Chapter 156 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (3)

Chapter 156 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (3)

Jiang Qi rubbed his waist, which Jiang Xiaoqi almost ripped his fleshes off.

Why did women love to pinch at this place?


The driver also laughed. He looked at them through the rear view mirror and said : “I don’t know what youngsters were thinking nowadays.”

Hearing driver’s words, Jiang Xiaoqi blushed and separated from Jiang Qi’s embrace, then ferociously glanced at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi silently rubbed his nose and cried inside, who did he offend now?

“Right, why did you guys thinking of me now?”

After a while, Jiang Qi suddenly thought of something and asked.

“Oh, this!”

Jiang Xiaoqi touched her face in embarrassment, then said : “The matter was too urgent and we all forgot it. We only remembered of you by the time we arrived there.”


Jiang Qi twitched his mouth, then said : “Then you guys thought of me and went to find me?”

“Not yet.”

Jiang Xiaoqi’s words made Jiang Qi’s face became even darker. It seemed his existence was only so-so.

“Then why did you guys want me now?”

Jiang Qi took a deep breath and asked.

“It was dad’s idea!”

Jiang Xiaoqi stuck her tongue out. Her negative feeling was dispersed by a lot after her recent crying.

“Why would that uncle think of me?”

Hearing this, Jiang Qi Immediately felt strange. He didn’t expect Jiang Liu to actually think of him.

“After dad examined the scene for a while, he suddenly made us get you.”

Jiang Xiaoqi said. Her eyes contained inconceivable thought, then she said : “I and sis were also very surprised!”


This was not a laughing matter. Jiang Qi flung his mouth, then said : “What did he discover to need me?”

“Don’t know. He said that there’s no bizarre work, only unaccustomed one.”

Jiang Xiaoqi thought a bit, then decided to bring in Jiang Liu’s exact words.


Sure enough, he’d never called me for something good!

Jiang Qi rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything. He only lowered his head and waited quietly

Jing Wei garden was not far from the office. It would only take about 20 minutes riding a taxi. Soon, they arrived at the Jing Wei apartment.

Both sides of Jing Wei apartment were filled with tall verdant trees, which seemed to be able to cover the sky. Both sides of the road and the surrounding were clustered with flowers.

Jing Wei apartment’s occupied area was not considered big. There was a blue crystal floating in the middle. Jiang Qi knew that this was the supervisor system. Anyone entered this place would get scanned and recorded down.

The taxi could only stop here. Going any further would cause a big issue.

“Many thanks!”

Jiang Qi tossed the fares and spoke to the driver. Fortunately, this driver was a good man and advised Jiang Xiaoqi, otherwise his shoulder would be submerged by now.

The driver lightly nodded. He looked at Jiang Xiaoqi and then Jiang Qi, then said with deep meaning : “Being happiness is the most consolation for your passed ones. So you have to do your best to be happy for the sake of your parent!”

“En! Got it!”

Jiang Qi nodded at the driver and firmly said.

“I also wish you young couples for the best!”

And then, the driver’s words suddenly took a sharp turn, making Jiang Qi to stand stiff.

He wished to clarify, but the driver already drove far away. He turned his head and saw Jiang Xiaoqi’s face was normal, so he smiled inside.

It seemed this girl didn’t pay attention, so it should be fine……

Jiang Qi relaxedly signed and turned his body, then he became dumbfounded and stood there.

Jiang Xiaoqi saw Jiang Qi’s strangeness, she curiously turned her head and became stunned. Them she happily shouted : “Sis! Why are you here?”


Behind Jiang Qi was exactly Jiang Xue. Her eyes were red as if she had just cried.

She didn’t say a word. After looking back and forth between both of them, she opened her mouth and said with hoarse voices : “Father is waiting for you.”

“Sis, did you cry?”

Jiang Xiaoqi also realized that Jiang Xue’s mood was low, so she went to Jiang Xue’s side and hugged her.

“I’m fine, let’s go inside!”

Jiang Xue forced a smile, then spoke.

Both girls took the lead while Jiang Qi was following behind and looking around.

Not walking far, they reached Chen Lin’s resident. The entrance was surrounded a dozen of police cars. The curious people also opened their windows and observed.

The policeman on guard was stunned seeing Jiang Xue and others, then allowed them in. He had seen them before in the Ghost Night Parade case.

Inside looked the same as ordinary rooms, but everyone knew that every room in Jing Wei apartment was managed by photonics brain, like in 《Iron Man》movie.

They walked in the living room. Many policemen inside stood there gloomily. In the middle, a middle-aged man was sitting on the wheelchair——Jiang Liu. His crossed hands were supporting his chin. His face was rather cloudy. Who knew what he’d been thinking.

“Father, little Jiang’s here.”

Jiang Xue arrived at Jiang Liu’s side and softly said.


Jiang Liu opened his eyes. Seeing Jiang Qi arrived, he loosed a breath, then beckoned Jiang Qi over, said : “Since you’re here now, don’t waste my time, come and look.”


Jiang Qi hastily advanced and entered the cordon. He saw Chen Lin quietly lie on the sofa, as if she was sleeping.

It looked like an ordinary natural death, however……..

“Did anyone move her…….”

Jiang Qi asked the surrounding policemen.


The policemen looked at each other strangely. Jiang Liu’s first words were also like this, but they still strictly replied : “No one moves her. She was like this when we first came.”

This is strange…….

Jiang Qi’s complexion sank. Chen Lin’s body didn’t seem to have a disease. There had to be a reason for her sudden death. Furthermore, her corpse lying properly on the sofa seemed meticulous.

Could this be homicide?

This was very probable, because Chen Lin was a police officer and thus offended many criminals. So having someone wanting to kill her was not strange. What was strange was that this Jin Wei apartment had a strict security system. It was impossible to get inside without the owner’s permission.

Could it be accomplice’s doing?

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu while the latter also looked back. Both of them clearly thought the same. Jiang Liu then pointed at Chen Lin’s corpse.

Jiang Qi carefully examined Chen Lin’s corpse, frowning. He brushed aside her collar and tiled her head, then his expression shook.

On her neck, there were two small holes. With his alarmed mind, he pressed his fingers on Chen Lin’s neck and closed his eyes, concentrated on Chen Lin’s body response.

None!! There is no blood at all!

Chen Lin’s body unexpectedly had not a single drop of blood.

Is it a vampire?


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