Chapter 16 Courage?

Chapter 16 Courage?
“Extra-dimensional machine no.1……Galactron…….”

“The legendary weapon that can fight in all situation in the universe.”

He didn’t know how, when the mechanical creature ‘Galactron’ appeared. He seemed to have that information in his mind.

What was an Extra-dimensional machine? Was it made by ancient race? Alien? What with this No 1? Was there No 2? and why he knew this information.

In Jiang Qi’s mind flashed that idea, but there was no time to think about it. He and Jiang Liu first action was to run.

But before taking the second step, they stopped at the same time glancing at each other eyes and looked at the Ferris wheel at the same time.

Jiang Qi’s eyes zoomed in and saw that in the middle of the Ferris wheel was Jiang Xue sisters.

“Jiang qi and Jiang Xue was still in the Ferris wheel.”

Jiang Qi stared at the Ferris wheel, his face hardened.

“How the usually slow Ferris wheel became so fast today?”

Jiang Liu grumpily grasped his head, and look at the Ferris wheel.

How could they rised so high when Jiang Qi and Jiang Liu only talked for less than 10 minutes?

Cappucino Ferris Wheel is 120 meters high, even if Galactron come in front of it, it could only covered half of the Ferris wheel high.

In that case, it was hard to said that Galactron won’t hit the Ferris wheel first.

What even more important is while Galactron was outside the amusement park, the Ferris Wheel was inside. For Galactron to attacked the Ferris wheel, the only way was through Amusement park.

Jiang Qi clenching his hands. Looking at Galactron helplessly.

Can’t he do anything?


Suddenly, a loud sound awoke him and woke up all other people.

“My God! what is that?”

A young man with glasses pointed up to the smoke and moving shadow.

“Yesterday’s Monster!”

A man with a sharp eye recognized it and shouted.

All the people regardless of age, running away without waiting for them to grow more legs.


Jiang Qi was at a loss when Jiang Liu made a noise.

Jiang Liu looked seriously to Jiang Qi, said : ”I will distract the monster, you go pick my daughters!”

Without waiting for Jiang Qi answer, he ran out.

“Old man!”

Looking at Jiang Liu back, Jiang Qi hearts disturbed. Couldn’t help but to shout his name as soon as possible.


Jiang Liu stopped and looked to Jiang Qi smilingly said : ”This monster thing is for our grown men thing. You still not have long hair(means still young), so obediently listen to my words!”

“Actually, I just want to say…… Come back soon!”

Jiang Qi silent a bit, and slowly said a word. Making Jiang Liu face darken.

I shouldn’t expect to hear some good word for the kids, surely TV is deceptive?

Jiang Liu turned back and went towards Galactron.

Boy, take care of my daughters.


Jiang Qi mind was blank, although he didn’t want to admit it yet. Yes, He was afraid, his legs trembled, soaring heartbeats and even his body went soft.

Licked his dry lips, Jiang Qi looked at the direction of the Ferris wheel.

He saw Jiang qi hiding in Jiang Xue’s arms, frightened.

Jiang Xue stroking Jiang qi’s head; a mother put her child under her body, hiding the tears in her eyes, and the elder brother also stood before the younger brother and looked at the Galactron without fear.

The words Jiang Liu had spoken, and Ultraman Tiga series’ line gradually combined into one.

“As a man, one day they will have to face their own fear, and you can’t run away from it…”

No Retreat?

Jiang Qi rubbed his thighs, looking at Galactron incoming. Biting his lips, and quickly looked around. Jiang’s eyes brightened, an excellent start, a motorcycle was not far from Jiang Qi, but the crowd was chaotic and packed.

After there were fewer people, Jiang Qi squeezed through the crowd, tried to get to the motorcycle, and rode it.

Taking a few deep breath, Jiang Qi started the bike. Then he rode it towards Galactron.


Jiang Liu was panting, runing to the Ferris wheel, suddenly a burst of engine sound coming closer, he couldn’t help but look back.


Just as he turned around wanting to see who’s that, it drove past him leaving only the wind sound because of its velocity.

“This kid.”

Jiang Liu spent a moment to look at Jiang Qi’s figure, then recognized him.

“Where did he get the motorbike ? its tech look good.”

This was also fine, he could quickly go to save his daughters.

Nodding his head, Jiang Liu just ran two steps and found something’s wrong.

“Where is this kid going.”

Watching Jiang Qi’s figure slowly disappear, Jiang Liu knew what is wrong. This kid, he drove toward Galactron’s direction.

“This kid is a man, I seems to underestimate to him.”

Jiang Liu looked Jiang Qi’s back, laughed. Now was not the time for him to complimented Jiang Qi.

As a man and a father, Jiang Liu knew what he must do now.

Turned around, Jiang Liu ran to the Ferris wheel. While running, Jiang Liu looked back to Jiang Qi’s figure said : ”You must come back alive….. Brat!”


The scene around rapidly changed, making the surrounding become blurred.

Rapid winds beat Jiang Qi’s cheeks. He didn’t know how fast he drove, only know that he was becoming closer to Galactron.

At this moment, Jiang had no fear, just some lofty sentiments.

Looking at the massive figure, Jiang Qi played a beautiful drift. And shouting at Galactron : “Galactron! I’m here!”

Jiang Qi shouted while opening the throttle. The bike rear wheel set off dust and drove towards the opposite direction.

Galactron seem to hear someone calling its name and looked at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi saw Galactron’s eyes flashes and changed its direction to chasing Jiang Qi.

“Is this guy coming for me?”

Jiang Qi throttled to the maximum, although he knew that even if he putted it the maximum, it would not speed the bike to its top speed. But in this case, it’s effective.


A beam of light flew past the side of Jiang Qi. He glanced behind, Galactron was really chasing him.

In the eyes of Jiang Qi, Galactron raised its hand and a light began charged in its hand, making Jiang Qi’s eyes to widen.


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