Chapter 25 A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 25 A Familiar Feeling

Tianmu pierces the sky and stretches to the horizon, its power surpasses the Five Peaks and eclipses Chicheng city, Tiantai mountain is 4,800 zhang high, Yet compared to Tianmu, it appears to be leaning over to the southeast.

Only when you stood on the summit, you would know what the feeling to overlooking the world is.

Although Jiang Qi had become Zero and experienced the taste of overlooking all living beings, He never had this kind of blood surging.

Standing on the high mountain, you would realize the insignificance of human to the great nature.

You could always have the feeling of blue sky, the beautiful and soft white clouds, and feeling the sun more vivid and warming.

You could utterly approach this, numerous small mountain.!

Overlooking the mountain’s foot, you could see: The road winding crisscrossing like a chessboard. Here in Han’s Border, in the distance, there was the Chu river as if to hear the horse’s thunder galloping sound, see the sword sang and the flags floating in the wind.

Standing on the mountain; seeing the lake and river as if a galaxy in the sky, with its disc, slowly spill on earth, like fishermen, rafting the rivers and lake, throwing down the fishing net with ease, looking forward for the net fulled of fish.

Jiang Qi and the others came to an ancestral hall, on the inside, there were two stone statues.

One had a well-dressed gown, with a gentle countenance and a crown of seven jewels, and the other one, wearing a plain dress with a half foot beard.

These were the ancestors of China civilization, Emperor Yan, and Huang.

The legend was, these two emperors were in this mountain to ally fighting Chi, their common enemy.

There were a lot of people here, Jiang Xue and Jiang qi began to take a photo, after all, they rarely came to this place, if it was not for monster showing up, Jiang Liu would never let them come to this location to relax.

“You two, close up a little.”

Jiang Qi was holding the camera, said while smiling and looked at the two sisters.

Jiang Xue was complying, tightly put her hand around Jiang qi’s arm and narrowed her eyes into a crescent. Almost blinding Jiang Qi’s titanium dog eyes.

Jiang qi couldn’t help twitching her mouth looking at Jiang Qi, she “reluctantly” smiled.

Jiang Xue who next to her, usually seeing all of her arrogance performance, her mind suddenly want to laugh, but she doesn’t expose it.

For Jiang qi, her heart was not only grateful to Jiang Qi saving them before but also admired him not panicking in facing such monster, he even went to attracted it.

Jiang qi heart was full of curiosity, but she would not express it, at most she would give in a little bit, Ah! Yes, just a little bit!.

Just like her heartbeat, Jiang qi nodded twice. Jiang Qi who seeing that, confused, what wind this High and Mighty sister was eating?

Jiang Qi also could’t control her, after all with her sister still in there. It’s not his turn to deal with her!

Just taking two photos, it already printed out from the top of the camera.

Jiang Qi was clicking his tongue endlessly, this world’s scientific and technological level advanced a lot, the camera unexpectedly had the anti-shake, as well as voice-enabled feature, he even felt there was a ten-year gap between him and Jiang Xue, feeling derailment with the time.

Am I that old?

Jiang Qi could not help but vexatiously thought, looking at the young people, taking their own branded phone and unlock it with an iris scan.

Although Jiang thought it was more convenient to unlock with a fingerprint, he couldn’t stop them from being classy!

“Hey what were you thinking ?”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi was awake with Jiang qi’s dissatisfaction voice, looking at the two sisters and immediately gave them the two pictures.

“…….. Nice shot! It’s better than I thought.”

Surprised at Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue complimented him. Only to make Jiang Qi turned supercilious, Using this camera’s black technology to took a bad picture also hard, wasn’t it?

People went quickly, soon, Jiang Xue and others also began to visit the two emperors.

In front of their statues, there were six rush cushions for people to visit.

Jiang knelt on the top it closing his eyes. When he’s about to pay homage, suddenly he felt something familiar here.

He couldn’t help but opened his eyes and looked around for a while, searching for what causing that familiar feeling.

This unknown feeling was haunting his mind, but he couldn’t find it.

There was a voice in his heart telling himself: it’s still not the time now.

After a long while, after the two sisters visiting the two Emperors, they kowtowed three times and stood up.

Copying the two sisters, Jiang Qi also kowtowed three times and stood up.

Subsequently, The two sisters left a memorial in a variety of ways, with Jiang Qi was always absent-minded behind them.

What the hell is going on?

Always felt someone calling him, but he couldn’t find it.

Jiang Qi also thought it’s a monster, but there was no feeling of danger in his mind. It seemed this thing won’t cause any harm.

Subconsciously, Jiang Qi sighed while stroking his left wrist.

Was it you? What did you want to tell me?

“Little Jiang ?…. Little Jiang ?….”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s ears picked up Jiang Xue calls. His soul came back.

“Huh? What the matter?”

Adjusting his mood, Jiang Qi replied with a trace of a smile.

“You okay? Why are you always distracted? ”

Jiang Xue frowned and said : ”I think your face is a little pale…”

“I’m okay.”

Jiang Qi touched his cold cheek, his heart warmed and replied

Seeing that there was something wrong with Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue decided to go down early. And Jiang qi who just played very happily, uncommonly just silent when she heard this decision. She just secretly observed Jiang Qi’s face.

To go down a little faster, Jiang Xue spent 300 dollars to take the cable car.

“Sorry, because of me….”

Before Jiang Qi finished, he got interrupted by Jiang Xue.

“Don’t you remember? A family doesn’t need to say sorry!” Jiang Xue seriously looked at Jiang Qi.

“Moreover, I’m also a little tired and had been thinking to go down.”

Jiang Xue also finally yawned.

Looked at Jiang Xue in front of and at Jiang qi in Jiang Xue’s embrace, he smiled.

Turned away and looked at ancestral hall getting farther, Jiang Qi secretly said : ”I will come back sooner or later.”


Night Raider base, a lot of fighters took off rushing to the north.

This scene came from a conversation a few minutes before.

“It’s been calculated, that object will land in Beiwu City.”

The glasses man was the Night Raider base’s representative of the Computer field — Han Yi.


Ding Yunfeng hearing this information not making a reaction, but only said this word.

This was one of the privileges of Night Raiders. which could be used without the approval of superiors first, and the freely use of various military resources.
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