Chapter 175 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (6)

Chapter 175 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (6)

Wind blew. The willows were swaying along the wind without any support with no fixed direction.

The lake water was clear like mirror, reflecting the blue sky and layers of white cloud willowing, accompanying the sunlight.

Adults brought their children to play at lakeside. It looked happy and warm under the setting sun.

Jiang Qi and Huang Ying slowly strolled by the lakeside. Looking at the happiness all around, Jiang Qi was somewhat enchanted.

“What a beautiful setting sun!”

Huang Ying walked by lakeside, gazed at the setting sun and closed her eyes. Her eternal emotionless face suddenly appeared a bit of intoxication.

“It’s a pity that the sun is going down.”

Jiang Qi didn’t comment, he asked Huang Ying : “Don’t tell me you suddenly find me to look at the setting sun?”

“Of course not.”

Hearing this, Huang Ying shook her head, then looked at nearby happy people, and thinly said : “What do you think about human?”

“Strong and weak, beautiful and ugly, coexist and contradict.”

Jiang Qi faintly muttered, then asked Huang Ying : “Why suddenly asked me this?”

Huang Ying didn’t answered Jiang Qi directly, instead slowly said : “People’s life are substantial because they are filled with hopes. If a person loses hopes, he’ll also lose yearning toward happiness, aspiration toward success and pursuing of life, finally result in leading himself into a wrong path.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Qi slowly closed his eyes and his breathing gradually became heavy.

“If you cannot give humanity a hope, then it’s better not to give it at all. Humanity can’t endure the pain of their hope broken.”

Huang Ying’s eyelids faintly lowered. Her voice, was also sank down,

“Such words……..”

Jiang Qi slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Huang Ying without any feeling and slowly said : “You also doubt me?”

“I believe in you. But what about others?”

Huang Ying looked face to face with Jiang Qi without fear, said : “Not talking about common people, just inside Night Raiders, aside from a few people who has fought alongside with you, even commander-in-chief doesn’t believe in you.”

“What’s more is the police has already entered you into blacklist. As long as you appear, they will not hesitate to attack you.”

“Other countries’ defense forces also express that as long as you appear, they will give supports.”

Huang Ying slowly spoke, causing Jiang Qi to gradually close his eyes.

These things didn’t hit Jiang Qi very hard. He’d never think that humanity wouldn’t do this, but he didn’t expect it to be this severe.

“After this incident, the seed of distrust between you and humanity is thoroughly ignited.”

Huang Ying looked at Jiang Qi’s trembling closed eyes. She didn’t know what to say inside.

“So, are they going to kill me?”

Jiang Qi opened his eyes and softly said : “Because they know my strength, they believe that I am going to be humanity’s greatest enemy. In order to survive, they have to kill me?”

Huang Ying walked to the front of Jiang Qi and stared into Jiang Qi’s opened eyes, said : “It’s because right now there’s no evidence to prove your innocence!”

“I will prove it.”

Jiang Qi’s sound was somewhat low, but incomparable firm.


Huang Ying frowned with doubt, then said : “How do you want to prove it?”

“As long as I and him appear at the same time, wouldn’t this prove it?”

Jiang Qi slowly said and softly caressed Shield of Baraji on his wrist. The feeling of warmness on it made his heart to gradually cal, down.

“The person who transformed into you, as long as he has a brain, he won’t appear at the same time with you.”

Huang Ying crossed her arms and said with a frown : “Aside from this point, some people have long wanted you death. This incident just gave them an excise. As long as you appear, they won’t care whether you are real or not.”


Huang Ying’s words made Jiang Qi to be completely silent. He pursed his lips and lowered his head.

“Even now, you still are not willing to talk?”

Huang Ying put her hand on Jiang Qi’s shoulder and slowly said : “As of now, there’s still room to turn thing around…….”


Hearing her words, Jiang Qi was stunned. He raised his head and looked into Huang Ying’s eyes and asked : “There’s still room to turn thing around?”


Huang Ying lightly nodded, then said : “The people who want you dead are, after all, a minority. There’re still many people who want to believe in you.”

Jiang Qi’s position in humanity’s hearts was at the level of savior. Many people believed that he was just framed.

Jiang Qi let out a breath and nodded, then said : “Alien Babarue, height between 2 meters to 56 meters, weight : 140 kg to 28000 ton”

“Known as 【The Dark Ruler of the Universe】, it is an extremely terrifying and cunning evildoer. Posses a black body and golden hair. It has been aiming at Earth for a long time. Skilled in transformation, proficient in grapple. The chain on the left hand and hidden blade on the right hand are its proud combat weapons.”

Jiang Qi let out all of Alien Babarue’s data in one breath, stunning Huang Ying. She dared say that even Night Raider’s information wasn’t this detail.

“Did you guys know each other?”

Huang Ying asked in stun.


Although Jiang Qi didn’t know much about Alien Babarue, But Shield of Baraji did.

“I get it. Leave the rest to me.”

Huang Ying lightly nodded and put her hand behind her back. She spoke to Jiang Qi : “However, I still have a question to ask you.”

“Ask away.”

Jiang Qi nodded. Huang Ying simply asked about Ultraman-related stuff. He telling her didn’t matter much, right?

“After this incident, will you still continue to protect humanity?”

Huang Ying didn’t have slightest of expression, but Jiang Qi could still distinguish the uncertainty revealed from her tone : “Even after humanity treat you this way.”

Jiang Qi smiled and walked to sit at the bench.

“No one is a hero at the beginning. Different forms are just insignificant to planets, conflict each other and support each other.”

Lowering his head, the corner of his mouth lifted into a slight smile, Jiang Qi slowly said : “Whether it is Ultraman or human, as long as they have companions, no matter how formidable enemies are, they can fight and defeat them!”

“Therefore, you are still going to protect humanity?”

Huang Ying also sat beside Jiang Qi, then said.

Jiang Qi lightly nodded, said : “Since you have already decided, then you just do it and don’t have any scruple. It’s just like that!”


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