Chapter 154 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (1)

Chapter 154 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (1)

The green rock with numerous cracks stood on the ground. On it engraved a name, though it couldn’t be seen clearly determined whose name was anymore. Leaves and flowers scattered around as if went through some kind of disaster. The thread of cold wind contained a bit of desolate feeling.

The direction the broken branches pointed at was a nearby villa, very large but not luxurious.

A man was dressed in a neat suit, his hair was neatly trimmed, and he was wearing shiny shoes.

He walked into the villa. The shoes hit the ground and made a sound.

“Welcome, please identify yourself.”

Suddenly, a light shone out from the villa’s door, then a machine-like sound rang.

“Tell police officer Chen that I am here.”

The man’s bright red lips squinted and faintly spoke to the door.


The villa’s door suddenly sent out a light and screened the man. The man’s brows were slightly wrinkled but he had no other reaction.

After the scan, the voice said : “Please wait a moment.”

Then everything became quiet……..

Recently, Chen Lin was very busy. The great part of work in police headquarter needed her attention.

Today was also the same, the works she had to deal with were abnormally large. It seemed she had to stay up late all night again.

Thinking to here, Chen Lin couldn’t help but bitterly smiled. Strictly speaking, she hadn’t slept for two days straight already.

Chen Lin stood up from a chair, took a cup of coffee and sipped it, feeling the bitter taste spreading in her mouth.

That made her regained vigor. Think about it, Jiang Liu was full of praise of her coffee at that time. Maybe she would send some to him later.

Thinking to this, Chen Lin couldn’t help but lift her mouth.

“There’s guest…..”

Suddenly, a mechanical voice rang up in the room.


Chen Lin slightly frowned. It was this late, who would come here?

The mechanical voice didn’t speak, but showed a picture of a person in front of Chen Lin.

“Why is he here?”

Chen Lin was a bit stunned. She considered for a moment, then decided to let him in.

“Open the door.”


And the man who was waiting at the door, seeing the door brightened up, he smiled.



After a while, the man entered Chen Lin’s living room.

“Why did you come to find me in this late night?”

Chen Lin sat on a sofa. She smiled at the man and pointed at the soda opposite her.

“I still thought you were asleep.”

The man smiled and sat down on the sofa opposite of Chen Lin.

He swept a glance at Chen Lin. She had taken off her previous uniform and changed into a casual home dress. Her ponytail was also loosened down.

On her oval face were arched eyebrows, and under them were two bright and sharp eyes. She seemed to lack of her usual heroic look but had more of a wife flavor now.

“There are many affairs I have to deal with.”

Chen Lin’s words made the man recalled his gaze. He looked at Chen Lin drinking coffee, then spoke in soft voice : “What happened?”

“It’s alright.”

The man faintly smiled, then said : “I just have some questions in my mind and wants to ask for your answer.”


Chen Lin looked at the man in surprise and asked curiously : “What’s the question that even you cannot solve?”

“What is darkness?”

The man’s face was filled with a sinister smile. He asked Chen Lin : “Is it the monsters that baring claws and fangs? Is it the space aliens expanding territories?”

“What do you think?”

This question, Chen Lin also couldn’t answer. Everyone had their own answer.

“It’s human!”

The man slowly spitted out these words, making Chen Lin’s expression changed.

The man didn’t look at Chen Lin but began to speak to himself : “Silent is seen as being shrewd, a smile is seen as baring fangs, tears are seen as the script, bleeding is seen as poisonous bait, hiding is seen as being guilty. Human!! Is such sorrowful creatures.”

“Your thinkings are too extreme!”

The smile on Chen Lin’s face already disappeared. She realized that this man might come to her with another purpose?

“Extreme? I just speak the truth!”

The man stood up from the sofa and slowly walked over to Chen Lin.

“The former me is also want to wholeheartedly protect people, but then what? What did those people give me? They just stared blankly as our team was wiped out!!!

The more the man spoke, the more his expression became malicious. The resentment seemed to want to condense into substance.

“Wiped out?”

Chen Lin’s pupils contracted. She slowly asked the man.

“That’s right! Wipe out…….”

The man calmed down and looked face to face at Chen Lin, slowly said : “Thinking back of when I was ignorant and naive, I really want to laugh at how stupid I was, stupidly believe in light and so-called peace. But after I entered hell, I realized that…..I misinterpreted this world. I now understand that the light and fairness are just the hypocrisy truth. The real truth is just selfishness and darkness!

Chen Lin slowly stood up from the sofa and made a distances from the man. She asked cautiously: “Since everyone was wiped out, then you……”

“Came back from hell……”

The man interrupted Chen Lin. He lifted his mouth and picked up a picture of the tea table. On the picture, Chen Lin was at her work table and holding a pot of red flower.

“Do you know how this flower was grown? This flower, was watered by servant’s blood, nourished by fear, and grown within people’s hearts! That’s why this flower can be so——bright red!”

The man’s smile became more and more evident. He looked at Chen Lin and showed the picture to her. He slowly exerted strength in his hand and the picture unexpectedly crushed into powder.

“What is your objective?”

Chen Lin took a deep breath, calming herself. Because her gun was in her bedroom, even if she risked it to take her gun, it was unknown if firearm was effective. So it might be better to discuss with him.

“Look into my eyes.”

The man suddenly spoke. His voice was filled with an attractive power, stunning Chen Lin. She couldn’t help but look into his eyes.


Just a look, and Chen Lin felt like her head was heavily hit and she fell unconscious.

“Sure enough, the you now is too weak. I actually succeed in one try.”

The man walked to Chen Lin’s side and carried her in his arm. Then he sat on the sofa and put Chen Lin to sit on his thigh.

He caressed Chen Lin’s bright and smooth cheek, undid Chen Lin’s neck button and put her hair aside, revealing Chen Lin’s white and fair neck.

The man evilly smiled. He slowly drew close and took a deep breath.

“As expected, this smell of blood, she’s still a virgin……”

He spread his tongue and lick. Then the sharp fangs that were painfully hidden slowly sank into Chen Lin’s skin. The sweet blood flew into the man’s throat, making him tightened his embrace on Chen Lin……


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