Chapter 155 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (2)

Chapter 155 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (2)

(TN : I changed Jiang Xue’s litter sister, Little Jiang qi, to Jiang Xiaoqi)

It was early morning. All is quiet and still. The first glimmer of light appeared and the night longed to hide away. The light of dawn awoke the asleep people up. And the glistening delicate sun added the color to the day.

In Jiang Liu’s office, Jiang Qi got down from upstair yawning.

These few days were very peaceful. His school didn’t have any major events, nor the office had any commissions. He also had good rest in these times.

Reaching the first floor, Jiang Qi however didn’t find Jiang Liu’s figure. He looked at the clock. It’s already 8 and a half. With Jiang Liu’s character, he might wake up late, but Jiang Xue absolutely wouldn’t.

Jiang Qi looked around most of the first floor and still didn’t found a single person. This made Jiang Qi feel strange.

Where did everyone go? Is there something going on?

Jiang Qi sat on the sofa and found a newspaper spread open at the side, as if Jiang Liu had just looked on it.

Under Jiang Qi’s curiosity, he picked up a newspaper. Just as he looked on the content, he became dumbfounded.

This content……

“The owner met with the road accident and fell to the side of the road. The loyalty pet dog stood guard alongside the owner and refused to allow strangers to approach, ultimately lead to the owner to die from delay in treatment.

“A man died hanging by the cliff. When the police investigated, the staff stated that he bought a 10-meters bungee rope.”

“The girl made a artificial respiration on a faint old man. The watching old men then made fake faint.”

“A 17-years old student made an arrangement to fight with the outside youth after school. When the homeroom teacher knew, he immediately made a call to the headmaster and bet 50 yuan the youth would win.”

Silently put down the newspaper, Jiang Qi’s expression was very weird. He didn’t know what to say.

The contents on his boss’s ‘newspaper’ were actually such these? They were not secret information but gossips!

This Jiang Liu, it’s fine when he’s normal, but once he’s abnormal……

Covering his head, Jiang Qi opened the TV, looking for some news. He didn’t know what’s going on recently. When there were monsters, he felt irritated. When there weren’t, his hand were itchy.


Suddenly, the office’s door was pushed open. Hearing the noise, Jiang Qi hastily put down the remote controller.

“Welcome to Jiang Liu’s office…..Eh?”

Jiang Qi stood up and looked at the door. He was stunned seeing it was unexpectedly Jiang Xiaoqi.

Jiang Xiaoqi was wearing a yellow long sleeves shirt. Her hair was hanged down backward, at the side was butterfly hairpin. Jiang Xiaoqi right now was panting hard. A few beads of sweat were rolling down and some of her hairs were wet and sticking to her forehead.

“Why is it you?”

Jiang Qi hastily supported Jiang Xiaoqi and patted her back, asked.

“Quick…..quickly run……..”

Jiang Xiaoqi didn’t explain. She just caught Jiang Qi’s hand and pull him.

“Eh? Wait…….”

Jiang Qu widened his eyes. He was pulled away, but he didn’t resist as he was afraid to hurt Jiang Xiaoqi. He hastily said : “I still haven’t washed my face yet!”

“There’s no time……”

Jiang Xiaoqi answered without turning back and waved for a taxi. She then dragged Jiang Qi into the car without asking his opinion.

“Let’s go… Jiang Wei apartment.”

After entering the car, Jiang Xiaoqi Immediately spoke to the driver.


Jiang Qi curiously glanced at her. He had heard Jing Wei apartment before. This place was towering at Gaoyang city’s science and technology district. There were not only important government officials, but also military commanders staying there. Even Jiang Liu this one of the top nouveau riche Of Gaoyang City didn’t stay there.

“Did something happen there?”

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Xiaoqi’s expression and pursed his lips, then asked.

“Aunt Chen is dead……”

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at the man beside her, then spoke softly with dismay in her voice.

“Aunt Chen?”

Jiang Qi was dazed at first, then after he pondered deeply, his expression changed. He asked with uncertainty : “Officer Chen Lin?”


Jiang Xiaoqi bit her lips and choked.


Jiang Qi’s mind was in turmoil. How could Chen Lin just died?

“I don’t know. There’s a call on 5 AM saying Aunt Chen met with mishaps.”

Jiang Xiaoqi took a deep breath, then said : “Father then brought us out. You weren’t awake at that time and we were too panic back then and forgot to wake you.”

“…….How did she die?”

Jiang Qi hesitated a bit, and asked Jiang Xiaoqi who lowered her head.

“I don’t know.”

Jiang Xiaoqi shook her head and said with her expression trembling : “I didn’t dare to look, I’m……afraid…….”

“It’s fine, It’s fine……”

Jiang Qi hastily patted Jiang Xiaoqi’s back, hoping to alleviate her frightened mentality.
As his hand touched her back, he felt Jiang Xiaoqi’s body stiffened a bit, then relaxed and leaned on his shoulder.

Jiang Qi’s hand paused a bit. Seeing Jiang Xiaoqi’s eyes which already were filled with tears, he softly sighed. Then he patted her back and spoke softly at her ears : “Just cry……cry out, it’ll be better.”


Hearing his words, Jiang Xiaoqi couldn’t bear it anymore. She threw herself into Jiang Qi’s arms and cried loudly.

“She has been taking care of me since I was a child……..why did she has to die? Why…….”
Jiang Qi didn’t speak. He quietly wiped Jiang Xiaoqi’s tears and patted her back.

“It is natural that everybody can’t understand the pain of losing the dearest ones. We can only silently pray for the passing ones in our minds, wishing for their well-being in another heaven!”

After a while. Jiang Xiaoqi’s cry subsided. Jiang Qi leaned at her ears and softly spoke.

“Little girl, that young man is right!”

Suddenly the driver uncle looked at them hugging each other through the rearview mirror, said : “Although your dear ones passed away, don’t be too saddened. In heaven, they wouldn’t like to see you become this saddened. Lift your spirit and strive hard, for the sake of your loved ones.”


After hearing that, Jiang Xuaoqi’s body trembled a bit. She didn’t say anything.

Seeing that, the driver faintly smiled, then said : “Your dear ones can’t reach you, but they can see you. They wouldn’t want to see you in low-spirit because of them. So cheer up and stay strong, don’t disappoint them.”

“Thank you, I understand now.”

Jiang Xiaoqi drew back into Jiang Qi’s embrace and softly said.


Jiang Qi also sent a grateful gaze at the driver. After seeing that, the driver laughed softly, then said : “You young couples can continue flirting yourselves.”



Jiang Qi became dumbfounded. He looked at the driver, then looked at Jiang Xiaoqi who didn’t move because of embarrassment, then hastily said : “You are mistaken, sir. We are not…….Aiyou——why did you pinch me?”



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