Chapter 18 Giant reappeared

Chapter 18 Giant reappeared

Jiang Xue took Jiang qi to sit at the Ferris wheel, holding hands and smiling while watching people slowly become small.

”I didn’t expect those two grown men is so useless.”

Jiang qi pouted her mouth and spoke to Jiang Xue, still resenting them.

Seeing Jiang qi’s looked, Jiang Xue laughed and pinched Jiang qi’s nose : ”Like you’re the one to talk! Aren’t you just like them at the first time?”


Rescuing her nose from Jiang Xue’s hand, Jiang qi turned “Those two are men!”

“You know dad’s acrophobia.”

Jiang Xue wryly smiled “And little Jiang don’t like the ride”

“Sis, do you like that coward? little Jiang?”

Jiang qi turned around and seriously looked at Jiang Xue, “if you want to marry he should be a hero that got admired from a thousand people!. Did you hear me?”

“I know.”

Looking at Jiang qi’s expression, Jiang Xue pinched her face : ”But, I don’t call him little qi, but directly call his full name. Do you know who I am called little qi ?”


In this matter, Jiang qi doesn’t know to answer this. Can only to push all responsibility to Jiang Qi, who let him have the same name with her?

“Come on, don’t think about it, look at the city’s top view!”

Looking at the Jiang qi’s tangled face, Jiang Xue put Jiang qi in front of her, pointing to the city.


Jiang qi dazely nodded her head, leaving the little annoyances behind.

In fact, for these two sisters, their most favorite was Ferris wheel.

It was the feeling that can’t be explained when the Ferris wheel reached their highest altitude overlooking the city.

Although the Ferris wheel was now only up to half, the beautiful city could still give a panoramic view, nice high-rise buildings, busy crossroads, neat factory, lined with chimneys.

Tall buildings towering majestically, cuboid, cylindrical, triangular, disorderly existed in the distance.

The two sisters were attracted to this scene, and completely not noticed danger lurks behind.


Suddenly the ground shakes violently, pausing the Ferris wheel rotations.

“What’s happening?”

Jiang qi panic and squatted down, and Jiang Xue first move is to hold Jiang qi in her arms. Vigilantly watching the front filled with smoke through the glass, she saw a huge figure coming from it.




From the huge figure, step comes out a loud sound and a slight vibration.

Heavy footsteps submerged in Jiang Xue mind, making her face became white. Jiang qi trembled in her arms, obviously know what happened.

Monster… appeared again!

When the figure was out from the smoke, the shocked look in Jiang Xues eyes was even more irrepressible.

“This Monster….. was from before…”

Jiang Xue’s whispered word was heard by Jiang qi, she slowly raising her head and saw Galactron, she grabbed Jiang Xue arms with more force.

“Sister…. will…. will we die?”

There were tears in Jiang qi’s eyes. For an 18 years old girl, she couldn’t imagine it.

She was just becoming an adult!. How cpu;d she go through these cruel things?

Jiang Xue was still thinking, touching Jiang qi head. Smiling and looking at her : “Don’t be afraid, I’m always with you…”

This was not a lie….

She held Jiang qi.

Jiang Xue closed her eyes and listened the footsteps coming closer.

Suddenly, the footsteps were gone and went away.

Jiang Xue quickly opened her eyes and saw Galactron changed its direction. There seemed to be something attracting it.

Jiang Xue looked carefully. She saw a man riding a bike speeding up in front of Galactron, continued to evading from its attack.

“That is….. coward?”

Didn’t know when, Jiang qi stood up, lean against the glass and staring, unbelieved.


Hearing Jiang qi, Jiang Xue stared again and sure enough, although very vague, she still can vaguely guess that person is Jiang Qi.

“Is he distracting the monster?”

Jiang Xue froze for a moment.

“No way….”

This subverted her understanding. For ordinary people to met this monster, their first reaction was to run, as far as possible. But Jiang Qi’s move was to attract the monsters, in Jiang qi’s view, he was looking for death!.

Two sisters were staring at Jiang, not only them. A few people on the Ferris wheel also stared at him, shocked with what he’s doing.

However, Jiang qi became more grateful, She herself didn’t know how to face the scary monsters. With her courage, not consumed from the scared was already good enough.

But that boy decided to distract the monster, giving them hope and let them in awe.

For a moment, people in Ferris wheel continued to stare him, their mind couldn’t help but worry about him.

When the army came, they were relieved. That young man would be protected.

However, not waiting for them to felt assured, Galactron didn’t care about the army’s attack and shot directly at the young man, creating a massive explosion. Intense smoke came out, and they didn’t see Jiang Qi again.

They didn’t know what happens to Jiang Qi in the end. They couldn’t clearly see Jiang Qi’s location from their location.

They only know Jiang Qi has a very small chance to survive from that. They can only to pray for him.

“Sister….. he… he…”

Jiang qi’s words were not even clear, almost tearing up, although she was annoyed at Jiang Qi, but he was only just a little annoying.

“No…. No….”

Jiang Xue’s eyes panicked and spoke like she was just comforting herself, “There no witness, how we can be so sure?”

Afterwards, the battlefield changed, with a fighter downed, making the formation crumbled. A fighter downed again, and Galactron not even moved from its position. It fired a beam, and another one fell, another life was taken away.

It’s was like swatting flies.

The people in Ferris wheel, including the two sisters gradually forgot about Jiang Qi’s survival. Staring at the battlefield, not even blinking, because this was their last hope.

Slowly, at the battlefield, a single fighter was left, still resisting.

People were also worried about this, more than 10 fighters couldn’t do anything, what could this one do?

But they could only hope for him, because that was their only safety line.

The pilot on the plane was also desperate, watching his comrades die, he did not have any certainty to deal with the monster. The only thing he had was to stake his life.

Holding the control lever, he rushed out.

Suddenly, a dazzling light shined the battlefield. distracting everyone’s eyes.

This light was so bright. Their fear seemed to be washed away by this light.

“This is….”

People stared to what they saw.

A Giant stood out from the light.



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