Chapter 19 The First Fight

Chapter 19 The First Fight

Have I died again? Sure enough, there’s no way I’m survived from that.

Closing his eyes, Jiang Qi thought. He didn’t regret it, he distracting Galactron was his most correct answer. How many people will survive because of his action? A person with only two years of existence exchanged life for a group of hope. That was worth it.

Gradually, Jiang Qi felt his body got suspended. Hearing a sound in the air, he couldn’t help but open his eyes, and suddenly became wide open.

He came to this tunnel of light last time, with the same light, the same scene, the only difference was that in front of Jiang Qi, there was a huge shade of light, and…… a figure wrapped in it.

“Who are you?”

Although the giant in front of him gave him a sense of familiarity, Jiang Qi still subconsciously asked.

The Giant didn’t answer, only reaching out for Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi froze for a moment confused with the giant. What he wanted to do?

Two of people looked at each other for a while, Jiang seemed to feel that in his heart, there was a voice calling himself.

Then, Jiang Qi also reached to the Giant…..Their hands touched for a moment. A light shone from the hand’s contact, that light was so dazzling Jiang Qi couldn’t help but closed his eyes.

Quietly, his body was wrapped in a warm atmosphere, that feeling, like the unborn baby in the mother’s body. So Warm.

Then, Jiang suddenly had a down-to-earth feeling and opened his eyes, and then he saw a scene that he couldn’t believed in a lifetime.

He was now, looking face to face with Galactron.

Jiang Qi was in panic, retreating two steps. He looked around in a circle and found out that everything was smaller.

No, not everything became smaller, technically speaking, this was just Jiang Qi became big.

Jiang Qi quickly looked at his hands and found his hands were wrapped in blue leather, then quickly looked at his whole body. The whole body is dominated by the blue-red color, with silver stripes, on his chest there was a shiny blue gem, touching his face, it felt like a mask, but he could actually feel his own face, he also felt two sharp things on his head.

Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, he finally realized. He seemed to has emerged as an Ultraman, Ultraman Zero from the prototype VR game before.


A voice comes from Jiang Qi side, Jiang Qi looked at his side and seeing a toy plane.

Of course, this was the only survived fighter. But in Jiang Qi eyes, it’s just a toy!

Jiang Qi blankly watched the plane flying in front of him. At that moment their eyes met, He saw the shocked pilot’s face.

In other words, the pilot did not see anything from Jiang Qi’s light-like eyes. He didn’t understand, What was Jiang Qi doing? An enemy? Why didn’t he attacked?

Soon, someone answered him.

Stunned looking at the plane in front of him, Jiang Qi seemed to forget about his surrounding, which was not the same with Ultraman TV series. They won’t give you time for a pose, even more to Jiang Qi who was still dazed.

Galactron sensed the similar form of Jiang Qi, from Jiang Qi’s body revealed an aura that Galactron hates. Its task was to kill the owner of this aura, these two factors combined, and made Galactron’s eyes shone red to an unprecedented degree.

Suddenly an enormous light beam hit the dazed Jiang Qi, and in an instant making scattering sparks. Jiang Qi was knocked down from Galactron’s beam.


Screams come out from Jiang Qi mouth.

It hurts!

Jiang Qi felt like being punctured and couldn’t help but to fell down while clutching his chest.

However, the next attack is hitting Jiang Qi like a storm.

Jiang Qi hastily rolled up on the ground, although awkward. It was effective to evade Galactron’s attack.

Finally, there was a slight interval from the assault. If this was the usual Jiang Qi, his first move was apparently crawl back to gained a distance.

But this was strange, because not only Jiang Qi stood up, he even jumped into the sky behind Galactron.

“Peng– Peng–“

Jiang Qi’s right leg instantly charged, and quickly kicked at Galactron’s waist. A huge impact sound that even the people from few kilometers away could be heard.

And there were several tiny changed at the kicked Galactron’s waist.

Finding that Jiang Qi was behind, Galactron’s right hand enveloped blue light. It suddenly turned around waved, making a burst pierce sound.

Feeling a trace of danger. Subconsciously, Jiang Qi grabbed Galactron’s arm and throw it. Then he made a fighting pose.

This…. I never learn this!

Thinking about his own move, Jiang Qi came up with a reason.

This seemed to be the body’s fighting instinct.

How strong was Zero? As a fan, he knew that Zero’s fighting technique was taught by the Land of Light’s fighting master Leo. Combining Leo’s technique and Zero’s own characteristics.

This kind of Zero, even only in instinct, seemed able to beat Galactron.

He stood up and looked at Galactron, Jiang Qi took a deep breath. Tried to suppress his own fear, and rushed up.


The shock waves of intense fighting are constantly eroding people’s hearts, and under that kind of fighting, They afraid no one can bear it.

People was thinking about it while looking at the distant figures.

Jiang Xue went down from the Ferris wheel, immediately ran to Galactron and Jiang Qi’s battlefield. Jiang qi who always hated Jiang Qi didn’t stop her, even coming with her to the battlefield. Completely disregard Jiang Liu who came to pick them.

“What are you two doing?”

Jiang Liu pulled the two sisters, because Jiang Liu was in the ground. He didn’t see Jiang Qi got attacked, so he didn’t know about it.

“Little Qi was in danger…”

Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Liu, spoke with her trembling and pale lips.

And Jiang Liu facing the two sisters spoke : “So you want to find him?”


Not only Jiang Xue, Jiang qi also nodded her head.



Jiang Xue stared at Jiang Liu because he refused her proposal.

“Don’t forget why he was in trouble!”

Jiang Liu looked at the two sisters and sternly said : “Don’t let his bravery wasted in vain.”

Then, Jiang Liu looked at the two huge figure, there was a bit of hate in his heart .



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