Chapter 160 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (7)

Chapter 160 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (7)

“Why isn’t daddy come back yet?”

Jiang Xiaoqi was lying on the sofa. She fiddled with a pillow, stretching it with full force, then kneaded it into a ball.

“Uncle is not a child, he can take care if himself.”

Jiang Qi came down from upstairs, seeing Jiang Xiaoqi was about to kill the pillow, he smiled and said.

“That’s right, Little qi, don’t worry.”

Jiang Xue came over, and also smiled seeing Jiang Xiaoqi’s current state.


Seeing both of them smiling, Jiang Xiaoqi couldn’t help but snorted. Seeing both of them stood there side by side, she felt uncomfortable.

“Big scoundrel!”

The seething with anger Jiang Xiaoqi threw a pillow at Jiang Qi.


Fortunately, Jiang Qi reacted fast. He caught the pillow and looked at this child in surprise, didn’t know how did he spoil her mood again.

“You, and also father, are hiding something from me.”

Jiang Xiaoqi pouted. With grievances writing on her face, she fell back on the sofa.

Jiang Qi was speechless. Uncle hid it, but why did it fall onto him now?

“It’s ok, Little qi, don’t cry.”

Seeing Jiang Xiaoqi fell back to the sofa, Jiang Xue hastily embraced her and patted her head, while also said.

“You also…….”

Feeling Jiang Xue’s stroking, Jiang Xiaoqi suddenly drilled out from Jiang Xue’s embrace and stared at Jiang Xue : “You also hide something from me. You all…….never told me anything!”


Jiang Xue absurdly looked at Jiang Xiaoqi. How came she was rolled into this too?
“Why would I hide something from you?”

“You still don’t talk.”

Jiang Xiaoqi stood up from the sofa. Her arms akimbo. She looked at Jiang Xue with unreasonable expression and said : “Let’s not talk about before, let’s talk about today.”

“You guys said something about bloodsucking earlier, and there’s also daddy and big fraud’s puzzling expression. Big sis, it is obvious that you three knew something about Aunt Chen’s killer right?”

Jiang Xiooqi said with teary eyes : “I also want to know who kills her…….”

“Don’t cry, it’ll ruin your lovely face.”

Jiang Xue wiped Jiang Xiaoqi’s nose and teased.

“Don’t change the subject.”

Jiang Xiaoqi difficultly struggled free from Jiang Xue’s claws. She said to Jiang Xue with a serious face and stern voice.

“There is a time when knowing too much do you no good.”

Jiang Qi also sat down on the sofa and spoke with his hands behind his head.
“This boy sure knows how to act cute.”

Jiang Xue looked and Jiang Qi and suddenly smiled. She then tidied Jiang Xiaoqi’s clothes because of her throwing tantrum.

“Che! You two——“

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at the two people and her heart suddenly had an unexplainable feeling.

These two looked like a couple of husband and wife looking after their disobedient child, then took out a lollipop to fool her.

“You really want to know?”

Both of them looked at each other and there were helplessness in their eyes.

After all, Jiang Xiaoqi and Chen Lin’s relationship was very close. She had the right to know.

Finally, Jiang Xue pursed her lip and said : “Promise me not to be impulsive.”


Jiang Xiaoqi, seeing the two looked at each other ‘intimately’, couldn’t help but become angry. She sat right in the middle of them, then heavily nodded.

“There are teeth marks on her neck and her blood was sucked out. What do you think?”

Jiang Qi spoke, but didn’t say the exact, only suggesting.

“Don’t tell me……”

Jiang Xiaoqi covered her mouth, looked at Jiang Qi beside her and asked in disbelief : “Isn’t it only in movies?”

“Monsters also used to only exist in movies too!”

Jiang Qi smiled. Although Jiang Xiaoqi was smart, but she’s too young. Her experiment was still lacking.

“……then, h-how do we catch the murderer.”

Confronting with this overwhelming information, Jiang Xiaoqi stuttered and became anxious. The opponent was a vampire-like monster, could they fight it?

“Father already found some clues.”

It was Jiang Xue this time to answer Jiang Xiaoqi’s question, she said : “Father should have found some other clues. He made us go back and he went to check them himself.”


Hearing this, Jiang Xiaoqi jumped up from the sofa at once, screamed : “And you let him go looking for that vampire by himself!? What if he met with mishaps!?”

“Uncle is probably fine…….”

At the side, Jiang Qi suddenly spoke, Immediately setting Jiang Xiaoqi’s artillery on.

“How can you be so sure———what if that vampire set its eyes on dad, then how can he escape?”

Jiang Xiaoqi paced and mumbled in front of them anxiously.

“Uncle’s definitely okay, because he’s already returned.”

Jiang Qi leaned toward anxious Jiang Xiaoqi and also Jiang Xue who hid her worry, rolled his eyes and said.

That made they looked at him strangely, startled Jiang Qi.



Suddenly the door opened, dispersed the ladies’ attention, making Jiang Qi to sigh in relief.

The one who came was Jiang Liu as expect. The ladies glanced at Jiang Qi at the same time, then ran toward Jiang Liu.

“Daddy, how are you?”

“Are you alright?”

Jiang Liu nodded at the ladies, then expressionlessly said : “I’ve already checked one suspicious place. We three’ll check the others tomorrow.”

“Three? What about me?”

After hearing the number, Jiang Xiaoqi suddenly felt amiss and hastily pointed at herself.

“I remember you has a class tomorrow.”

Jiang Qi suddenly rubbed Jiang Xiaoqi’s head, he approached her and said : “Be obedient——-“

Being suddenly gotten close by Jiang Qi, the lass’s face suddenly burned red.


Jiang Xiaoqi dazedly answered, then covered her face and ran to her room.
(TN : wow, this girl is so obvious.)

“Tomorrow, I will go with Jiang Xue while you go alone to check the places, any problem?”

Jiang Liu didn’t look at the running Jiang Xiaoqi, he spoke to both of them.


Jiang Xue nodded at the seemingly exhausted Jiang Liu, then pushed his wheelchair back to his room.

Jiang Qi quietly stood there. Didn’t know why, but he felt Jiang Liu was somewhat abnormal.


The moment Jiang Xue pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair pass Jiang Qi’s side, Jiang Qi’s nose twitched. He abruptly turned to look at Jiang Liu’s back.

“Little Jiang, you should also hurriedly go to rest.”

Suddenly, Jiang Xue turned back to smile at Jiang Qi and reminded him.


Jiang Qi Immediately reacted and smiled at Jiang Xue, said : “Got it.”

After Jiang Xue turned her back, his expression sank.

He finally knew what was wrong……..
(TN : At least he didn’t seem stupid)


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