Chapter 166 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (13)

Chapter 166 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (13)

In the barroom, Jiang Liu was still facing toward Du Yuan. Du Yuan was closing his eyes as he lied on the floor.

“How could you be here?”

After a while, Du Yian suddenly spoke : “The others should be keeping watch on you. How could you come here?”

“I could even deceive you, not to mention those fools.”

Jiang Liu smirked, then said : “I just found a few random excuses and left.”


Du Yuan became silent. Indeed, for Jiang Liu’s prowess, fooling them was extremely simple.

“However, do you think you can escape from our hideout with just the two of you?”

Du Yuan looked at them and suddenly sneered.

“Of course not. It there are only two of us, even if my gut reach the sky, I wouldn’t come in.”

Jiang Liu waved his hand as he spoke : “I have another one outside!”

“Just one?”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Du Yuan sneered, then said : “Even if it is your daughter, she can only injure us, but not kill. Does adding one more person have any use?”

“Of course, extremely…….”

Jiang Liu’s words just fell when the entire barroom suddenly shook.


What’s happed?

Du Yuan’s heart sank. His ears trembled, reacted to the situation outside.


The air-ripping sound entered his ears. This sound was extremely familiar to his, it was unknown how many time he had heard this sound,

“That person calls Night Raider?”

Du Yuan’s expression changed. He looked at Jiang Liu with a complicated expression.

Right now, the vampires only feared two things, Night Raider and Zero. The former with their technology prowess could cause them grievous loss.

As for the latter, needless to say, if he appeared, the vampires might be wiped out.

The unexpected move from Jiang Liu just now caused him a bit of loss.


Suddenly, Du Yuan spoke again : “Even if Night Raider come, we only need to pay a price to escape. At that time, we just need to hide again and we can preserver our foundation.”

“Is it really so?”

Jiang Liu looked at Du Yuan’s confident expression and smiled. He waved his fingers, said : “I’m afraid not!”

“What do you mean…….”

Speaking, Du Yuan’s suddenly stopped. His nose moved. He seemed to smell the burning smell.

“You actually set a fire?”

Du Yuan was in disbelief. Jiang Liu unexpectedly wanted to perish together.


After hearing, Jiang Xue lowered her head to looked at Jiang Liu in shocked, and inquired.

“Correct, that is my suggestion.”

Smelly brat, you are finally decisive for once.

In his mind, there was a peculiar feeling but he didn’t show it.

Jiang Liu’s admitting made others shocked. Jiang Xue was shocked because she was capable of bringing Jiang Liu out, so there’s no need for this method.

Du Yuan was shocked because he felt that Jiang Liu was a lunatic, playing with his life.

“But I have a way to get out.”

Jiang Liu’s mouth lifted into a smile, said : “But vampires are the race born with the fear of ultraviolet light.”

“I don’t know if my conjecture’s right?”

Du Yuan quietly looked at Jiang Liu for a while, then suddenly calmed down.

“Little Xue, you go and guard the entrance. There should be a lot of vampires coming here now.”

Jiang Liu didn’t wait for Du Yuan’s answer, but instead turned to spoke to Jiang Xue : “Don’t kill them as long as it’s not special circumstances. Don’t worry and go all out.”


Jiang Xue nodded at Jiang Liu then walked away.


The moment Jiang Xue stepped through the door, a shadow rushed at her.

Jiang Xue kicked at that shadow’s stomach. With a ‘kacha’ sound, the fractured sound came out from that shadow’s waist.

Then that shadow was kicked flying far away, colliding with the other vampires that were rushing here,
Standing there, looking at the vampires that were moving toward her, Jiang Xue tidied her collar and cracked her fingers.

“Next is the moment of my performance.”


“Your way is merely this?”

Seeing Jiang Xue away, Du Yuan hastily asked : “So he is really in your side?”


Jiang Liu looked at Du Yuan’s agitated expression and nodded, then Du Yuan became silent.

“Now that it comes to this, why did you made such a detour and not kill me back then?”
Du Yuan didn’t nag at that, but asked back instead.

“If I killed you back then, then what would your backer do?”

Jiang Liu smiled and shook his head, then said : “That would merely cure the symptoms but not the disease. That wouldn’t get me a good sleep.”

“Eh? What backer?”

Du Yuan bit his lips and looked at Jiang Liu in not understanding?

“The one who turned you into a vampire. Don’t tell me you don’t know this.”

Jiang Liu measured Du Yuan whose expression was switching between passion and gloomy, said : “If I brought you back, then based on that boy’s character, he would definitely kill you. If so, then your worth as a lead would be cut off.”

“Then it’s better to let you take the initiative to attack and also draw that guy out.”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Du Yuan suddenly felt that the moment he stepped into Chen Lin’s house, the entire vampire clan was schemed by this man.

“You are that confident that he will come out?”


Jiang Liu confidently smiled and said : “Its elite offsprings are all dead. It would certainly be angry.”

“All of this start from single hypnotism to sell out my daughter.”

Du Yuan squinted at Jiang Liu and said : “Could it be that you were not afraid that I will kill your daughter?”

Hearing this, Jiang Liu almost laughed out. He sized up Du Yuan who was lying on the floor and said : “The fact proves that you don’t have the capability.”

“I cannot deny that. I really intended to kill that time.”

Du Yuan’s eyes lightly drooped down, then said.

“If I was hit like that by someone, I also certainly want to kill that person.”

Jiang Liu tilted his head. He looked at Du Yuan whose limbs were crooked unnaturally and said.

“Could it be you touch her bottom line? No! It is everyone’s bottom line!”


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