Chapter 174 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (5)

Chapter 174 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (5)

Jiang Qi looked at that familiar giant and then looked at the boy in his embrace. He hesitated a bit, then asked : “Do you think he is a demon?”

“I hate him!”

That boy’s tone couldn’t be more firm. Jiang Qi could clearly feel the boy’s hatred that was engraved into bones.

Hearing the boy’s words, Jiang Qi slowly raised his hand. He must kill Alien Babarue.

But, Jiang Qi’s raising hand stopped halfway. No one spoke this time, but it was Jiang Qi who stopped himself.

How did this boy know that his parents were dead? And even gave out such a cold hatred……

Without giving time for Jiang Qi to think, he felt his foot was suddenly grabbed by something. He lowered his head and unexpectedly saw that boy’s father who should had been in the ruins.

Then, Jiang Qi’s another foot was also caught. And the one who did this was exactly the boy’s mother.

This boy’s mother was messy and full of dirt all over. Her face was already badly mingled.

Their speed were extraordinary fast. They didn’t give Jiang Qi time to react and firmly locked Jiang Qi’s feet in place. But they just locked him in place and didn’t have any more action.


Jiang Qi suddenly had a bad premonition. He expressionlessly looked at the boy in his embrace.

That boy lowered his head and didn’t say anything. Warm liquid was dripping onto Jiang Qi’s palm.

If Jiang Qi didn’t look, he might think this was tears. But Jiang Qi looked with his own eyes, it was not tears, but blood on his hand.

“Big brother is a good person, I can feel that.”

That boy lowered his head and slowly spoke : “But you killed everyone here. This debt of blood have to be paid with life!”

That boy spoke. His face, his body, began to crack. Blood gradually seeped out from the boy’s skin.

Then large pieces of flesh fell down from his body. The boy lifted his head and looked at Jiang Qi. His face which was full of blood was already indistinct.


The boy opened his mouth and pieces of flesh spurted out onto Jiang Qi’s face. Jiang Qi wanted to dodge, but he simply couldn’t move at all, as if he was being fixed in place.


Jiang Qi could only helplessly look at that boy’s mouth widened open rushed at him and swallowed him whole……


Jiang Qi shriek and jumped up from bed and fell down to the floor.

“?This place is?”

Jiang Qi sobered up from falling down. He stood up at once and looked at the surroundings and realized that he unexpectedly returned to his room.

Just a nightmare……..

Jiang Qi loosened a breath and lied down on his bed, calming down his violently pulsing heartbeat.

Recalling back to yesterday, when he rushed out to look for Alien Babarue to fight. It turned out that when he got there, that guy had already long gone.

With no choice, he came back and returned to his room and tumbled into bed.

He didn’t expect that he would have such a realistic nightmare.

Stroking his head, it seemed this Ultraman’s job was not really good. He generally didn’t dream, but when he did, that dream became a nightmare.

After difficultly calming his mood, Jiang Qi leisurely went downstair.


Just when he reached the lower floor, Jiang Xue who was cleaning room was startled a bit, then smiled at him.


Jiang Qi nodded and looked at Jiang Xue. She was wearing indoor clothes with an apron tying on it. She let her hair down on her forehead, making Jiang Xue to have a different feel of beauty.

Face red, Jiang Qi hastily looked to a clock at the side and suddenly covered his mouth, because the time displayed on it was unexpectedly five and a half pm.


Jiang Qi awkwardly scratched his head and didn’t what to say.

Seeing Jiang Qi’s appearance, Jiang Xue smiled then said : “Seems like you are too tired recently, having a good rest is not bad.”

Jiang Xue spoke and immediately ran to the kitchen, then said : “I will heat a meal for you.”


Jiang Qi blankly replied, with a “囧” face, being embarrassed in front of a goddess.

But there’s no other way. Jiang Qi could only take it. He walked to the couch and sat down.

“Last night walk was wild, right?”

Jiang Qi had just sat and Jiang Qi who was reading newspaper suddenly spoke, making Jiang Qi’s heart to fluctuate even more.

“Very wild, my waist sore and my legs ached. I also slept until dawn.”

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and retorted Jiang Liu’s words back. But Jiang Liu wasn’t angry. He nodded as if being earnest, then said : “It’s really until dawn, although the sun is about to hide behind a mountain.”


Jiang Qi curled his mouth and stopped talking to Jiang Liu. He had never come on top each time he banter with Jiang Liu. Seeing that Jiang Qi didn’t speak anymore, Jiang Liu also enjoyed the peace and wholly absorbed in his beloved newspaper.


A sound of wind came. The office’s door was opened by someone. Thinking that he had a business, Jiang Liu put down his newspaper and looked at that person, then his eyelids jumped.

“Commander Huang Ying?”

The one who opened the door was a new commander from Night Raiders, Huang Ying. She was not in uniform this time, though. She was instead wearing civilian clothes.

Jiang Liu soundlessly glanced at Jiang Qi, then pushed his wheelchair to Huang Ying and asked with a smile : “For Commander Huang Ying to suddenly grace us by your presence, we are extremely honored.”

“I come here this time to find mr. Jiang Qi.”

Huang Ying didn’t play a word game with Jiang Liu. She came straight to the point and stated her purpose.

Jiang Liu was stunned. He was quite incongruous with people who didn’t play by rules. Although he was also one of such people.

“You are going?”

Jiang Liu tilted his head, looked at Jiang Qi who had already stood up, and asked.

“I am honored.”

Jiang Qi only said three words, making Jiang Liu’s face to draw and shook. Jiang Liu shifted his body and returned to his desk. When he passed by Jiang Qi, he whispered : “Be careful.”


Jiang Qi nodded, then followed Huang Ying out. Behind, Jiang Liu covered his forehead and didn’t know what to say.

“Eh? What happened?”

Jiang Xue who was a step too late rubbed her hand, looked at Huang Ying’s back who had just left through the door, and asked.


Jiang Liu shook his head, then said : “Just that brat’s friend came here to discuss something with him.”

“Oh, then I will wait for Little Qi.”

Jiang Xue nodded, then sat down on a chair. She glanced at Jiang Liu who was reading a newspaper and said.

“Do as you please.”

Jiang Liu casually spoke and didn’t say more. Jiang Xue was also accustomed with Jiang Liu’s temperament and didn’t speak more. She immediately entered the kitchen.

After Jiang Xue entered kitchen, Jiang Liu lifted his head, looked at outside the door. His eyes showed a complicated expression.


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