Chapter 22 Going to Beiwu City

Chapter 22 Going to Beiwu City

With the outbreak of the crisis, all the countries had sniffed a whiff of blood and began to establish a diplomatic relation with each other to ease the relationship among them.

After all, who wasn’t afraid when facing these monsters.

The best way was to seek international aid, while some small countries had shifted their focus from economy to the military.

Subsequently, specialized training was initiated within countries to deal with this situation.

Of course, Jiang Qi had nothing to do about this. He was now on a bullet train, working on his dream.

“Hey, smelly brat. Don’t you still have to stay in the hospital? Why are you travel with us ?”

Jiang Liu was saying to Jiang Qi with his eyes uncomfortable to see him.

“After getting admitted for so long, you needed to come out and exercised for a little bit, right?”

Jiang Qi lazily stretched his waist and yawned saying : ”Besides, I hate the hospital’s smell.”

“Aren’t you afraid if a monster will comes and eats you?”

Jiang Liu maliciously said while staring to Jiang Qi’s side face.

“I’m incredibly lucky, so I can’t die. If a monster appeared, uncle, you need to take care of yourself!”

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu’s eyes and on talked back to him.

This two guys, here we go again…..

Jiang Xue helplessly shook her head while looking at this two guys bickering from the front row. After the incident in the amusement park, these two men’s fighting frequency becomes more prevalent.

Similar to Jiang Liu’s “elders don’t need to act old”, Jiang Qi also had “disrespect to old people”.

But people with discerning eyes could see that the relationship between them became intimate the more they bickering.

And what even odder was Jiang qi who sat beside Jiang Xue just wearing a headset listening to her favorite song. Treating the two of them like they didn’t exist at all.

It seemed that everything was going to the right direction!

Jiang Xue smiled, then leaned against the seat and slept wearing an eye mask. There was still a long time before they reached the destination, first sleep, talk later.

And these two people also became tired and stopped their ‘fight’, and fell asleep leaning against their seat.

In fact, Jiang Qi was suffering now.

These days, Jiang Qi thought a massive amount of way to destroy the Bracelet.

Cutting down with a knife, burning it till he got blisters and so on. He already tried with what he can think of, but it didn’t even get a scratch.

What else could Jiang Qi do? Chop his hand off? He’s not brave enough to do it.

So he could only to go with the flow, every day wearing a long sleeve to cover the Bracelet from eyesight.

So what to do for the monster who wanted to kill him?

Jiang Qi can only tell you : ”Run…..”

That was because he didn’t know the way to summon the Zero Eyes, how he could transform without it?

So now the Bracelet became his hated object.

It just happened, Jiang Qi didn’t know what to do with this Bracelet.

Coincidentally, Jiang Liu planned to travel and called Jiang Qi if he wanted to go or not. With a depressed mood, how could he refuse it? He immediately agreed to go.

Now they were in Beiwu City. Beiwu City was a city far away from Gaoyang; It took at least 6 hours to go with a bullet train, this world bullet train speed at least three times faster than the bullet train from Jiang Qi’s memory. They needed to cross three-province for those who were wondering how far north Beiwu City is.

As for why not flying, they could only give up because a certain people couldn’t handle the height.

However, the trip was worth it anyway.

Beiwu city, Magnificent Tianbao, Illustrious hero, The spirit of the palace. Because of its economy and culture prosperity since ancient times, it was known as “Paradise on earth” or “Garden City.”

Beiwu city had always been famous for its beautiful landscape and elegant gardens.

Not only because of “the best scene in the world.” But it was also because of its small water bridge, its feature of the ancient city, making it known as “Venice of the East” or “Water Metropolis of the East.”

Today’s Beiwu city had become “City Park”, “Garden in the City”, the mountain, the water, the city, the forest, the garden, the town as a whole, was the perfect union of classic and modern architecture, the ancient wind rhyme and the typical development of international metropolis.

By this reason, there should be a lot of people living here right?

Unfortunately, although Beiwu city was a first class city. But the population in here was only consist of less than five hundred thousand people. You know, an average city had at least have millions of people, but for Beiwu city with this kind of scenery, there were fewer people living here than an average city?

This was just unreasonable.

But the fact was, while God had opened the door, he also dug a deep pit in front of you.

Beiwu City for what its good, it had too much earthquake. People who lived here would believe that they were still dreaming if they were not experiencing two tremors at least a day.

Although the earthquake happened everyday, its magnitude was small, just 1 or 2 in Richter scale.

But for the last ten years, Beiwu city’s earthquake frequency became more often and its magnitude also increased.

There was a dead man who had not gone missing from climbing a mountain when a sudden earthquake occurred.

A lot of young people left this town because of this matter, although there were a few individuals who were still willing to live in this city.

Which led Beiwu City to having more elderly and children.

Although the city government had done a secret preventive work for the strengthening earthquake, it couldn’t be used to fix the problem!

And the opposite there was a lot of extreme sports enthusiasts who pursuing this, and second generation conglomerate who was not afraid to die to experience this “life and death” feeling.

Although there were very few people, who died on the mountain.

This did not made them retreat, and with that made Beiwu City a fortune.

After a few hours of rest, Jiang Qi and company arrived at Beiwu City. Looking at the station here, the flow of people was really not small.

After getting off, Jiang Qi made an initiative to help the two ladies to move down the luggage.

But didn’t know why Jiang Qi’s heartbeats had been jumping up and down anxiously like it sensed something……



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