Chapter 177 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (8)

Chapter 177 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (8)

“Who’s the guy who wrote this news?”

Jiang Qi frowned at Jiang Xue with a newspaper in his hand.

How did this person talk nonsense after nonsense, and in the end turned him into a heinous bastard?

Toward this kind person who had nothing to do and wildly guessed, Jiang Qi was more and more disgust. It was fine nit knowing, but don’t make a wild guess!

“Lu Sheng, my former colleague.”

Sensing Jiang Qi’s indignant, Jiang Liu pushed his wheelchair over and slowly said.

“Your colleague?”

More than Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue and also Jiang Xiaoqi looked at Jiang Liu with wide eyes, as if to look whether Jiang Liu had told a lie.

“He worked as a professor at the same university as mine.”

Jiang Liu spoke with absolutely calm expression, making Jiang Qi to feel deeply absurd.

“He is your colleague? He has thoroughly smeared you black all over.”

Jiang Qi waved the newspaper in his hand and spoke with an unsightly expression.

“Maybe he wants to use an opportunity to gain fame?”

Jiang Liu laughed in disapproval and said.

“Using an opportunity to gain fame? By selling you out?”

What kind of friend was this? He didn’t expect that there’s actually a time that Jiang Liu would make an error judgement.

“In this world, you cannot only use your eyes to discern everything, not to mention all secret.”

As if knowing what Jiang Qi think, Jiang Liu flatly smiled, then picked up a newspaper and said.


Well well well, you sure say it!

Jiang Qi rolled his supercilious eyes. The indignant that sprung out from his heart also decreased a lot.

“It’s just that, why do this guy so considerate about you?”

Women were usually more sensitive. Looking the contents in this article, even an idiot could see the meaning in it.

“There is a conflict, of course.”

Jiang Liu looked at Lu Sheng’s name on the article. He shrugged his shoulders and said.

“What conflict?”

Jiang Xiaoqi’s eyes emitted out a gossipy pattern. She moved close to Jiang Liu’s side and asked.


Jiang Liu threw a glance at Jiang Xiaoqi, then said : “It was me who report that guy of thesis’ plagiarism incident.”

“What?? Plagiarizing thesis?”

Jiang Xiaoqi covered her mouth and cried out in alarm. Jiang Xue at the side also frowned. This kind of plagiarizing could never be avoid. Now many college students couldn’t graduate because of this.

“Then this paper is also a copy?”

Jiang Xuaiqi snatched paper from Jiang Liu’s hand and continuously swept through it, trying to find some evidence.

“This’s not a copy.”

Seeing Jiang Xiaoqi’s neurotic little expression, Jiang Liu shook his head, then said : “This kind of run of the mill work come from himself……”


That’s not funny……

Jiang Qi curled his mouth, then said : “Plagiarism cannot truly get people’s approval.”

“But a few years back, this was everyone’s unwritten rule.”

Jiang Liu lightly wrinkled his brows, then said : “If they want to graduate, then they have to write their professor a thesis. And it has to be a sufficiently good written one.”


Jiang Qi tilted his head. He also didn’t think that there’s actually such a thing inside university. Fortunately, his thesis wasn’t good.

“At that time, my report had caused the higher-ups to pay attention and started the investigation. In three days time, 30% of the country’s famous professors was removed. This has purified the field of your generation.”

Speaking, Jiang Liu softly sighed, then said : “Because I betrayed this unwritten rule, I am banned by the whole academic circles. Eventually I was expelled from there.”


So Jiang Liu had actually experienced through this kind of thing……..

Jiang Qi couldn’t help but gasp. His look toward Jiang Liu changed. He said : “Betraying your fellow colleague is your mistake…….”

This speaking from Jiang Qi made everyone roar into laughter, especially Jiang Liu.

I have been telling you all this time, and now you tell me this?

Jiang Liu was angry for a moment. He grabbed a book from the table and threw it at Jiang Qi. Fortunately, Jiang Qi was quick and caught the book in time.

“Smelly brat, are you on their side?”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Qi indifferently shrugged his shoulders, then said : “Unless you raise my salary…….”

“It is staying where it it…….”

Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes, then said : “Just your medical expenses are already enough for you to work for free for 3 years already.”


Jiang Qi didn’t argue with Jiang Liu, as if no one had said anything.

“HeyHeyHey…….aren’t you too greedy?”

Jiang Liu sized Jiang Qi up and down with wide eyes. He extended his finger and said : “10%.”

“How is this different from not raising?”

Jiang Qi rolled his eyes. 10% from 3,000 was just 300. Then he said : “30%, no discussion!”


Jiang Liu angrily widened his eyes. He gritted his teeth and extended 3 fingers, said.

Jiang Qi lifted his mouth and snapped fingers : “50%……”


Jiang Liu widened his eyes in anger. Jiang Xiaoqi at the side already lied on the sofa laughing. Jiang Xue was also holding her smiling expression.

“How’s that?”

Jiang Qi picked his ear. He glanced at Jiang Liu, then said : “Why not 70%?”

“What??? 70%???”

Jiang Liu widened his mouth. Didn’t know why, he actually saw a shadow of those bloodsucking businessmen from Jiang Qi’s body.

“90% is kinda fine too……”

Jiang Qi ‘magnanimously’ waved his hand, making the calming Jiang Xue to cannot hold on any longer and laugh out.


Where did you and this smelly brat learn that from?

Jiang Liu moved to the desk’s side and brought out a feather duster that hadn’t been used for a long time. He pushed his wheelchair toward Jiang Qi, and charged straight at him.

“HeyHeyHey…….what are you doing?”

Seeing Jiang Liu unexpectedly charged at him, Jiang Qi panicked. He retreated while speaking : “Don’t come over, or else I will call for help! I will tell the court that you harm the country’s future flower of hope…….Ouch——you actually really hit me?”

While Jiang Qi was speaking, his buttocks suffered a hit, frightening Jiang Qi to hastily run away, and Jiang Liu was chasing from behind.

“Go call for help then!! You actually call yourself flower of hope? Aren’t you just flower of dogsh*t?”

“Ouch! Ouch! Don’t hit my butt

Then, in the office, an interesting chasing battle was staged, making the whole office to have a chaotic atmosphere.


Seeing the office become more and more chaotic, Jiang Xue couldn’t help but sigh, then said : “It seems I clean my room for vain, however……”

Jiang Xue spoke and suddenly looked at Jiang Qi who was pushed down and being spank,she laughed and said : “As long as……they are happy.”


Jiang Xiaoqi who was laughing hard at the side also nodded. Soon after, her eyes shifted. With a ‘HeiHei’ laughter, she took out a mobile phone, faced it toward the ‘battlefield’, then took a picture. Behind, Jiang Xie looked at Jiang Xiaoqi in surprised. Jiang Qi was covering his butt while looking resentfully at Jiang Liu. And Jiang Liu was holding a feather duster and hitting on Jiang Qi’s butt.

Time, feels like eternal at the moment……


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