Chapter 172 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (3)

Chapter 172 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (3)

“Is he insane??”

In the Night Raiders headquarter, Cheng Yu roared and looked at ‘Zero’ in disbelief.


Ding Yunfeng wrinkled his brows, then spoke to Han Yi who was flying to the scene in the radio : “Prepare to battle.”


Han Yi closed his eyes and only nodded after a while.

“It seems something bad happen.”

Huang Ying who sat behind hearing Ding Yunfeng’s words from the radio, spoke taciturnly.

“We might have to fight an unexpected people in the next moment……”

Han Yi nodded. His expression was somewhat complicated.

“I feel as if this matter is not simple as we see.”

Huang Ying was dazed for a while then finally spoke.

“I also think so.”

Han Yi slightly inclined his head, said : “But will ordinary people trust him? Zero already threatened humanity. There certainly will be a fight between us.”


Huang Ying groaned in low voice. Her gaze was on outside the window, looking at scenery rapidly moving.

In the air, ten Eagles streak through the sky, heading toward the incident.



After an explosion sound, the smoke rolling, and ‘Zero’ walked out from within the smoke.

As if he was possessed. When he saw building, he destroyed it. When he saw people, he stepped on them. This was not like his usual self.

“This unprecedented destructive power……

The anchor holding a microphone spoke dumbfoundedly: “The entire city centre will be finished if this goes on…….”

After ‘Zero’ kicked down a multistoried building, a large amount of electric charge leaked, result in many building was caught on fire.


As if feeling enjoy, he lifted both his arms, enjoying the sound of horrible shrieks coming from all direction and the sound of explosions harmonizing with smoke rolling. ‘Zero’ was like the messenger to bring an end to mankind,


Jiang Xiaoqi covered her mouth with her eyes became dull. Looking at ‘Zero’ in the screen, she couldn’t believe this was true, how could Zero do something like this?


Jiang Liu looked at ‘Zero’ in the screen, then silently looked at Jiang Qi. He saw Jiang Qi was staring blankly at his own left wrist.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, Zero always had a strange bracelet on his left wrist, combined with the one on Jiang Qi’s left wrist, could it be that this was the medium, or perhaps a device, for Jiang Qi to transform into Zero?

Jiang Qi didn’t know what Jiang Liu was thinking. He was staring blankly at his own wrist because that imitation’s data came out from Shield if Baraji.

“Name : Alien Babarue

Height : 2 meters – 56 meters

Weight : 140 kg – 28000 ton

Known as 【The Dark Ruler of the Universe】, it is an extremely terrifying and cunning evildoer. Posses a black body and golden hair. It has been aiming at Earth for a long time. Skilled in transformation, proficient in grappling. The chain on the left hand and hidden blade on the right hand are its proud combat weapons.”

So it was you? Alien Babarue!

Jiang Qi plucked his lips. He was very familiar with this alien.

Disguise into Astra and stole Ultra Key, attempt to make Earth and Land of Light collide. Its transforming ability was extremely outstanding. Not only it can deceive Ultra Brothers, but also Leo, but ran away after being seen through by King of Ultra. Finally being killed by Leo.

It even once pretended to be Ultraman Hikari which ultimately killed it.

And now this guy pretended to be him. Its aim was, goes without saying, to sow discord between him and humanity.

It can’t go on like this!

Jiang Qi coldly looked at that guy who was laughing its head off in the laptop, and immediately ran off.


Jiang Liu saw Jiang Qi running off with his own eyes, then looked at Jiang Xiaoqi who was absented-mind, and didn’t say anything. He understood Jiang Qi’s character and knew that Jiang Qi definitely had to go.


Jiang Liu looked at the imitation in the laptop and shook his head. He felt that Jiang Qi going out this time wouldn’t have any gain.

An imitation wouldn’t let two of them to appear together before others.


Alien Babarue frenziedly destroyed things. There’s nothing more enjoyable than breaking things, nothing to mention doing this in other’s appearance.


Suddenly, many aircrafts flew over, disturbed its line of sight.

“My god, who….who could have done this……”

A team member looked down at the destroyed city and spoke in stutter.

“It is Zero……”

Ding Yunfeng’s voice came out from the radio, making their eyes become even wider.

“How can that be?”

How could Zero destroy the city he risk his life protecting for?

“Attack! The target is……Zero…….”

Suddenly, Ding Yunfeng sent down an attack order. The team members were silent for a while, but no one took the lead to attack

“I said attack!”

Ding Yunfeng’s voice became cold, he said : “Don’t forget our mission. We are the protector of people. And now Zero has already touched out bottom line……”

“I can’t!!”

Without waiting for Ding Yunfeng to finish, a team member shouted : “We and Zero have gone through fire and water and sacrifice blood together! We have been protecting human together! And Zero also saved me many times. Wanting me to attack Zero? I cannot do that!”

That member’s talking speed was slow, but extremely firm. The other members although didn’t say anything, but, they also steadfastly looked ahead.

Looking at the flies flying back and forth in front of it, Alien Babarue started to feel annoy, hence it fired a laser toward one of them.



The laser hit on an aircraft’s flank, Immediately cut it off.

It was also a coincidence that the driver of the plane that was attacked was that pilot who was so believe in Zero. But even after seeing that he was attacked, his gaze was still so firm. He still believed in Zero…….


Just when Alien Babarue was about attack further, one of the aircraft unexpectedly fired a successive of laser at its back.

Next, that driver successfully parachuted out……


Other members were dumbfounded. They looked at an aircraft which Han Yi and Huang Ying were in.


Han Yi also dumbfoundedly looked at Huang Ying at the back.

“What? I can’t attack?”

Sensing Han Yi’s gaze, Huang Ying tilted her head and said.

“Nothing, you merely did something I couldn’t.”

Han Yi shook,his head. Although his mouth just said that, but when it’s really the time to do it, he still couldn’t do it.

“Then I will continue!”

Huang Ying said, then attacked Alien Babarue.


Seeing that an aircraft actually attacked it, Alien Babarue waved its hand to scatter the lasers. When it was about to counterattack, it suddenly felt something. It transformed into light and flew away.


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