Chapter 176 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (7)

Chapter 176 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (7)

Jiang Qi and Huang Ying didn’t talk much before Huang Ying was called back to headquarter. No matter what, she was still extremely busy.

It was getting late. A lot of people were tidying thing up to return home. Right now was the era where even daytime was not peaceful, not to mention in nighttime.

Many people were in a hurry to set off. It was still fine before when they had Zero as a guardian. But now it seemed that Zero didn’t kill them was merciful enough already.


A gust of wind blew. A piece of poster was blown by the wind and fell to the ground. It was then picked up by a 3-4 years old child.

“Mama, it’s Ultraman Zero the hero.”

That child widened his eyes and held the poster in his arms as he jumped excitedly.

These posters were scattered in many places, in rubbish bins, on the ground, in the water.

These posters were originally limited edition issued. They were bought by stores to put them on walls to attract customers.

But right now, after the incident, who would dare to have a relation with Zero? They were dying to distance away from this matter as far as possible. Shopkeepers Immediately tear the posters down and threw it away, making the street to be full of these ‘limited edition’ posters.

“Quickly throw it away……”

That child’s mother saw her child unexpectedly held this thing and her expression suddenly changed. She hastily ran forward and pulled the poster out and threw it away.

“Mama, this is Zero’s poster……”

That child seeing his mother unexpectedly threw away Zero’s poster, pressed his lips. His eyes revealed traces of tear.

“What Zero’s poster? You are not allowed to mention him later!”

That child’s mother held her child and wiped tears on his face while sternly said.

“No! I don’t want to!”

That child struggled from mother’s embrace. He said as he struggled : “I want my hero, I want this poster!”


That child’s mother frowned, lifted her hand and slapped at that child’s face. The clear and resounding sound rang. The child covered his face, stood stunned in place and didn’t dare to say anything.

“What hero?? This is a monster!”

That child’s mother held the child up and hastily left. There’s no place safe right now, especially at night.


That child and mother passed by Jiang Qi’s side, bring a slight gust of cold breeze, walking the absented-mind Jiang Qi to his sense.

He slowly turned his head and looked at that mother and child. His expression was very complicated.

It was absolutely difficult to gain the trust from humanity. Jiang Qi had gained trust from fighting side by side with humanity for a long time.

But losing this trust was very easy. With only a mere night, time of less than ten hours caused Jiang Qi’s all effort to go to waster.

How could Jiang Qi not feel sad?

But there’s no use talking about this now. Alien Babrue wouldn’t stop because you were sad.

Without any way, Jiang Qi could only straightened his spirit and walked back to the office. He realized that in the office was a kind of strange too.

Jiang Xiaoqi was sitting on the sofa, sullen. She was holding a pillow and crushing it. Jiang Xue was standing at her side, holding a laptop and
looked at it. The more she looked, the deeper frown she had.

Jiang Liu closed his eyes, unknown to what he’s thinking.

“What happens?”

Jiang Qi entered after he straightened his mood. He walked before them and asked.

“Look for yourself.”

Jiang Xue who had pale face sighed seeing Jiang Qi returned, handed the laptop over.


Jiang Qi receive a laptop with a question mark. But after he saw the content inside, he almost smashed the laptop.

In the laptop, the first thing he saw was a headline : “Zero’s mystery? The guardian of humanity is in fact a conspiracy!”

Jiang Qi took a deep breath and tried to calm down. This article toward Zero was fulled of malice.

“As everyone knows, within this period of time, the world was wrecked havoc by monsters. At this time, appears a so-called Giant of Light, the Savior of Earth.

I just laughed it off at that time. I always ignore this kind of thing.

How could you just hand over humanity’s survival to an outsider? It was a certain wastrel detective raised the issue of believe in Zero.

I didn’t feel to give ‘it’ investigation, because I believe that everyone has cognitive abilities and wouldn’t be deceived by that detective.

But there’re some foolish people who believe that good-for-nothing detective and then believe in that giant.

However, it is fortunate that those people are still a minority. Many more people are still persevere in humanity’s faith.

Then, along with Zero defeating monster after another, I hesitated. Could it be that I’m wrong?

Who know the incident last night would happen and proves my words. I’m not wrong! Everything I’ve said is true!

Then comes a question, why would Zero doesn’t deal with humanity earlier and insist to protect us at that time?

This question is very simple. Zero attacked those enemies not because they are humanity’s enemies, but because they are his enemies! Those fool Night Raiders actually help that giant, believe they found an ally.

But the reality slaps into their face. That giant borrowed their hands to get rid each and every of his enemies. Now, he reveals his fangs, and he wants to eliminate humanity!

Night Raiders!! Remember this! Humanity is destroyed because of you!!”

“What the hell is this??”

In Night Raiders headquarter, Cheng Yu furiously slapped a computer, causing other people to look over.

“What happens?”

Huang Ying walked behind Cheng Yu and looked at Cheng Yu’s computer, then became slightly dumbfounded.

“Who is this person?”

Cheng Yu raised his head and looked at Huang Ying. He didn’t conceal the fury in his eyes, said : “I’ve never heard of this person before.”

“This article appeared online a few hours before. Its clicking rate already breaks through ten million.

Huang Ying bent down and worked on a computer. Within a few seconds, the person who wrote this article appeared on the main screen.

“Lu Sheng, male, 45 years old, former professor and doctoral degree of Shenghong University, was involved in the storm two years ago about the incident of the plagiarism of the thesis paper. ”

Huang Ying transferred looked at the person who wrote this article and slowly spoke.

“So, his thesis are the copy ones?”

Cheng Yu looked at bald head in the picture in detest, no, he should be called Xie Ding instead.
(TN : Xie Ding means balding.)


Huang Ying nodded and said : “He, as a professor for 4 years, plagiarized 11 pieces of thesis and receive very high glory.”

“Then why haven’t I heard of him before?”

Hearing Huang Ying says that he received very high glory, Cheng Yu was feeling doubtful, he should have known of this if that’s the case.

“That’s normal.”

Unexpectedly, Huang Ying calmly said : “He used money to buy his doctorate degree. It’s normal for you to never heard of him.”

“And he still has a face to spit on us?”

Huang Ying frowned and didn’t know what to say.


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