Chapter 153 Doubt (10)

Chapter 153 Doubt (10)

Thunder, with a flash, the huge spark ripped through the dark. The dark cloud started to churn, the lightning running around.

The dark clouds all over the sky unexpectedly began to move restlessly, continuously churn and congeal. Gradually, the dark cloud that had been blocking the sky and the sun unexpectedly condensed into a huge shadow.


That figure screamed and flew toward Jiang Qi. Without any time to defend, he was bumped flying by that body.

He crashed against the multistoried building. Fortunately the people there already evacuated.

Jiang Qi half-knelt on the ground. He looked inconceivably at that figure. It was actually a monster.

From its figure, it looked like a woman. Its back grew two wings, its whole body was dark grey. Its head was a big bird head. The bird head’s mouth opened into a hole, with a person’s face inside.

“Name : Kokakuchu

Gender : Female

Height : 62 meters

Weight : 52,000 tons

Kokakuchu was a monster from Ancient Chinese Mythology. It sometimes appeared with nine heads. It had humanoid shape with female human-like face within bird-like head and had laughters that sent chill to one’s spine. It was originally a plasmic creature living in the ionosphere.”


“If the text isn’t wrong, isn’t Kokukachu a monster from 《Ultraman Dyna》?”
(TN : Interesting. And I though only monsters from Tiga would appear.)

Jiang Qi never expected that this Kokakuchu would barge in.

But this wouldn’t change anything.

Jiang Qi stood up, extended his hand, and shook his hand at Kokakuchu with absolute disdain.


As if being enraged by Jiang Qi’s action, Kokakuchu screamed and charged over.
Jiang Qi dodged, then kicked at Kokakuchu’s back. Then he grabbed its back and threw it.


Kokakuchu screamed and fell down. Jiang Qi then trampled on its back.

He grabbed its head then slammed it to the ground. He raised his fist and was about to pound at it.


Suddenly, a grating sound rang beside Jiang Qi’s ears. He secretly shouted ‘not good’ inside.


A plasma ball hit on Jiang Qi’s back, knocking him off Kokakuchu’s body.

Jiang Qi hastily stood up. He looked at Gazort slowly walked over and sinisterly looked at him with bloodshot eyes.


At the side, Kokakuchu also stood up and stood beside Gazort.

Gazort opened its mouth wide, strange sounds came from its mouth. And Kokakuchu at the side also raised its hands with lighting surrounding them.

Immediately after, two attacks flew toward Jiang Qi at the same time. Jiang Qi dodged to a side, and those two attacks hit the multistoried building behind, leveled it down with less than a second.

“Finally catch up……”

At another side, Han Yi who had been left behind finally arrived. Seeing 2 vs 1 scene, Han Yi narrowed his eyes.

“This is Eagle, request permission to engage!”

Han Yi spoke out of habit and then realized : “I forget they can’t hear me.”

“We can hear you……”

Suddenly, Ding Yunfeng’s sound rang beside Han Yi’s ears, startled him. He spoke : “The communication is restored?”

“Of course……just recently.”

In the Night Raider headquarter, After Ding Yunfeng and others looked at the situation on the light screen, he said : “The cloud all over the world has vanished. The communication obstruction is also gone. Out fighter jets are now heading toward your position.”


Han Yi nodded, then pressed attack button on Gazort, making it which at first wanted to follow attack on Jiang Qi changed its target to Eagle and fired plasma ball toward it.

Didn’t dare to hesitate, Jiang Qi sprung to his feet and kicked Gazort down.

Then with his hand on the ground, he kicked at the Kokakuchu above.


Gazort stood up and was about to charge over. Without turning his head, Jiang Qi kicked Gazort down to the ground again.

Turning back, with light gushing out from his fist, it heavily exploded onto Kokakuchu’s abdomen.


Turning back, he saw Gazort opened its mouth and fired a plasma ball at him.
I will give it back to you!

Jiang Qi caught that plasma ball with his hand and smashed it back at Gazort’s face. Gazort took a dozen steps back from this hit and was patting its face in hope of reducing the pain.

Jiang Qi turned his head and moved his finger at Kokakuchu, signaled it to come over.


Kokakuchu was enraged and dashed over. But Jiang Qi roundhouse kick at its abdomen. Then he grabbed its head, lifted it up, and threw it at Gazort.


Gazort and Kokakuchu collided against each other and fell to the ground at the same time.

Lightly wiping the tip of his nose. Jiang Qi leaped up high into the sky. The energy from his whole body was transmitted into his right leg. He kicked down at the two monsters.


With the sound coming from flame under air’s friction, at this moment, Jiang Qi seemed to understand the true meaning of Leo Kick. It was mainly depended on momentum, not force.


Leo Kick-derivative pierced through the two monsters. After Jiang Qi slowly stood up, the two monsters also fell down and violently exploded.

This was not enough. He still had to comprehend his own flying kick. Until then it could transform into Ultra Zero Kick.

Slowly, Jiang Qi also disappeared, leaving behind dumbstruck Han Yi.

“So….damn strong……”

Han Yi basically didn’t know what to do, he could only knead his head and said : “Returning to the base.”



The light enveloped Jiang Qi and took him to the ground. His whole person was weary and exhaust.

His back which ate a few attacks was burning hot. However it was just minor injuries and was not serious.

Jiang Qi walked back along the way he come, leading to him bumping into Jiang Xue who was looking for him.

“Where have you gone? Are you alright?”

Walking on the road to the coffee shop, Jiang Xue looked at him up and down and nervously asked.

“I’m fine.”

Jiang Qi lightly nodded. He hesitated a bit, then asked : “Right, that Miya Muramasa……”

“That’s my friend…….”

Jiang Xue looked at the Jiang Qi’s expression and suddenly covered her smile, then said.

“Why did you guys hold hands in the coffee shop?”

Jiang Qi lightly coughed, then casually asked.

“Oh, that was for recommending the latest nail polish……”

Jiang Xue also casually spoke.

“Nail polish?”
(TN : nail it?)

Jiang Qi frowned, not understanding how that and nail polish connected.


Jiang Xue nodded, then said : “That person is my girl bestie. From time to time she just gossiped with me about which handsome model’s figure are good.”
(TN : NAIL IT!!!)


Jiang Qi suddenly felt like he cannot understand anything. Without waiting for him to think, Miya Muramasa suddenly walked over, grabbed Jiang Qi’s hand and concerningly asked : “Where did you go? Are you alright? Are you hurt?……”

Jiang Qi flusteringly pulled his hand back, then pulled a distance. He rubbed his head and awkwardly smiled : “I’m fine……”


Probably realized that his behavior was a bit rude, Miya smiled at Jiang Xue : “Let’s catch up later.”

Then he walked pass Jiang Qi’s side and conveniently stroked Jiang Qi’s pectoral muscles.

“Such robust muscles——“

Miya walked away. His sound still reverberated inside Jiang Qi’s ears, making him stood there blankly.


Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Qi, then looked at Miya who was walking away, and finally couldn’t bear it anymore and laughed.

(TN : Miya is a he, with she’s mind.)


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