Chapter 159 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (6)

Chapter 159 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (6)

“What’s that mean”

Jiang Liu frowned, looked at Du Yuan. He suddenly felt uneasy.

Du Yuan smiled, like a dazzling star in the night.

“Those English characters are my doing, using the last bits of Chen Lin’s blood.”

“You want me to find you……”

Jiang Liu’s pupils slightly contracted. He looked at Du Yuan with eyes filled with confusion.

“That’s right!”

Unexpectedly, Du Yuan actually nodded and admitted.


Jiang Liu looked at Du Yuan and calmly asked.


Du Yuan chuckled and said : “Because I want you to find me……”

“Is there a need for a reason?”

Jiang Liu’s smile expression already vanished from his face. He said to Du Yuan : “Don’t tell me you want to silence me?”

“You are still not worthy…….”
(TN : Because he’s a dude, right? Winkwink)

Du Yuan examined Jiang Liu and suddenly sneered, then said : “Since you’ve come to find me, then you should already see the traces on Chen Lin’s neck, right?”


Jiang Liu didn’t speak, but that was enough.

“You should also know of my identity, right?”

Du Yuan spoke. He closed his eyes, lifted his pale hands and became intoxicated.

“Monarch of the Night, Master of the Darkness, The Noble Count Vampire.”


Jiang Liu looked at intoxicated Du Yuan and coldly snorted, said : “Isn’t it just a rat that’s scared of light? What’s so noble about it……”

“What did you say?”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s bare taunt, Du Yuan Immediately turned his head around, looking at Jiang Liu. There were flashes of red light on his eyes.

“Don’t think that I don’t dare to kill you!”

Du Yuan’s tone began to change, his voice became hoarse, as of his neck would break if he speaks another word.

“If you really want to kill me, then you would not talk so much nonsense.”

Contrary to Du Yuan’s expectation, Jiang Liu unexpectedly looked calmly at Du Yuan, without the slightest bit of fear.


Du Yuan walked around Jiang Liu for a few rounds and smiled with an unknown meaning, then said : “Correct. You really have big guts. No wonder Chen Lin fell for you.”

“I only want to know……”

At Du Yuan’s words, Jiang Liu only frowned, then said : “…….Chen Lin had treated you very well, why did you do such a thing?”

“You are too naive.”

Du Yuan sat down, picked p a cup of team and drank it, then said : “Chen Lin indeed treated me well, but I also don’t have a choice either!”

“What ‘don’t have a choice’?”

Jiang Liu slowly turned his head and stared into Du Yuan’s eyes, asked.

“Doesn’t matter…….”

Du Yuan’s expression fluctuated, then said : “I believe, only having strength then you can look scornfully under the sky, only slaughter can create new lives……”

“…….in this world, there is no dream, no love, only blood and slaughter. There is only endless darkness and sorrow……”

“……even if I really have to become a devil, I still want to climb onto the summit of victory. Even if I become absolute darkness, I still want to sit on the ruler’s throne.”

Du Yuan’s hoarse voices coupled with his creepy speech, along with the night sky outside, made this seemed particularly terrifying.

“Your thinking has a bit of problem.”

Although Jiang Liu agreed with a part of that, but he also couldn’t accept it. This kind of thinking was very dangerous.

Jiang Liu spoke and picked up a cup of tea from the table and drank it.

“Aren’t you afraid of me poison you?”

Du Yuan looked at Jiang Liu who was drinking and became stunned. His smiling expression vanished.
(TN : if Jiang Liu survived this night, he’ll probably addict to both coffe and tea.)

“Aren’t your warning a bit late?”

Jiang Liu looked at the empty cup of tea, then said to Du Yuan.


Du Yuan expressionlessly looked at Jiang Liu, until JiangbLiu put down a cup, then he stood up and said : “I also never wanted to harm Chen Lin.”


Hearing this, Jiang Liu paused and looked at Du Yuan.

“But, for the sake of the plan, she has to die.”

Du Yuan and Jiang Liu looked at each other, gradually drawing close, speaking word by word.

“What plan?”

Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes, asked.

“There is no need for you to know.”

Du Yuan slowly straightened his body, then said.

“For the sake of my race’s destiny, she originally didn’t have to die.”

“But you still killed her.”

Jiang Liu’s eyes slightly drooped, hiding the flame of fury within.

“Because there is something outside of our plan.”

Du Yuan clenched his fist. He looked at Jiang Liu and slowly asked : “Can you guess what that thing is?”

“You mean Zero?”

Jiang Liu closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then said.

“That’s right! Such an unforeseen giant!”

Du Yuan suddenly opened his eyes wide, sternly said : “I’ve observed him since the first time he appear, such dangerous light!”

Du Yuan’s voices became higher the more he talked on, until it finally became hysteria.

“For the sake of our race’s plan, we must get rid of this unstable factor.”

Jiang Liu slowly wait, wait for Du Yuan to finish, then he slowly asked : “And this and killing Chen Lin is related?”

“Of course there is!”

Du Yuan stared at Jiang Liu and slowly said : “Mr.Jiang Liu, do you dare to say that you don’t have any informations about Zero?”

“I know what?”

Jiang Liu’s face didn’t change. He looked at Du Yuan in puzzled, as if didn’t understand what he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, I get it.”

Du Yuan smiled, then said : “I’ve already see you guys once, remember?”


Jiang Liu tilted his head and also recalled the meeting of that time.

“That time, I was there with you guys and I detected that particular breath of light. There’s no mistake about it, that is breath from Zero.”

Du Yuan licked his dried lip, closed his eyes, as if to recall that scene.

“As the nobles of the dark night, we are extremely sensitive to the light. Someone among you had direct contact with Zero.”

“Then why didn’t you directly sense for Zero?”

Jiang Liu suddenly smiled, then with the ‘see the light’ expression, he said : “You can’t?”

“In a moment, you will wail……”

Du Yuan smiled in contempt, then said : “I kill Chen Lin because she is your best friend. With your character, you will definitely follow the traces and find me. With this, I can obtain what I desire.”

“You think I’ll tell you?”

Jiang Liu looked face to face at Du Yuan and slowly said.

“Won’t you?”

Du Yuan looked into Jiang Liu’s eyes and sinisterly smiled. His eyes suddenly became red.

Jiang Liu felt as if his soul was sucked by it.

“Tell me…….who is……Zero……”

Du Yuan drew close to Jiang Liu’s ears and slowly asked. After hearing Jiang Liu spit out two words, he nodded.

“I see……”


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