

“I am thinking of a method to remote control it.”

That communicator’s pair of hands was like pounding the hot keys on the light screen.

“We have to get in touch with them!! This is very important!!! Make it quick!!”

Ding Yunfeng anxiously speaking, then he said to few people behind : “Immediately dispatch unmanned drone.”

Not paying attention to the staff that ran out, the communicator was aware of the urgent situation so he sped up inputting, however no matter what, the light screen only show “unable to connect”

That 4 red large character was like God was mocking them.

“Damn it !!”

Ding Yunfeng cursed in low voice then go to big screen , his eyes filled with anxiety.

“The unmanned drone has taken off and is expected to arrive in twenty minutes.”

A voice rang behind Ding Yunfeng, made his eyes shine, saying : “Transfer the picture to the big screen.”

Saying that, He sat in his seat, crossed his hands, and stared at the big screen.

Headquarter!! Headquarter, please response!!!

Han Yi unceasingly shouting at radio, but the response he got was only fuzzy and harsh static noise.

“What exactly happen back there?”

After putting down the radio, Han Yi came down from the plane and looked at the sea of people surrounding the plane which unable his people to get through. Some people wanted to touch, some people took photos, and even some people scribbled on them. He frowned then go to elevated place and shouted.

“This city has been blocked, please evacuate immediately!!”

“Who do you think you are? Just saying that it’s blocked mean it’s really blocked?”

A young man with yellow hair said, chewing gum in his mouth.


Usually, such people will cause people to felt disgusted, but unexpectedly, this time someone agrees with this little punk.

Han Yi glanced at an aunt who had bought grocery, hearing her said, “I have been here for more than ten years. I have never seen you before. Why do we have to listen to you?”

“That’s right!”

“Why are you blocking me traveling?”

“You just blocked the place for your own!”

Because of these two people’s ruckus, many more people follow along disagreeing him.

Looking at the flustered crowd below, Han Yi and his teammates took great effort to calm them down.

“After our investigation! A group of extraterrestrial lifeforms is coming here.”

Han Yi shouted: “In order to avoid accidents, please evacuate immediately.”

“Extraterrestrial lifeforms? ? Yeah! Bullshit!”

The yellow-hair young man sneer : “Speaking without proof.”

After watching yellow-hair’s gangster for a while, Han Yi took out a document and said to the gangster: “I am a captain of the Night Raider! I…”

Before he finished, the document was snatch by gangster.

“What are you doing!!!”

Han Yi frowned and asked sternly.

The little punk did not care about Han Yi, but took his documents and looked at it repeatedly, then threw it away and said: “Is this your evidence?”

He laughed and sneered saying : “what Night Raider! Never heard of it, Aren’t you just a street cleaning crew at night?”

Listening to the ridicule of the punk, the crowd around them laughed. Indeed, the reputation of the Night Raider was very small. Outshined by the giant of the light, Zero, few people paid serious attention to the Night Raider.

Looking at the punk who provoked them, Han Yi’s team members couldn’t help but took out the guns, but they were stopped by Han Yi. They couldn’t help but look at Han Yi.

But Han Yi didn’t talk, just calmly looked at the punk.

The punk saw that Han Yi was so “squeaky”, like a chicken blood, became more excited at mocking.

After talking for a while, the punk seemed to be tired, he heaved a sigh and look at Han Yi’s still calm eyes, and became annoyed, he said: “What? Not convinced?”

After that, he was going to spit at Han Yi, but the moment he just about to made his move, he saw the fierce light in Han Yi’s eyes, and with the quick sidestep, Han Yi gave the confused punk belly a punch.

The punk didn’t think that Han Yi would suddenly hit him. Unprotected by Han Yi’s heavy punch, his expression was not good, and the his body arched.

Han Yi did not stop here, with a backhand strike, he smashed the punk onto their weapon chest. At the moment when the punk just fell on the chest, Han Yi’s right hand just like a lightning, took out a gun and pointed its muzzle at the punk’s heart.

It all happened in an instant, and all people were stunned by this scene, never expected that this incomparable pretentious punk would be suppressed so quickly.

“Boy, apologize!”

Staring at the punk’s eyes, Han Yi’s voice was as calm as ever.

“Release me!!”

He didn’t expect that the person who was so “squishing” before actually suppressed himself. The punk felt that he had lost his face, especially to the people around him, and that made him blushed in shame. Looking at Han Yi, he yelled like being stepped on a tail.

“I will count to five, Release me!!!”

The punk looked at Han Yi and he still didn’t respond, so he shouted louder.

“I will count to three, apologize to me!”

Han Yi’s voice was cold, aiming the muzzle at the punk’s eyes and press it at gangster’s eyes.


As the pain from the eyes registered in, he suddenly woke up, he could smell it, the smell of gunpowder on the muzzle, the smell of blood on the hand.

He…he was really going to get killed…

Didn’t know why, an idea suddenly emerged in the his heart.

“Do you know who my dad is??? He is the deputy mayor!! If you dare to kill me! He will…”

The punk used his last straw of life, but Han Yi ruthlessly interrupted.

“The Night Raider unit is completely independent from the state’s control and only listens to the central government…”

Han Yi had not finished, and his teammates took it further : “A deputy mayor still can’t manage us.”

For a time, the two sides fell into a stalemate, and the punk suddenly felt a burst of heat in the lower body, could not help but blush.

It turned out…he wet his pants!!!



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