Chapter 27 Monster??

Chapter 27 Monster??

*Jiang Qi = Male , Jiang qi = Female*

Seeing the plane rushing across the sky, Jiang Qi wrinkle his eyebrow.

I seem to have seen these fighters somewhere.

“Are these plane the same as last time?”

After a plane one after another flew over, Jiang Qi asked.


Jiang Xue also retracted her gaze, mutter : “These are Night Raider’s fighters.”

Night Raider?? What’s the hell?

Jiang Qi dazed, not understand why Night Raider became involved, thus he inquire.

“You don’t know about Night Raider, you bumpkin!!”

Just as Jiang Xue about to reply, a harsh voice came in.

Turning his head over, of course he see the disdain’s face of Jiang qi.

Little Qi!

Jiang Xue wrinkled her eyebrows, calling out with a stern voice, then said to Jiang Qi : “Night Raider was our country’s recently established special fighting unit”

Hearing her, Jiang Qi could not help but though of the special fighting team that only had a few people in the Ultraman’s show, he couldn’t help but raise a corner of his mouth saying : “Right…”

With only so few people in the team, I afraid it’s still not enough to fill in the gap of the teeth.

“Why did you make that face?”

Jiang qi seeing Jiang Qi’s expression, somewhat displeased said : “Could it be, You are looking down on Night Raider?”

“I’m not looking down on Night Raider….”

Jiang Qi sigh, explained : “I think it would be too far-fetched to hand over so many lives to a team?”

“You were worried about this!”

Jiang Xue step forward to said : “You can rest assured! This fighting unit came from assembling experts from every region in entire country, every member has their own expertise in their field.”

“But to depend on a few people, how can they protect the earth?”

Hearing her, Jiang Qi immediately said. After all, to depend on a few people, it is too unrealistic.

“Bumpkins are indeed a bumpkin.”

Jiang qi can’t stand it anymore, saying : “Who’s say there is only a few people in Night Raider?”

“??? Don’t tell me it’s not?”

Seeing the astonished girl before him, Jiang Qi was filled with question marks.

He then found out that he seem to misunderstood something. Indeed, Jiang qi’s next sentence made Jiang Qi want to find a hole to dig into.

“Just people responsible for process the information on computer are several hundred.”

People would not accept only a few people in fighting unit, I’m afraid that even squad’s member would not accept that as well?

“Well well, stop discuss this already.”

Jiang Xue seeing Jiang Qi in shame, interrupt Jiang qi, then she said : “What more important is, why did these aircraft come here!”

Yeah, Why did they come here?

Jiang Xue’s word made both of them stare blankly, immediately react.

“Night Raider”‘s important duty is to protect humanity, to avoid the invasion of unknown phenomenon as well as natural disaster ….of course. This is common.

In the case of monster similar to Golza, they will become the super army to fight the monster.

It can be said that Night Raider unit is a very complex fighting squad. And the branch squad in other countries is also as important. It has the privilege equal to the government.

“Don’t tell me the monster is going to show up?”

Jiang Qi’s expression become ugly saying : “This time there are no less than 19 fighters, 4 more than last time. Aside from monster show up, I really don’t want to understand what is going on to get them to fly so many planes.”

Jiang Qi’s index finger taps his chin and has the feeling of a million-year-old elementary school student.

Jiang Xue and Jiang qi both looked at Jiang Qi with some surprise, as if they didn’t know him.

“Hey… Why did you look at me like this?”

After Jiang Qi finished, he found that there was no sound for a long time. He looked up at the two sisters strangely and found that the two of them were staring at him, letting him subconsciously step back.

“Are you still a big pervert, a coward, a dump idiot that I know?”

There is no need to guess who said that, Jiang Qi directly gave her a blank eye.

“Your previous action is the same as when dad’s reasoning”

Jiang Xue giggled then explained.

“Who? That unreasonable uncle?”

If they said others, Jiang Qi may not believe it, however they said Jiang Liu, Jiang Qi can only said : “How’s that possible?”

“Che! You are not good as dad!”

Hearing Jiang Qi badmouth her father, Jiang qi became displeased and retort : “You said there will be monsters, but if that’s the case, why’s nobody running? ”

“Monsters don’t necessarily have to appear here.”

Jiang Qi explained, then Jiang Xue pat his shoulder silently from behind.

Look at Jiang Xue questioningly only to saw her pointing to the front. Jiang Qi look at that direction to found that many fighters descended at the northern city one after another, with only a few fighters still in the air.

It became obvious that Night Raider team want to go to Beiwu City but there was no landing point near (tl : 连个大点的狗熊, so confused) Beiwu City.

“…….Maybe it hasn’t appeared yet.”

Jiang Qi became for silent a while but he still insist on the 3 major condition of Monster in Ultraman’s show : That place was peaceful, it had monster; Ultraman’s human body appear in that place, it had monster; The place monster-fighting team appeared had monster.

Now all three conditions are met, and the possibility of monster appearing may be very big!

“…….Then I have to look for it!”

Jiang qi nodded, her tone is full of disbelief, however in her eye that look toward Beiwu City filled with worry.


“No matter what, we have to go back there!”

Jiang Xue frowned, full of worry.

Nodded, Jiang Qi looked up into the sky, he seemed to look through the atmosphere and saw the satellite in outer space.

Countless white organism was wrapping around and continue to corrode satellite’s metal and slowly fusing with it.


Jiang Qi’s expression became blanked and suddenly blurted out.

“What did you just say?”

Jiang Xue asked.


Hearing her question, Jiang Qi asked back in confusion.

“You just said something previously, I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Jiang Xue answered back, and the woman’s intuition tell her that Jiang Qi just said something very important.


Jiang Qi finally react and carefully recall what happen : Previously he raised his head and seem to saw something, then he unconsciously said some word.

He hit his head, how can’t I remember what I said?

The thing he saw previously must be monster, but his impression is vague

Jiang Qi was sure that this is Zero’s ability that let him see that monster, but it just doesn’t come as he wish!

Seeing Jiang Qi’s unsightly expression, Jiang Xue hurriedly grab him and said : “Since you can’t remember then don’t think about it.”


Seeing Jiang Xue’s serene face, He nodded.



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