Chapter 170 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (1)

Chapter 170 The Confrontation Between Light and Shadow (1)

The night come. The countless little stars adorned on the deep blue sky blinked as if to invite people to tour the vast outer space. The bright and clear moon was like a small silvery boat sailing through deep blue sea.

In the dim light of night, it was quiet as it should be, however it was not the kind of quiet enjoyed every day.

Jiang Qi was most probably become a good-for-nothing. Who could expect that he would fail his exam?

This resulted in him being called out by teachers. After a heated discussion and brainwashing, the final decision was to increase Jiang Qi’s self-study times. Thus there he was, staying up late.

Sitting in his room, Jiang Qi finished his assignments with great difficulty.


He let out a breath and looked at his cell phone. It was already over 11 o’clock. He inwardly made a wry smile.

It was already late, but it was fortunate that his assignments were already completed.

Holding a glass of water, Jiang Qi loosened his strained body while walked out of his room.

Getting downstairs, Jiang Qi saw that Jiang Liu was unexpectedly still not sleep. He was in nightclothes and sat behind a desk, handling some works.

Jiang Xue was not here and seemed to already have gone to rest. She was dead tired this time, so she had an early rest.

The recent period of time was really too eventful. The monsters had appeared continuously, making the world’s economic to almost collapse.

Fortunately, there were many capable people to stabilize this out of control situation.

However, this also made many crime syndicates around the world to grow restless. The average crime rates of the entire world had reached the highest high ever.

Needless to say, just in Gaoyang City alone, crimes such as robbing stealing and others also happened more and more.

This also increased Jiang Liu’s works even more. Because of studies, Jiang Qi and Jiang Xiaoqi couldn’t help Jiang Liu alleviate Jiang Liu’s burdens.

Thus there was only Jiang Xue to help Jiang Liu deal with unending works.

In fact, these works were originally for the police to worry. Before there was Chen Lin. Aside from some ‘Impossible Crimes’, there’s actually no problem for her who cooperating with Du Yuan. So Jiang Liu didn’t have much to do.

But because of Chen Lin’s death and Du Yuan’s suicide, the police headquarters right now actually had no capable people in charge.

Even some high-level people were still vying for Chen Lin and Du Yuan’s vacant positions and had no time to dispatch people to work.

At this, Jiang Liu really couldn’t take it anymore. He actually went to the police headquarter and volunteered to work these cases.

Of course, the police also gave him very impressive funds.

Although exhausted, but with Jiang Liu’s great participation, four-fifth of Gaoyang City’s cases were actually solved within less than a month.

Seeing Jiang Liu’s fierceness, many people were begrudged, even wanted to let Jiang Liu take the position of an inspector.

However, Jiang Liu turned it down. He didn’t want to be tied with this ship.

Although it’s a pity, but it also didn’t cause much reaction. Since Jiang Liu stayed in Gaoyang City, if there’s something they couldn’t tackle, they could just run to ask him.

Realized this point, these policemen were brimmed with vigour. They took out unsolved cases from before and earnestly requested Jiang Liu to investigate them.

Jiang Liu also didn’t decline. Aside from requesting more trust money, he didn’t have any response.

“What are you doing?”

Jiang Qi put the glass down at the table and asked.

Jiang Liu lifted his head to look and Jiang Qi, startled a bit, then asked : “Why are you still not sleep?”

“I am about to.”

Jiang Qi shook his head and asked : “There’s a case bothering you?”


Jiang Liu lightly nodded, then said : “Jingyuan library caught fire. And after the fire was extinguished, the valuable historical documents were stolen.”
“There is a bit of lead at first, but I feel something’s not right about a statement here.”

Jiang Liu rubbed his temple and slowly said : “The library’s manager said that after the automatic alarm rang up, the fire came up and they all ran out for their life at first. When they returned to get the books, the emergency passage’s shutter had already dropped down. Fortunately, they installed sprinkle system and it put out fire in time.”

Jiang Liu spoke while supported his head, feeling a wave of dizziness coming up, but he endured it and refused to fall down.

“This is the case that has been tying you down?”

Jiang Qi picked up the statement and looked for a while. He suddenly spoke : “Arrest that manager.”, making Jiang Liu to look at him in doubt.

“1. The library generally doesn’t use water sprinkler systems, but rather gaseous fire suppression system, unless the books are not important.”

Seeing that Jiang Liu didn’t have any response, Jiang Qi frowned. He put the statement on the table and pointed at one of the word among them and explained : “2. Gaoyang City’s library generally uses wet pipe system, that is the sprinkler head is closed and there’s no water in the pipe. Jingyuan is built in 1983 and used the same system.”

“3. Based on China’s standard, the emergency passage’s shutter cannot be completely lowered down at once, it can only be completed lowered from half-lowered after the temperature sensor is activated.”

“4. As a matter of fact, there’s a controller at the other side of the shutter. People can get in anytime. How can the manager doesn’t know this?”

“5. The robbery warning system didn’t activate.”

Jiang Qi spoke all in one breath, stunned Jiang Liu who then said : “But, the manager has worked there for more than 3 years. In that period of time, he had so many opportunities. Why did he doing this now?”

“Don’t tell me you forget?”

Jiang Qi took two glasses of water and gave one to Jiang Liu, then said : “Kaito Kid has escaped the prison……”


After hearing this, Jiang Liu already understood the course of the matter. Kaito Kid has escaped the prison, this he understood. The only two people who could keep an eye on him were now dead, so he naturally ran free.

It’s just that Jiang Liu had never seen any advance notice letter, so he never thought to that direction.

Going from Jiang Qi’s words. It was very likely that after Kaito Kid stole the things, he set a fire, then left behind a ‘I have returned’ kind of letter.

But there was none at the scene. It seemed that it was burned down by the fire.


Straightening out everything, Jiang Liu hammered his head vexingly. He actually momentarily didn’t think of these questionable points.

“You are too exhausted.”

Seeing this, Jiang Qi frowned. Was he too tired? Or else based on his normal fox character…….

Jiang Qi dared not to reveal his Shield of Baraji for now, afraid to provoke Jiang Liu’s suspicion. Once Jiang Liu got suspicious, it was unknown when his identity would be exposed.

“Daddy!!! Quickly look at this——“

Just when Jiang Liu was about to go take a rest, Jiang Xiaoqi scurried out from her room holding a laptop.

Before Jiang Liu could reprimand Jiang Xiaoqi for staying uo late, Jiang Xiaoqi shoved the laptop before them.

Jiang Liu glanced at the screen, then his gaze stricken. He then looked at Jiang Liu beside him.

Jiang Qi’s gaze also fixed on the screen. The words were uttered from his mouth : “Oh——crap——“


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