Chapter 169 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (16)

Chapter 169 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (16)

Just when Jiang Qi was about to leave, all of a sudden, there’s darkness, spreading just like an invisible net tightening……

Two sharp teeth like the tiger’s, below them were a row of packed smaller sharp teeth. Its wings were very large and easily reached up to 10 meters. There’s no hair on its wing, it’s just like a layer of membrane and the bony structure inside it could even be distinctly seen.

“Name : Kyuranos

Height : 53 meters

Weight : 46000 tons

The Guardian God of the vampires. It is a demonic beast from the Dark Continent, it’s fulled of jealousy, indignant and detest toward the human. It turns human into vampires and then leads them to attack humanity.”

Jiang Qi slightly stepped back and vigilantly looked at the monster.

At above, the strange dark could cover the sky, making it become gloomy.

It had to be known that it was noontime right now. But because of the dark cloud, it felt like evening.


Kyuranos howled and flew toward Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi grabbed both its wings, intending to drag it down.

But unexpected to Jiang Qi, Kyuranos’s flying impact power was too great, unexpectedly sent him flying and crash onto a nearby mountain.


Numerous stones shook down. Jiang Qi’s body was pushed into the mountain, but he still didn’t let go of his hand.

Get down for me!

Jiang Qi grasped Kyuranos’ wings tightly, then kicked it down.


The ground violently swayed. Jiang Qi stepped on Kyuranos and heavily punched its head a few times.

Kyuranos cried out in pain, making Jiang Qi to get down from its body.

Jiang Qi retreated a few steps, dodging Kyuranos’ continuous kicks. Then he kicked its chest, staggered it back.

Moving his shoulder, Jiang Qi beckoned At Kyuranos as he walked toward it.


Kyuranos understood Jiang Qi’s provocation and became berserk at once. It roared and tried it best to raise its wings up.


Stronger and stronger wind gathered up until it became a strong hurricane and blew the rocks flying.

However, Jiang Qi was not Tiga. Tiga was interrupted because he was storing up energy. Jiang Qi wouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

Jiang Qi rolled back along with the wind, creating distances. Although the wind was strong around Kyuranos, but its power became weak when the distance was far and Jiang Qi’s body didn’t feel much of the wind.

His mind moved and the Zero Sluggers separated from his head. The cold light flashed, then Zero Sluggers cut Kyuranos’ ears.


Kyuranos cried out in pain. It covered its ears and spin around in place.

Zero Sluggers returned and Jiang Qi grabbed them both and charged over.
He wielded Zero Sluggers and chopped at Kyuranos’s head. Sparks flew around instantly.


Kyuranos retreated a few steps. Jiang Qi used another hand to chopped down at its wing.

Jiang Qi’s Zero Slugger was covered in a layer of light and accumulated power. He was about to move his hand, but unexpectedly, Kyuranos suddenly moved its wings that should be severely wounded and hugged Jiang Qi.

Although being caught off guard, but Jiang Qi reacted immediately. He lifted both arms and stopped Kyuranos’s wings. However, Kyuranos didn’t plan to let go this time and exerted great strength on its wings. For a moment, Jiang Qi actually couldn’t struggle free.


Kyuranos opened its sharp fangs-filled mouth and slowly drew close to Jiang Qi’s head.
It wants to bite me?

Upon seeing this, Jiang Qi Immediately understood Kyuranos’ aim and calmed his mind down.


Jiang Qi lifted his head and looked at Kyuranos’ wide-opened mouth and shouted. The Beam Lamp on his forehead fired a beam if green laser out.

Emerium Slash——“


Emerium Slash was fired into Kyuranos’ mouth. Along with sparks flying around, blood also came out from its mouth.

One needed to know that vampire’s blood itself was extremely few. A bit of bleeding meant it was severely injured.


Kyuranos Immediately disregarded Jiang Qi. It moved its wing to continuously patted at its mouth.


Jiang Qi kicked at its back, then installed Zero Sluggers on his chest and stored up energy.

Jiang Qi would not use the same move as Tiga as it was extremely exhausting.

Jiang Qi swore that aside from the kind of enemy like Liang Huang, he wouldn’t use that move again.
(TN : Liang Huang from Chapter 133)

After he used it last time, he had to rest for more than two whole days…….


Kyuranos was still staggering and trying to stand up, but Jiang Qi already finished gathering energy.


The enormous light beam swallowed Kyuranos whole. Kyuranos didn’t have to time to shriek before it disappeared within the light.


Jiang Qi slowly let out a breath and relaxed his mind. It seemed that he had greatly improved!

Slowly, Jiang Qi disappeared from where he stood and reappeared at the foot of the mountain which Jiang Liu and others was put down.


Huang Ying fixedly looked at Jiang Qi’s disappeared figure. The shock in her eyes still didn’t vanish.

Jiang Liu glanced at Huang Ying, then pushed his wheelchair to her side and said : “Commander Huang, is this the first you see Zero?”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue also looked over. Seeing her shock expression, Jiang Xue smiled. She was also the same as Huang Ying when she saw Zero for the first time.


Huang Ying deeply looked at them, then without a word, turned over and leaves the mountain.

This smelly brat, won’t let me smack him, will he?

Jiang Liu rubbed his ear and though something incomprehensible.


After the fire from Zero killing the monster was extinguished, the Night Raider members were in the process of searching to prevent any fish that might slip through.

Amidst the search, they found a room unexpectedly didn’t get burned much, making them tense up and take out their guns.


After counting to three, Night Raider members rushed into the room altogether. The scene into the room tensed them up.

In there was a man, dressed messily, with blood ran down from his mouth, sitting on the floor. His expression was sometimes grief and sometimes happy…….

The man lifted his head. He barely managed to prop himself up. The Night Raider members were all aiming their guns at him, ready to fire as long as there was any unusual movement.

However, that man didn’t attack them. Instead, he walked to the windows on the wall which was covered tightly with a curtain.

The man’s trembled hand grabbed the curtain, making Night Raiders members nervous. Could it be that there was a monster on the other side of that window?


The man pulled open the curtain at once, letting the dazzling sunlight shone inside.


It was unknown who had started firing, immediately after that, every member fired their guns at the man.

In an instant, the room was filled with smoke and gunpowder’s smell. However, that man’s unhurt appearance frightened the Night Raiders members and made them drawback a few steps.

“I am alone and without anyone. Perhaps I am already dead. Whether if there’s a place awaiting in the distance, maybe we all are walkers walking alone in the darkness.”

The man’s hand stroke the window. Sunlight shone onto his body, yet he actually didn’t feel the piercing pain he suppose to have.

Faint green smoke emitted out from his body. The man closed his eyes. There’s a smiling expression on his face, along with tears streaming down from the corners of the eyes.

“Big Sis Chen……I am sorry……..”

Slowly, the man transformed into specks of light in front of the window, leaving behind only a picture.

A woman wearing a police uniform put her hand on the shoulder of that disappearing man. The dashing and spirited between her forehead brought out a smiling expression, while the man was sticking his tongue out. Behind them was the rising sun.

As you innocently believe that the end of darkness is light. Only when you truly cross through the end of despair, will you discover that at the end of the darkness, there is no dawn, no hope. There will be only just a more frightening abyss greeting you in the endless loneliness…


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