Chapter 161 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (8)

Chapter 161 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (8)

The dark night, aside from the sounds of clocks’ ticking and branches’ swaying, everything was quiet.

Jiang Qi walked out from his room. Because this was in the night, the whole office was especially quiet.

And Jiang Qi’s footsteps also resounded clearly in the office.


Jiang Qi stopped before a room’s door, knocked it a few time, waited for a bit, then the door opened.

“What are you doing?”

Jiang Liu was the one who opened the door. He was stunned seeing Jiang Qi, then expressionlessly asked.

“Won’t you invite me inside?”

Jiang Qi smiled, his hand leaned on the door. He said to Jiang Liu.

“Come in, then.”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Liu slightly paused, then pushed his wheelchair to the side, making way.

Jiang Qi also acted out of character and walked in, slowly examined Jiang Liu’s room.

Normally, Jiang Qi would not go into Jiang Liu’s room, thus he was filled with curiosity about Jiang Liu’s room.

Needless to say, Jiang Liu’s room was much bigger than Jiang Qi’s. His super large bed was beside the window. Jiang Qi walked over and pulled open the window curtain. He looked at the stars in the night sky outside.

The sky was filled with stars, like a grain of pearls, like gold dust spreading across the jasper plate. At this moment, it was serene and peaceful.

But who would know of the murderous intention hiding under this sky?

“It seems tomorrow will be a sunny day!”

Jiang Qi pointed at the sky and leisurely said with a faint smile.

“Looking at different stars from different angles, its color depends on your heart. ”

Jiang Liu pushed his wheelchair over and also looked up at the starry sky in the sky. “The light of a star is very small, so it needs countless stars to light up the night sky.”

“That’s very nice.”

Jiang Qi sneered, turned his body, then said : “I am right now very interested in the color of your heart…….”

“It’s like disgusting trash, right?”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Liu’s expression stiffened. He stared into Jiang Qi)s eyes and asked : “What?”

“Don’t you get it?”

Jiang Qi retreated a few steps. He looked at Jiang Liu in contempt, then said : “You can deceive your daughters but you cannot deceive me. You can conceal your expression but you cannot conceal the smell of blood on your body.”

Jiang Qi spoke. He clenched his fist and slowly walked toward Jiang Liu. The Shield of Baraji concealed within his left sleeve glimmered.

“Speak! What’s happened to uncle!!”

Jiang Qi raised his fist and was about to hit down. Then, Jiang Liu raised his head, narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiang Qi.

“Little brat, if you dare to hit me, I will skin you alive!”


What is this?

Jiang Qi stood frozen, didn’t know what to do…….


The reality had yet again slapped Jiang Qi hard.

It was very clear sky fulled of stars last night, yet today unexpectedly was fulled of black clouds, as if the water could rain down anytime.

“Are we really going out in this kind of weather.

Jiang Qi scratched his head and forced a smile at Jiang Xie who’s ready to leave.

“Father has already found their hideout. We certainly have to to.”

Jiang Xue packed up things. She looked at Jiang Qi and smiled : “Why? You don’t want to go?”

“No, I think, Don’t we need to inform some authorities, like Night Raider?”

Jiang Qi shook his head. He though a bit, then said.

“Do you believe that Night Raider will believe our one-side statement and run over to check those whatever vampires?”

Jiang Xue spoke and looked strangely at Jiang Qi, then said : “How come you are strange today?”

“I just think that going without ample preparation is not good.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Qi paused a bit, then said.

“Don’t tell me you are afraid?”

Jiang Xue suddenly had enlightened expression and mocked Jiang Qi.


When did this gentle elder sister learn such a move?

Jiang Qi speechlessly looked at Jiang Xue, then said : “Do you see me as the scaredy cat?”

However, when he thought of the vampire, didn’t know why, he associated them with the blood-sucking kind of monsters in the Ultraman series.

It seemed that Ultraman would be bitten every time. And from their screams, that would not be very comfortable.

Jiang Qi thought. He closed his eyes, rubbed his neck and shook his head. If he was bitten……..

Jiang Xue tilted her head and looked at Jiang Qi who closed his eyes and rubbed his neck. With a ‘puchi——‘ laughter. She suddenly said : “Rest assure. Don’t be scared, I will protect you……”


Jiang Xue’s words kicked Jiang Qi out of fantasy world.

“I want you to protect me?”

Pointing at himself, Jiang Qi widened his eyes, looked at Jiang Xue.

Fine, although I don’t want to admit that I am not a match against you, but there’s no way I would accept a girl’s protection.

“It’s 20,000 years too early for that vampire to bite me! You wait and see my invincible prowess!

Jiang Qi rubbed his nose with his thumb.

“That’s fine then.”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s wacky look, Jiang Xue couldn’t help but laughed, then said : “At that time, I will surely look for you to protect me then.”

“Leave it to me!”

Jiang Qi patted ‘bangbang’ his chest and pointed his thumb at himself.


Suddenly, the sound of coughing came from the door. Both of them turned to look and saw it was Jiang Liu, he said : “We should get going.”

“Got it!”

Jiang Xue shouted at Jiang Liu, then smiled at Jiang Qi, said : “We are going!”


Jiang Qi nodded and ran after Jiang Xue. When he passed by Jiang Liu’s side, he paused a bit, then continued walking.

They hit a cab. Jiang Liu spoke to the driver, and the driver looked at them strangely, then shook his head and said nothing.

No one talked along the way. There was a mysterious silent in the car.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes and conserved his strength, because in a while, it was very likely to have a big fight.

Jiang Qi didn’t know how much time had passed. When he was about to fall asleep, the car arrived at a place.

“What is this place?”

Jiang Qi got out from the car and looked around confusedly. It was absolutely bleak and desolate here. There was not a sign of people here, even the mountain not far away could be seen.

“An abandoned farmland outside of Gaoyang City.”

Jiang Liu handed down the money. After he examined around, he spoke to the others : “Follow me.”

Jiang Qi and Jiang Xue glanced at each other and sighed, then followed after Jiang Liu. Since things already came to this, they could only believe in Jiang Liu.


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