Chapter 162 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (9)

Chapter 162 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (9)

“What?? This kind of place actually has a bar??”

Jiang Qi widened his eyes, looking at the dilapidated bar, and dumbfoundedly yelled.

“Probably…… be ingenious?”

Jiang Xue was also speechless. She covered her forehead with her hand and said.

“It is ingenious. But who would come to a broken bar outside of town to drink wines?”

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Xue who try to make an explanation for the broken bar, and smacked his lips.

“Who knows……”

Jiang Xue also didn’t say anything more. She turned her head and asked Jiang Liu at the side : “Is this place really the vampire’s base?”


Jiang Liu examined the bar with his eyes and lightly nodded, said : “We’ll go inside.”

“Let’s do this!”

Jiang Qi rubbed his hand and was about to get inside, but he was stopped by Jiang Liu.


Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Liu in surprise. She didn’t understand why Jiang Liu didn’t let Jiang Qi to go in.

“You are staying here. Don’t let anyone run away, understood?”

Jiang Liu didn’t pay attention to Jiang Xue. He spoke slowly to Jiang Qi.

“Are you sure?”

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes, then said : “If there is really danger inside, I may be able to protect you!”

“Rest assure, I will be fine.”

Jiang Liu patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder, then pushed his wheelchair toward the bar.

“Then you also be careful!”

Jiang Xue patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder, said a word, then followed Jiang Liu.


Jiang Qi silently looked at their’s backs, speechless. Aren’t you the one who has to be careful?


Jiang Liu and Jiang Xue got inside the bar. But the inside of the bar was the same as outside, abandoned, and there’s no one here.

“Father, it seems your guess is wrong.”

Jiang Xue examined the inside of the bar, yet didn’t find any liveliness at all.
“Follow me.”

After Jiang Liu spoke to Jiang Xue, he pushed forward without turning his head.

She looked at Jiang Liu strangely. Didn’t know why, but the moment they step into the bar, Jiang Xue felt that something was off about Jiang Liu, but she didn’t felt any danger.

Could she be thinking too much?

Jiang Xue pursed her lips. She looked at her father and subconsciously chose to believe in him.

Jiang Liu skillfully passed through every obstacle, as well as the narrow pathway, causing Jiang Xue to look on dumbfoundedly.

“Father, why does it seems that you have come here before?”

“Indeed so.”

Hearing Jiang Xue’s question, Jiang Liu smiled, then said.

“Could this place be the one you checked last time?”

Jiang Xue looked around and asked.

“No, it’s not.”

Jiang Liu opened a door. Over the door was pitch dark, but they could still hear the sound coming from inside.

“Could it be……”

Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Liu in surprise, then spoke in astonishment.

Then, both of them entered the door. As a result, Jiang Xue stood dumbfounded.

The strong rhythm, the racket crowds, the alluring sexy women and young frenzied men. Even the ones sitting at the corner collided their glasses of wine and howling out of control.

This kind of mixed atmosphere totally established this bar’s characteristic. The bar’s peculiar night view made people’s eyes blurry. The kind of thin, shallow, dripping colorful liquid in wine glasses made your feeling sink in.

And people here had some indescribable strange feeling. It was kinda like Gothic Lolita, some people even wore European-style dresses.

The dazzling light reflected upon goblet brimmed with Lafite, corroding the ambiguous tone in the party.
(TN : for someone, me, who doesn’t know, Lafite is wine, expensive one.)

The air was filled with alcohol and hormones flavor. There were desperate shouted everywhere, full of corrupt feeling.

Then, some people noticed both people arrival. They stopped moving and one by one turned to look at Jiang Liu and Jiang Xue. Slowly, the whole bar only had a sound of music, the atmosphere fell into the freezing point.

Jiang Xue vigilantly retreated a few steps. The sensitive her felt these people were dangerous.

Suddenly, Jiang Liu unexpectedly pulled Jiang Xue’s hand and pushed his wheelchair moving.


Jiang Xue was frightened by Jiang Liu’s action. Her body tightened. As long as she exerted a bit of strength, she could pull her hand back.

However, although these people revealed killing intents from their eyes, but they still didn’t make any move, and even let both of them pass through.


Jiang Xue followed behind Jiang Liu and continuously examined these people.

Jiang Liu finally pulled Jiang Xue into the innermost of the bar, braking away from these people’s line of sight.


Jiang Xue released a sigh, then asked Jiang Liu : “Father, what is this all about?”

Even a fool could feel that Jiang Liu was hiding something from her.

“After a while, we will separate into two path.”

Jiang Liu released Jiang Xue’s hand, then said.


After bearing those words, Jiang Xue Immediately paid attention. They unexpectedly arrived at the dim hallway. She took a deep breath and felt the bone-freezing atmosphere.

“Remember, you have to be careful regardless of when!”

Jiang Liu stared into Jiang Xue’s eyes and heavily said : “You have to be careful.”

Hearing her father’s serious and repeated words, Jiang Xue also sensed the abnormal, then said : “Then will Little Jiang be alright?”

You don’t care about your safety and actually think about that brat!
(TN : from this, I conclude that he is not hypnotized.)

It seems I have to really teach him a lesson after this.

Of course, Jiang Liu didn’t speak these words out. He pushed the wheelchair moving without turning his head.

Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Liu’s back, shook her head, then moves toward another direction.

Jiang Liu passed by many rooms, but he didn’t have any idea to get inside. He continued to push the wheelchair until he reached the innermost door. He immediately pushed open the door and entered.

“Oh! Who is this?”

Jiang Liu just entered and a frivolous voice came over. He turned to looked and saw a shamate man turned his head then ignore him.

This room was not large, only around 30 meters. There were 7-8 people here, each of them were wearing frivolous clothes.

But there was one person who dressed in a tidy suit, that was Du Yuan.

He sat on a chair and was playing with a ring in his hand. He laughed at Jiang Liu, then said : “It seems my hypnotism is quite useful, to make this great detective to obediently take order. But it’s a pity he won’t know what’s he has done.”

“I brought the person you want.”

Jiang Liu pushed the wheelchair, arrived before Du Yuan, and slowly said.

“Very good.”

Du Yuan smiled furthermore, then said : “The entire bar is surrounded by a boundary, no matter how fierce Zero is, he can’t turn into the light now.”

Then, Du Yuan stood up and spoke to other people : “I will go meet with Zero. You guys stay here entertaining our great detective well. Don’t harm him, he still has many use.”

“Rest assured!”

Other people nodded, then Du Yuan left the room.

After Du Yuan left, Jiang Liu asked the Gothic Lolita young woman beside him : “Where did you buy your lipstick?”


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