Chapter 2 Fight!!

Chapter 2 Fight!!

Chen Lin walked on the street, inside her clothes there were a few photos. This was her evidence that she painstakingly collected.

The suspect they had been tracking for more than a month, from Goyang City to Nanxi City, they finally collected a decisive evidence today, it absolutely could not be lost.

Now it’s just a matter of handing it over to the nearest police, then Chen Lin could finished her task.

Chen Lin wanted to send the photo as soon as possible, but in just two steps, the ground shake up violently, and photos in the clothes were scattered to the ground.

Earth….. Earthquake ???

Chen Lin looked around for a moment, and then immediately picked up the photos.

After she finished picking up the pictures, the building beside her suddenly collapsed. The whole building flattened in an instant.

Turning her head, suddenly Chen Li widen her eyes and saw a huge figure covering the sun.

In her perspective, it was like suddenly saw the shade of a massive wall.

“My goodness, what is this ??!!”

Chen Li looked at this huge figure and her heart skip a beat.

*Bang* *Bang*

This creature suddenly move, setting off a massive dust.

For that thing, this was just a dust, but for human, in the presence of that being, were like ants. A large stone was lifted, countless stones were flying in the air. Mass of people who were not having time to evacuate are were frightened, at this period of time where crowd was most dense, there were no telling how many individuals would get hurt because of the flying stone.

Seeing this scene, Chen Lin instantly ran back, not just Chen Lin, many young and strong people were running on their own, and for those old and frail who couldn’t run, they could only watch at the huge figure step closer to them.


“Run away…… *wu wu* “

“Young man … save … save me …”

“Get away from here!”

immediately, the chaos became a mess and that monster seem to quite satisfied with this and moved its head. (Tl:original is nodded its head)


With the monster’s roar, the situation became even more chaotic, and some people fell to the ground and got trampled to death.

Chen Li staggered while escaping from the road, almost fell, hurriedly glanced at the monster, seeing that it still chased over, she immediately sped up her pace.

“What the hell is going on here ?”

Chen Lin’s fear in her hearts at that moment raised to the peak.

Chen Lin didn’t run far when there was a sudden dazzling light shining out not far away from her.

….. Oh my god…… what else ??…

Countless people wondered, just a monster that appeared had made all the people confused. Now another one emerged…..

Gradually, the light dispersed, a red and blue giant appeared in front of the people.

The giant was about forty or fifty meters high, there was not much difference compared to the monster.

The giant had sharp eyes on his head, his face was like some kind of mask, and overall revealed an arrogant demeanor.

“This….. This is…”

Chen Lin looked at the giant, while her heart is afraid, there was a voice that telling her self: that’s okay, he will not harm you.

While others were involuntarily stopped and looked at the front of the giant.

The monster, Golza also noticed the giant, stopped to look at the giant.


Waiting until the light dispersed, Jiang Qi saw the scene clearly and noticed that the tall building was only around his nose.

The people running below were like little ants.

This game is genuine, Jiang Qi looking to Golza face to face, the monster is really huge like a nightmare.

He’s ready to go.

Like the original, Jiang Qi rubbed his nose with his thumb, ready to charged..

“Ding. Battle Countdown : a minute and forty seconds left.”

The mechanical sound suddenly appeared and made Jiang Qi stopped.

I almost forgot, Ultraman character, while was very powerful, the color timer will flickered after a certain condition.

Some was because of the body limit, some was because of energy limit, some was because of the activation limit of three minutes.

However, 1 minute 40 second ?? that was even not enough for a cup of noodle.

In Jiang Qi stunned moment, Golza caught the gap and quickly condensed energy in its head. A dark purple supersonic beam shot to Jiang Qi.


Supersonic beam quickly hit Jiang Qi, a strong spark tangled with Jiang Qi and he fell to the ground, smashed the building behind, caused billowing smoke to rise.

“Cough … cough …”

Affected by the smoke, many people were coughing out loud. But most people were quickly evacuated from there, leaving only those who were not afraid of death, and stretched out their neck to peek.

it hurts……

Jiang Qi slowly stood up, in the moment he was hit by Golza, it felt like getting hit by lightning..

*Ding. Battle Countdown : 1 minutes and 20 seconds”

“No, I has to hurry!“

Jiang Qi endured the pain, ran out from the smoke like a wind, and roundhouse kicked at Golza’s shoulder

Golza took the advantage of turning from that kick, swing its huge tail.

Because he only paid attention to Golza’s limb but not its tail, he got caught off guard and got hit in the head. In that moment Jiang Qi seems like hearing buzzing sound around his ears.

Then, Jiang Qi fell to the other building, smashing it.

Seeing Jiang Qi was not moving, Golza felt proud and grunted two times and waledk towards Jiang Qi regardless of the smoke rising.

However what greeted Golza was a group of fire repulsed at it, with the smoke dispersed, Jiang Qi stood in place with his right leg wrapped in flame.

Violent flame burning, Jiang Qi quickly closed in at Golza, and continuously kicked Golza with his right leg wrapped in flame again and again.

He then stepped backward, charged the flame in the right leg even more, and then used roundhouse kick at Golza’s head, making its head sparked, and making it staggered back two steps. You could see the smoke came out from its face..

“Ding.. Countdown in 10 seconds”

Its time to finish.. He made a few somersaults to created a distance..

Jiang Qi looked at the confused Golza, and slowly stretched his left arm.



He quickly formed a L shaped with his arms, then a bright light of beam shot out from Jiang Qi arm, and hit Golza head.




Slowly, the Golza’s body became rigid and fell to the ground.


With the shaking of the earthquake, Golza exploded into the rolling fire




Looking at the scared crowd, Jiang Qi slowly disappeared into the air, leaving the people to looked at each other.

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