Chapter 26 Wing of the Night

Chapter 26 Wing of the Night

The sky was just like a blue paper, with a few of very thin white clouds,

At Beiwu City, stream of people steady move forward, Even through many people tired from working, they can still give a smile to the stranger beside them.

Basked under the sunlight, Jiang Liu also engrossed in this atmosphere

Sure enough, It’s the most comfortable to stay alone here.

Jiang Liu thought while lying on the chair holding beer.

However he did not feel relaxed regarding Jiang Qiu that dumb idiot……Though Jiang Xue can probably handle him!

Gulping a mouthful of cold beer, Jiang Liu blinked happily, picking up newspaper about to take a look at some good news.

Mysterious giant, the world’s tumor, Humanity in danger!

Ultraman Zero??? What is his purpose coming to Earth?

A day of not eliminate monster, another day for humanity’s unsettled!



Jiang Liu sign, put down the newspaper.

Now the entire world is pay attention to Ultraman Zero, the media is also like a shark sniffing at delicious piece of meat, come over to focus on it, a little bit normal news is only China’s “Night Raider” fighting unit formally established.

Moreover the important point is, humanity did not have favorable attitude toward this kind of gigantic body.

Many people want to eliminate Zero, but, apparently they did not have the capability.

Previously Night Raider’s small team that was almost completely wiped out by monster, almost got knocked down by Zero, Humanity is far from being Zero’s match.

Shaking his head, picking up beer, Jiang Liu was about to drink, suddenly the corner of his eyes caught sight of a place, he can not help but became daze, Then he dragged a youngster nearby asking : “What’s that large building for?”

The young man next to him looked at the building.

That building was build to be very distinguished.

It had a size of the temple, made up from timber working, the edge of building was raised up in horn-shape and the windows were engraved in flower pattern, it’s ingenious.

The front store had circular, square and diamond fan-shaped antique, in front of the store, standing several security guards.

The building has five floors and gave a feeling of a pyramid. The more you go up, the smaller the area.

The youngster then asked what’s in his mind : “You are not local?”

“Yeah, I am here to travel.”

Jiang Liu nodded, then turned to look at the building and said: “Is that building has an important meaning?”

“You don’t know?”

This time it’s the youngster turn to be flabbergasted, speechless!

“……guess so.”

Jiang Liu laughed after seeing the youngster and said : ” Then please tell me, I am very interested.”


Though the youngster was still curious, he still nodded, said : “Although there are many mountain and river in Beiwu City, because of the frequency of the earthquake here, many people left. ”

Speaking here, the youngster sign, his eye became gloomy, he slowly said: “Young people have to go out working, but who know the true circumstances? Whose who left, excluding ones who give parents money, simply didn’t know at all.”

Many elders were unwilling to leave, because this place was their root, now there are basically only elderly and children in this city.

Hearing youngster’s word, Jiang Liu nodded.

This is very normal, after all it’s been a long time, few people can persist.


Jiang Liu suddenly interrupt : “These people stay here like this for a long time, Don’t tell me there’s no way to prevent that?”

This is exactly what I want to say.

That youngster said : “Here, we have not only in the China, but even the most advance earthquake prediction device in the whole world, we also have geography expert.

Furthermore, Beiwu City already established many emergency escape tunnel for a time of need.

These escape tunnels usually are closed, only computer can remote control to open it, but that remote control is in large building.


Listen to him, Jiang Liu was silent and covered his forehead.

So troublesome? When the disaster actually come, who will operate remote control? The majority of people here are elderly and children.

pickup a beer glass, Jiang Liu gulp a big mouthful of beer, wanting to continue asking.

Suddenly, a sound above his head interrupt him.


Planes from the town flew over the sky.

Those are…..

Jiang Liu’s eyes became suddenly wide, staring at these fighters, his mouth slight open.

The streamlined fuselage is matched with the wing of the fighter jet, which can fully exert the absolute stability of the fighter under any circumstances, and its material is the most advanced alloy material in the world.

The whole body is dark, and it shines brightly under the sunlight. The wing of the night is the name of this fighter, this is a special fighter for the Night Raider.

This time,what are Night Raider’s fighter doing here?

Jiang Liu baffled seeing fighters gradually descend, extremely shocked, however, not waiting for that fighter to completely descend, there were a few sounds in the air.


Jiang Liu turn his head to also see a few Wing of the Night arrive at extreme speed, the quantity is not small, unlike the time when the fighting occurred previously.

It must be known that, Wing of the Night was equipped with the most advance weaponry in the world, even though they almost got wiped out previously, it still didn’t changed the Wing of Night’s status.

This time, they actually dispatch so many fighters at once, Dose monster going to appear?

Jiang Liu’s mind suddenly thought about it and put down his beer.

Didn’t know why but Jiang Liu hoped that he was wrong.

He looked at the youngster and see his eyes fill with concern and amazes?

Still wishing, Jiang Liu sprung out from his chair, get a car and rapidly go toward the scene.


Outside the earth, a group of silver-white, similar to unicellular organism is finally here, then they go to nearby satellite.



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  1. Hey I recommend starting this from the beginning. Let’s be honest here, even though your translation isn’t the best it is a lot better than the guy doing it before you.So what you need to do is really start from the beginning like I said so that people will become more interested in the story. Because right now, a lot of people aren’t going to read that crappy TL from chapter 1 to 25. So your losing out on a lot of readers.

    I wish you luck, and I hope you retranslate chapter’s 1 – 25 cause, I myself just can’t read that crap lol


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