Chapter 158 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (5)

Chapter 158 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (5)

“Who is the police here?”

That policeman was enraged by Jiang Qi’s words. The police was unexpectedly suspected?

“I only judge the matter as it stands.”

Jiang Qi frowned, then said.

“You little brat……..”

That policeman rolled up his sleeves, wanting to teach this arrogant brat a lesson or two, but fortunately he was pulled back by his colleague.

Jiang Qi stood there. The muscles from his whole body taut. As long as this policeman made a move, Jiang Qi guaranteed that he would make this guy wish for dead.

“Let’s go!”

Without waiting for anyone to make a move, Jiang Liu suddenly spoke, making Jiang Qi to halt and look at Jiang Liu.

“Let’s leave……..”

Jiang Liu deeply looked at Chen Lin’s corpse, softly said, then pushed his wheelchair and left.


Jiang Qi was stunned. He looked at Jiang sisters, then also left.

“Daddy, why do you want to leave?”

Exiting the door. Jiang Xiaoqi caught up to Jiang Liu and unhappily said : “Why not let the big fraud handled them?”

“Do you want to assault the police?”

Jiang Liu looked at the silent Jiang Qi, coldly snorted, then said.

“If that policeman made a move first, then it’s legitimate self-defense.”
Hearing that, Jiang Qi’s eyes flashed. Then he spoke.

“You actually want to beat people?”

Jiang Liu strangely looked at Jiang Qi, then smiled to himself.

There was no sarcasm feeling nor happy meaning in it, it was just a smile.

Just when Jiang Qi was about to ask for the reason, Jiang Liu shook his head then opened his mouth : “Don’t think too highly of those policemen. Although they are not evildoers, but they are also not that good either. Chen Lin originally didn’t pay much attention to them.”

“If you were to really make a move, before, there was Chen Lin pressing them down, but now, they would definitely make false charges against you.”

After hearing that, Jiang Qi was silent for half a day, then he said : “I recalled that there seems to be records in that room, right? If that’s really so…….”

“I thought you know……”

Jiang Liu didn’t wait for Jiang Qi to finish and Immediately interrupted, he said : “I have already checked. Of the entire Jing Wei park, only the records of Chen Lin’s apartment are deleted.”

“Is it the murderer’s doing?”

Jiang Xue was holding Jiang Xiaoqi’s hand while listening. She became startled, then asked.


Jiang Liu closed his eyes and declined to comment.

“Is the murderer human?”

Jiang Qi stopped. He looked at them and felt uncertain.

“Then what do you think?”

Jiang Liu smiled and fixed his eyes filled with curiosity and asked.


Jiang Qi leaned close to Jiang Liu’s face. His forehead was fulled of sweat. He said : “Stop acting. Didn’t you see it too?”

“Saw what?”

Jiang Xiaoqi closed by. She looked at the two of them with doubtful gaze. Intuition told her that both of them seemed to hiding something from her.

Jiang Qi this big fraud was one thing. Jiang Liu, however, was her head. How could he hide the truth from her?

“There were two tiny holes on Chen Lin’s neck, as if there were two sharp edge piercings into her artery.”

Jiang Liu looked at Jiang Xiaoqi’s doubtful gaze, paused a bit, then spoke.

“The blood would spurt out if the artery was punctured. Yet there is not a little trace of blood on the crime scene.”

Jiang Xiaoqi touched her chin with fingers, like the certain Boy of Death.

“Unless the blood was sucked out.”

The quietly listening Jiang Xue suddenly spoke, stunning Jiang Xiaoqi.

“It, It couldn’t be, right?”

Jiang Liu looked at the stunned Jiang Xiaoqi, kneaded his temples, then said : “You guys go back first. I will go handle something.”


Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu in doubt, didn’t understand why he makes them return first.

“I’ll go with you.”

Jiang Xue stepped forward at Jiang Liu’s side and said.

“No need, this is something only I can do.”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu waved his hand, refusing Jiang Xue’s suggestion.

“At least let Little Jiang go with you so he can protect you……”

“No need. He can just protect himself.”

Jiang Liu didn’t wait for Jiang Xue to finish and declined her. Then he looked into Jiang Xue’s eyes and said : “Be careful when you’re alone.”


What’s that mean??

They became dumbfounded, looked at each other, then looked at Jiang Liu’s back, going far away.

“What to do now?”

Jiang Qi shrugged his shoulders. Them he looked at both ladies and asked.

“Let’s return. I believe father wouldn’t do things that he cannot handle.”

Jiang Liu was away, so it was natural to listen to Jiang Xue. Hearing her say that, they also followed Jiang Xue and left.


Beads of bright of stars, inlaying on the black curtain of night, like the dazzling gems. This was the hazy moonlight of the night. It was extremely quiet, as if the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be even heard.

Also unknown why, the moon of the past few days seemed to be rounder than usual.

Jiang Liu was sitting on a wheelchair. He arrived at an apartment. The apartment was not considered too big, merely a litter more than a hundred meters, but it was especially unique.


Jiangliu pushed the wheelchair and knocked on the door of the apartment. It didn’t take long for the door to be opened. A man stood in front of the door and was stunned seeing Jiang Liu there. Then he smiled and welcomed Jiang Liu inside.

In the apartment, it was spotlessly cleaned by men and it was very neat.

“I don’t know what business brings Mr.Jiang Liu to visit me.”

The man served Jiang Liu a cup of tea, smiled and asked.

“Chen Lin is dead.”

Jiang Liu looked at the steaming hot tea, smiled a bit, then said.

“What? Sister Chen is dead?”

The man was dumbfounded and sprung to his feet, asked in disbelief.

“You really don’t know?”

At the man’s reaction, Jiang Liu smiled. Then, his smiled vanished.

“Eh, what’s that mean?”

The man confusedly looked at Jiang Liu, as if didn’t understand why Jiang Liu ask such a question.

“Everyone here is intelligent, so let’s cut to the chase.”

Jiang Liu pushed the wheelchair to the man’s side, coldly asked : “Chen Lin’s death is your doing, right?”

“Mr. Jiang Liu, please don’t carelessly accuse me.”

The man rubbed his nose, retreated a few steps, then said : “At least provide evidence, okay?”


Three English words came out from Jiang Liu’s mouth.

“Your english name, abbreviates into Dracula·Du·Yuan.
(TN : I don’t know how Y become E)

Jiang Liu looked at the man before him, Du Yuan, and his eyes became cold.


Du Yuan clapped his hands and sinisterly smiled : “Correct. It’s a pity there’s no reward.”

But you really amazed me. You unexpectedly risk coming here alone.”


Jiang Liu turned his body, looking at Du Yuan, and spoke word by word : “I don’t even bring a knife.”

“If I tell you that I was the one who left that clue, would you still be this arrogant?”

Suddenly, Du Yuan smiled, making Jiang Liu’s expression changed.



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