Chapter 17 Agony

Chapter 17 Agony

Jiang Qi looked at Galactron’s hands charging a beam, he was anxious. The throttle still fully opened, but Jiang Qi still had a bad feeling haunting his heart, and it was becoming more and more thigh.


As despair lingered in Jiang Qi’s heart, his ear suddenly heard a sound piercing the air, and it happened more than once.

Subconsciously, Jiang Qi looked at the horizon and saw more than 10 aircrafts was flying here.

This is ??

Jiang Qi was beautifully drifting with the motorcycle, squinting at the fast-moving fighters in the sky. He couldn’t help start to become hopeful.

This is the army! They were sent by the military!

In China major military base, countless people saw a full image of Galactron from the camera.

“A robot?”

A young man with glasses seriously asked while frowning and looking at the screen.

“if so?? who made it?”

Immediately, someone asked.

“We can’t rule out the possibility of the alien.”

There was a fat middle-aged man stood up while waving his hand and said : ”After all, I don’t believe there is a country who have these kinds of tech.”


Many people in there were silence when they heard the middle-aged man.

“Aliens? what is their objective?”

“Probably pioneering to invade earth!”

The one who speaks this, was not the middle-aged man, but the glasses young man from before.

“What is their reason to invade the earth?”

They went to silence again, don’t know who raised this question.

The glasses young man only shook his head, after all, he wasn’t an alien, so he didn’t know about this. But one thing for sure was, The Earth must be protected.

At the scene, the atmosphere was different. It was grim, in other words, many people came with no plan to go back!

In this atmosphere, even if there were dozens of fighters, no one talked along the way, it’s like they could feel the blood pumping and was excited. As soon as they saw the monster, many people stared and filled with shock.

As soon as they saw the monster, many people stared and filled with shock.

They never saw this massive creature before.

However, as they were shocked, they would not be shocked to the point that they would give up and escape. They knew that they’re soldiers!


When the monster entered their range, everyone aimed at it. They fired the ammunition like it was not cost any money, causing smoke to dispersed from its body, making it to standstill for a bit. However, Galactron raised its arm and began to accumulate energy.

“Damn it!”

Finding their attack was not affecting, a pilot in a fighter hammered his thigh, then radioed, “Sir, requesting the use of a 105mm armor-piercing ammo!”

In the distant military base, hearing the pilot’s request made the room becoming more silent.

“Permission granted!”

The young glasses man fixed his glasses, and said : ”Attack at the monster’s joint.”

The youth stared at the display screen, bit his lips, shouted in his heart : ”We can’t lose!”

If they failed, not only would they worsen the people’s panic and in the future, they would not be trusted.

Human beings would not hand over their fate to an organization without any result.

On the battlefield, the soldiers didn’t have time to think. In here, their time was only to fight!.

Jiang Qi narrowly escaped from Galactron’s attack. That beam hit the ground, raising a massive dust, getting him blinded, but there was no way he would rub his eyes now, it’s not gonna be fun if he did that and got hit by Galactron.

So Jiang Qi could only slowed down with his blurred sight to identified the direction.

“Use armor-piercing ammo!”

At this time, more than 10 fighters were ready.

As if their minds were connected, they surrounded Galactron and fired at the same time.


Countless armor-piercing ammo hit Galactron, making huge sparks. Before it’s like hitting an iron with rice, now it’s like hitting a bed with steel iron.

Jiang Qi looked at the situation and surprised to see Galactron was suppressed.

I didn’t expect these guys to be quite capable.

Jiang Qi thought. But suddenly he had a bad feeling and raised his head. Looked at Galactron, he shouted anxiously in his heart, not good!

He prepared to escape by the bike, but he suddenly felt a huge impact on him and was lifted up.

It seemed that Galactron really want to kill him.

The thought flashed in his mind with a hint of surprised, and then Jiang Qi black outed.

“This monster…….. killed a man?”

A pilot gripped his control lever, his eyes was almost burning.

This was really their mistake!. They only focused on fighting this monster, and simply not noticed a person.

Not just him alone, almost all of the pilots were angry! Is this the cry of the dead, and the wrath to the creature who arbitrarily deprives them of their life.

They kept firing the ammo, they didn’t think that they could destroy the creature. They just wanted to do their best to protect those innocent people.

Perhaps these flies were annoying, and its primary goal was to killed. Galactron turned and fired a blue light beam hitting a fighter.


At that instance, that fighter exploded in front of them. Their eyes were full of unbelieved. A few hours ago, they were still with each other, and now they got separated like heaven with earth.


The two men who had the best relationship with the dead pilot was blinded with rage and rushed up toward Galactron.

Galactron’s head moved and fired a light beam, grazing the fighters and exploded them.

The other pilots clenched their teeth, and began to rush forward without fear.

This was a tragedy, people who watching this in the far distance cried. they simply couldn’t bear to see it.

The fighters fell one after another, another unyielding man died.

Countless young people silently gave a military salute, they would never forget today and those soldiers who died for them!.


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