Chapter 20 Prevail!

Chapter 20 Prevail!

Jiang Qi and Galactron beating each other made the people in the crowds bit their lips, didn’t know why but hoping for Jiang Qi to win.

Jiang Qi’ left leg once again swept at Galactron’s waist. But despite being kicked, Galactron catched Jiang Qi’s leg.

Jiang Qi panicked, but his body was making the first respond.

His right leg suddenly flew piercing the air, making a sound burst. He kicked at Galactron’s head and created huge sparks, Galactron couldn’t help but let Jiang Qi’s leg go.

He landed and made his right fist hitting Galactron’s abdomen. It took a step back, and Jiang Qi kept up with his left fist, continuously beating Galactron’s body, and lastly kicked Galactron.


Looking at what he just did to Galactron, Jiang Qi’s mind was shocked for his power.

Jiang Qi was absolutely incapable of using a difficult technique in his usual state. This was because of Zero’s body, just by instinct, he could beat Galactron in this world like this.

So how strong was the complete body of Zero?

But all of this was not for Jiang Qi to think, he looked at the Galactron trying to stand up. Jiang Qi took a deep breath.

If he remembered correctly, he chose three skills, right?

Thinking about this, Jiang Qi left hand slowly stretched. He could feel the energy in his body began to quickly flowed and converged in his right hand.

Immediately, Jiang Qi made his arms to form an L shape, and then instantly he felt the energy in his body erupting.

Gathering all the energies from Jiang Qi’s whole body, the light beam rushed towards Galactron.

The crowd was all shaken and opened their mouths.

The power of this Ultra Beam was incredible, it was even stronger than Ultraman and Jack‘s Specium Ray and only slightly weaker than Cinerama Shot.(tl: in wikia, it was said that Cinerama shot was 10 times stronger, so this was probably author’s own setting.) It had the most destructive power of all Seven‘s skills. Because the beam was launched from a wide-area of the right elbow to the palm, it was called ‘Wide Shot’. (tl: in chinese, the text was the same, so if Zero shoot it, I’ll add Zero into Wide Shot)

As the son of Seven, Zero inherited Wide Shot. After he had Baraji’s bracelet, its power became stronger.

However, even with this Wide Zero Shot that Jiang Qi pput his hope on was getting blocked.

Seeing Galactron staggered, its body unexpectedly stood up. The gem at its chest emitting a dazzling light, forming a translucent circular symbol, solidly caught Jiang Qi’s Wide Zero Shot.

Before Jiang Qi reacted, from his side, a giant circular symbol appeared and fire a massive beam from within.

Caught by surprise, Jiang Qi got hit by the intense beam and got blown up by a few hundred meters making a deep gorge.

“di du~….di du~….. di du~……”

Jiang Qi kneeled on the ground, barely able to supported his body. With heavy breathing, the colot timer at his chest began to flash.

What exactly was going on here?

The onlookers were a bit confused, It might appeared to be a brief time for Jiang Qi. But for the crowds, it’s only happen in less than ten seconds.

At first, the giant supposedly fired a very strong light beam but was stopped by the monster’s symbol. And then the giant also mysteriously fell down from his own move.

And what even more strange, and made everyone shocked was that the mechanical creature actually said some words.

“Annihilate…. Ultraman Zero….”

The words were fragmented, but people understood its main content.

Annihilate Ultraman Zero? Who is Ultraman Zero? The giant?

From all the people’s minds appeared a question mark, and the pilot in the fighter didn’t know what to do.

Should he help the giant? Or let him got eliminated?

Jiang Qi also heard Galactron words quite clear. Making a wry smile and didn’t expect about this. Then all Galactron’s behavior could be explained.

Previously, it’s sense Zero’s aura, and then it attacked the city. Then because he was in coma, Zero’s aura also disappeared, making Galactron couldn’t find him so it left. This time, it obviously could sensed Zero’s aura. He attracting Galactron’s attention was just courting disaster to himself. If Galactron did not chasing to kill him then it would be strange!

But what about the symbol? Why would he be hit with his own attack?

Jiang Qi thought till he broke his head but he still couldn’t figure it out. He had a full confidence with that blow, but….. it failed?

Eating his own trick. This feeling, It’s really…… not good!

Looking up slowly at Galactron, Jiang Qi’s eyes were full of killing intent.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi moved. He stood up and rushing to Galactron like a cheetah, his left legs was blazing with fire and he roundhouse kicked Galactron’s waist.


Suddenly the gem at Galactron’s chest flashed again, making the symbol once again appeared in front of Galactron.

And Jiang Qi’s foot went into that symbol.

Before Jiang Qi could even feel startled, a leg blazing with fire suddenly appeared in front of him.


Jiang Qi was once again blown away, also with his own skill.

Jiang Qi once again fell to the ground. Looking at the standing Galactron, his color timer began to flashing faster seemingly to remind Jiang Qi his time was running out.

But Jiang Qi didn’t care but looked at Galactron, his eyes flashed, pondering.

He finally figured it out what was going on. The giant symbol in front of Galactron was spatially distorted space. It was distorting the space in front of it and arrange any attack to its opponent to eat his own attack.

It could be said that this move would be able to defeat most of the Ultraman, but it could also be one of the reason it kill itself! Don’t underestimate me!

Watching Galactron, Jiang Qi slowly stood up and jumped. His right leg’s friction made dangerous sparks, compared with Ultra Zero Kick, this attack momentum was more powerful. He kicked, with the sound of flame mixed with the sound of the air tearing, toward Galctron.


Galactron’s gem chest once again flashed, making a symbol in front of it.

Jiang Qi sneered while diving down, the sluggers on his head instantly separated. With faster speed, the Zero Sluggers came to Galactron from behind, cut off its arms and pierced the gem on the chest.

“Kaka…. Kacha~”

the moment Galactron’s chest gem is destroyed, the symbol was gone as well.


Jiang Qi instantly ran through Galactron’s body. After that, the two of them was not moving, Galactron was standing, while Jiang Qi half kneeled not far away from behind Galactron.

1 seconds, 2 seconds, 3 seconds.

Galactron’s body suddenly exploded. In the explosion, Jiang Qi slowly disappeared.

Leaving those crowds looked at each other. This was not the situation that they could understand.


Jiang Qi lying in the ground, in a daze saw a shadow came to his side.

That figure was very strange but oddly familiar. Mumbling, Jiang Qi seemed to call someone’s name.

And fell to the ground, unconscious.



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