Chapter 173 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (4)

Chapter 173 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (4)


The large flame was billowing, and the large crowds were boiling. Everyone was running away with all their might.

Most of the nearby buildings were either destroyed or collapsed from shaking. More than 20 cars had stopped on the road and were caught on fire. The electric cables broke off and hung down to the ground, creating even more fire.

Jiang Qi felt like he just entered into a calamity. Countless explosion and countless scream made Jiang Qi’s ears ringing.

“What happened…….”

Jiang Qi bit his lips and ran against the crowd.

“Wuwuwu……mama, mama……”

At this moment, the sound if child’s weeping came from the ruins caused by explosion. A boy around age of 3-4 was sitting in the ruins. There were badly mangled corpses all around him. His body was also spattered with blood. His clothes were mostly scorched and his hands were dribbled with blood.

Jiang Qi hastily ran over without regard of the large flame roaring there, and carried the boy out.

“Ate you okay?”

Jiang Qi ran our carrying the boy. The blood in the boy’s body got on his body too, but Jiang Qi didn’t pay any mind. He wiped blood off from the corner of the boy’s mouth as he asked.


The boy still didn’t stop crying. He stretched his hand toward the ruins while weakly yelled : “Mama……mama……”


Jiang Qi looked at the ruins, then looked at the boy in his embrace, seeming to understand something.

Jiang Qi slowly walked to that ruins and put the boy down. He shoved aside the scattered debris. The child also stopped crying and looked at Jiang Qi’s hand.

It was unknown how much time had passed. Jiang Qi suddenly felt himself touching something. He gritted his teeth and continued do his best excavate the ruins.

Pushing the broken pieces aside, Jiang Qi was finally able to see that thing. It was a hand full of dirt. The part the hand exposed outside was also motionless.


While Jiang Qi was dumbfounded, that child suddenly cried out. He threw himself at that hand and held it.


Jiang Qi’s mood was incomparably heavy. A life just gone like this…….

Gritting his teeth, Jiang Qi hardened his heart and continued digging. He could see that his hand was not far from that person.


After being busy for a while, Jiang Qi finally dug that hand’s owner out. However, the moment he saw it, he couldn’t help but cover his mouth.

In the ruins, there was a man covered in dust holding a person, with his eyes closed. That man’s head was smashed by a large cement board and already didn’t have any sign of life. And the owner of that hand was not this man, but belonged to the person in this man’s arms, a woman. At least Jiang Qi could tell that she was female from her body’s shape.

“Eh? Papa, Mama…….”

Upon seeing two people in the ruins, the boy smiled up at once and ran into the ruins.

However, before he could go further, he was held by Jiang Qi.

“Be good and listen. Papa and mama are sleeping. Don’t disturb them.”

Jiang Qi’s face still braced with a smiling expression. He couldn’t let the the boy know this tragedy. At least by hiding the truth could let the boy have a happy childhood.


Although the boy’s face was covered in a heavy layer of dust, but Jiang Qi could still make out his excited expression. After suddenly experiencing a frightening disaster, he could finally be at ease. Because even if the sky fell, there were still his parents with him.


Jiang Qi nodded and hugged the boy, said : “Why don’t let uncle bring you to play somewhere else?”

The places nearby were still burning. Large piece of cement bricks would fell down from high-rise buildings from time to time. Letting the boy to stay here was not safe at all.


The boy tilted his head and considered for a little while, then shook his head and said : “But I still want to stay here with papa and mama. When they wake up, I will ask them to see big brother and play with you then.”

“Big brother will buy you something delicious.”

Jiang Qi extended his hand and wiped blood off the boy’s face, then said : “I will also buy you a lot of toys.”


The boy hesitated. Finally, he couldn’t resist the temptation of food and toys, he nodded and agreed.
(TN : Mister Jiang Qi, FBI is watching you.)

“Then, let’s go.”

Jiang Qi forced a smile and spoke. Hope this boy’s nature to stay this way a bit longer……..

Thinking, Jiang Qi pulled the boy and walked away. But without walking far, he suddenly stopped.

“Alien Babarue…….”

Jiang Qi looked at the guy suddenly appeared before him, obstructing his way. His eyes revealed a bit of cold.

In front of Jiang Qi, unknown when, appeared a person. No, this couldn’t be said to be a person.

Golden messy hair, golden mask on the face and grey leather clothes.

Jiang Qi couldn’t possibly overlook this guy’s form.

The boy in Jiang Qi’s embrace looked at Jiang Qi, then looked in front of Jiang Qi and didn’t seem to notice anything abnormal.


A hoarse voice came from the mask. Alien Babarue clutched its hair, looked around at the destroyed city, and asked in a pleased manner : “How is it? Isn’t this magnificent?”

“Isn’t this your doing!?”

Jiang Qi’s voice contained fury toward Alien Babarue.


Alien Babarue was very dissatisfied toward Jiang Qi’s answer. It waved its finger at Jiang Qi and said : “These are all your doing!”


Jiang Qi’s eyes narrowed. He measured Alien Babarue with his eyes, then said : “I can beat you into your original form!”

“What’s the use of doing that now?”

Alien Babarue laughed wildly as he spoke : “As long as I don’t change into your appearance again, who knows what’s going to happen?”

Alien Babarue pointed at the surrounding ruins and said : “You will also take the blame in place of me.”


Jiang Qi took a deep breath. Alien Babarue was not wrong. He had to appear at the same place with Alien Babarue, otherwise he couldn’t clear away this accusation.

“No matter what the result will be, I’ve already planted a seed into humanity’s heart.”

Alien Babarue’s voice was very relaxed, yet it caused Jiang Qi to burn with anger. It lightly said : “They now understand a truth, that is, Zero……is an outsider.”

Alien Babarue spoke as its body disappeared. It reappeared as a giant stood towering on the ground.

You actually deliver yourself to me!

Jiang Qi’s eyelids jumped. He was worried there would be no chance of appearing together. He didn’t expect Alien Babarue to unexpectedly………

Jiang Qi lifted the corner of his mouth. He turned his left wrist and was about to transform. But a voice from beside Jiang Qi stopped his movement.

“Big brother, that’s the demon that kill my mother!”

In Jiang Qi’s embrace, the boy pointed at the red and blue giant and spoke.


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