Chapter 157 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (4)

Chapter 157 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (4)

But, does this world has vampires?

Jiang Qi thought, then couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The monsters were already here, why wouldn’t vampires possible?

Then Jiang Qi squatted down and swept through Chen Lin’s whole body. He opened her eyes and saw her pupils were extremely dilated.

Humans’ pupils were indeed dilated after their death, but would they dilate to this extent?

“Under certain circumstances where human was still not completely dead, their pupil will continuously enlarge…….”

Jiang Liu pushed his wheelchair to Jiang Qi’s side. He gazed at Chen Lin’s corpse and slightly drooped down, unknown of what he’s thinking. Then he said : “For example, after the patient advanced in poisoning, they may loss consciousness, their brainstem approach near-death state and they might fall into coma, enter a vegetative state. Their body becomes cold and their muscles become rigid……”

“The patient’s body at this time would lose self-regulating function, slowly losing control of the pupil’s sphincter muscles which begin to loosen. The pupil would gradually disperse and lose reflection and lustre. After the body is officially dead, aside from the pupils enlarging, the cornea would also become turbid because of the lose of moisture contents. As time goes on, the turbid deepen. Under normal condition, after 6-12 hours of death, the cornea becomes mild turbid. At 12-24 hours, the turbid continue deepening, but the pupil still can be seen. After 48 hours, the turbid would be extremely severe and cornea cannot be seen anymore. What could be seen at this time is corpses grey eyes as everyone know……..”

Jiang Qi listened while pondered, but no matter how he thought, he couldn’t think otherwise.

Could it be that vampires are capable of disregard any defensive system?

Unable to understand, Jiang Qi carefully examine Chen Lin’s corpse, wishing to find some clues.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi seemed to see something. He pried opened Chen Lin’s clenched fists.



Other policemen circles in at once. Seeing Chen Lin’s hand, they immediately couldn’t say anything.

And at the side, Jiang Liu’s eyelids jumped. He pondered a bit and his expression changed. Then he heavily spit out a breath.


Jiang Qi read what’s in Chen Lin in soft voice, they were English characters written in blood.

“What’s that mean?”

Jiang Qi was slightly dumbfounded. He was totally at loss and completely didn’t understand what these characters represent.

“Uncle, do you know?”

He knew that he couldn’t understand, but Jiang Qi knew someone who definitely could, thus he turned to asked Jiang Liu.


Jiang Liu didn’t respond, only narrowed his eyes. Then he turned to the policemen and asked : “Aren’t someone among you guys missing?”


These policemen looked at each other in surprise. Although they didn’t understand why Jiang Liu asked such question, but they still answered : “All police officer in services have already come here, is something wrong?”

In the end, he asked along, wishing to if Chen Lin’s death had any relation with this, however Jiang Liu didn’t pay attention to him.

“I didn’t ask about those policemen in service, but about whether the policemen who had good relation with Chen Lin were here.”

Hearing their answer, Jiang Liu hastily replied.

“They should all be here…….”

That policeman was a bit startled, then said with certainty : “The moment those police officers who have good relations with officer Chen hear about the news, they immediately rush here. There’s no way someone’s missing.”

“Is that so?”

Jiang Liu faintly frowned. He lowered his head and tapped his fingers on his forehead.

“Did you come up with something?”

Seeing several people sank into silent after questions, Jiang Qi pursed his lips and softly asked Jiang Liu.

“Oh, right!”

Suddenly, another policeman at the side seemed to recall something. He patted that person’s shoulder and said : “Officer Du Yuan is not here.”

“That’s right! Officer Du Yuan is not here.”

That person also suddenly realized and slapped his head, then said to Jiang Liu : “Officer Du Yuan is not here right now.”

“Du Yuan…….”

At the side, Jiang Xue was a bit startled hearing this name.

Du Yuan……Du Yuan…….

She seemed to has heard this name before.

“Missing Children Case……”
(TN : He is first mentioned in chapter 54)

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at frowning Jiang Xue and leaned on her ear and softly said : “We’d met him there.”

“Oh, it’s him…….”

Jiang Xue was startled, recalling that weird person.

“Why isn’t he here?”

The one asking this time was not Jiang Liu but was Jiang Qi. Since Jiang Liu asked such question, then there must me something to it, although he still didn’t get what it mean.


That policeman nodded and explained : “Officer Du Yuan’s latest case is the Exposed Corpses in the mountain. He brought along ten team members to investigate. Half-way through, they met with a landslide. Of the ten members, only officer Du Yuan came back alive.”


After hearing that, Jiang Qi tilted his head, them said : “Only return alive alone?”


That police officer nodded, then said : “Officer Du Yuan also receive severe injuries. He is recuperating at home right now.”

“I see……”

Jiang Qi nodded. Could Du Yuan related with this incident? Could he be the one who kill her?

Looking at Jiang Liu beside him, Jiang Qi wished to make out something from him. But on the contrary, Jiang Liu didn’t have any reaction. Instead, he looked at Chen Lin’s corpse, his eyes contained mourning feeling, and also……wrath.

Jiang Qi didn’t understand where this wrath come from, but he knew that someone precious to him was dead. He must be very sad? That feeling of losing someone dear, I’ve also experienced it before……”

“You guys……”

At this moment, that police officer suddenly made a sound, breaking the quiet atmosphere. Other people’s attentions were directed toward him.

“You guys wouldn’t suspect officer Du Yuan, right?”

That police looked at Jiang Qi and others in disbelief and said.

“Why not?”

Seeing that there was a police officer defending him, Jiang Qi’s eyes were filled with curious expression.

“In the bureau, officer Du Yuan has the best relationship with inspector Chen Lin. How could he kill inspector Chen? ”

That policeman looked at the, frowning with unhappy countenance, then said : “Even if he kill her, what’s his motive? officer Du Yuan doesn’t has any personal enmity with her, nor past hatred. It’s definitely not him!”


Jiang Qi became silent. These policemen’s words were without reason. He also didn’t have evidence. It just…….

“Furthermore, the reason officer Du Yuan hasn’t come here is because we haven’t informed him, to let him recuperate at home in peace.”

That policeman said, becoming brain-dead fan of Du Yuan.

“We only suspect. Before we have any clear evident, everyone is suspected.”
Jiang Qi spoke and looked face to face at that policeman.


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