Chapter 152 Doubt(9)

Chapter 152 Doubt(9)

Lightning streaked through black clouds, penetrated the sky of quiet night.

Han Yi’s Eagle was flying below the clouds. He already realized that the cloud had stopped moving.

“Why is it so strange?”

Being near the clouds, Han Yi’s fine hairs were standing up. He felt like there was something looking at him.

At this moment, another light illuminated the entire sky, ripping through the countless dark clouds, strike down to the ground like a sword.


Then, a column of light cut open the horizon, streaking pass his eyes, making Han Yi dumbfounded.

“This is……”


The light smashed down onto the empty space at the ground. The light died down and a figure of a red and blue giant appeared.

Jiang Qi was half kneeling on the ground, revealing the light within a gloomy world.


Han Yi frowned looking at Jiang Qi’s figure. There was no monster now, why did he come?


Han Yi suddenly thought of something. She lifted his head and looked at the clouds above. His expression changed.

“Could it be…….”

As if to confirm Han Yi’s thought, the cloud continued to sink down, as if wanting to flatten the ground. Suddenly, thunderclap became indistinct, sometimes near, sometimes far. The dazzling lightning seemed wanting to rip open the thick curtain in the sky.

That lightly streak down before Jiang Qi. After the lightning disappeared, in front of Jiang Qi, suddenly there was a huge figure.

“It is really a monster……”

Han Yi narrowed his eyes and looked at that figure. It was like a flat creature, tinted with dark-grey color. On its flat head embedded with sharp-pointed eyes. Its sharp teeth revealed its carnivorous nature. Its shoulders were high, while its body was flat. Both of its hand were like penguin’s wings.

It looked at Jiang Qi and cheerfully cried out.


With its sound like a child, Han Yi also shivered with disgust.

“Name : Gazort

Height : 59 meters

Weight : 50000 tons

Habitat : Earth’s ionosphere

Race : Critters

The mutated monster Gazort, it was once a group of ‘Critters’. After the Critters received interference electromagnetic wave, they transformed into a monster. Its character was cruel and cunning.”

“Sure enough!”

Jiang Qi pumped his palm with fist and stood up. But he didn’t expect that Gazort would unexpectedly impatiently charge over.


Gazort’s childlike voice rang inside Jiang Qi’s mind, slightly dumbfounded him.
This Gazort was really stubborn and was not afraid of hurting its teeth.

But, to the outsider, Gazort was shouting like a child.

Jiang Qi caught hold on Gazort’s shoulders and fiercely kicked at its leg, then kicked it away.


Jiang Qi shouted and charged at Gazort. He fiercely punched on the standing up Gazort’s body, beating it back a few steps.

After that, Jiang Qi repeatedly punched on Gazort’s body, making it drawback step by step and continuously shrieking.

Then, Jiang Qi’s left leg shook and he did a reverse kick. Gazort struggled for a while, then fell down, not moving, its eyes dimmed.

Jiang Qi also took back his hands and stood there.


Han Yo dumbfoundedly looked at Gazort on the ground. He suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Really? You come in with such strong momentum, and you cannot even bear with a few hit?

Just when Han Yi believed that everything was settled, Jiang Qi’s next action almost made Han Yi’s eyes to fall off.

After Jiang Qi put his hand back, he rode on Gazort’s body and explosively hit on Gazort’s head.

You damn!! You still have to hit it? So damn rotten!!

Jiang Qi’s hits became fiercer and fiercer. After several hits, Gazort’s originally dim eyes suddenly shone up. It shrieked and attempted to struggle under Jiang Qi’s body.

Seeing this scene, Han Yi finally realized that this monster was just feigning death! However not only it couldn’t deceive Zero, it was beaten back instead.

Thinking to this, Han Yi narrowed his eyes. It seemed he cannot look down on the monsters’ intelligence in the future.

Gazort’s hands were like fins, thus it was very weak in close combat. This kind of mobster, like Gazort, should they conduct the fight in the sky, they could unleash their true strength and fired plasma balls out.

But it was unknown if Gazort was muddled from being hungry. It actually directly charged down, thus this one-sided battle happened.

Jiang Qi caught Gazort’s hand. The rays of light gathered on his hands. Instantly, Jiang Qi felt his arm and wrist strength increased by several folds.



Jiang Qi used all his strength and actually ripped Gazort’s hand off.

Gazort Immediately gave horrible shrieks. Green blood was streaming down from its wounds.

Han Yi was also stunned. He had seen not a few of dissection, but this was still the first he saw something like this.

Says, isn’t this a bit too cruel?

Han Yi saw Jiang Qi stood up from Gazort’s body then threw its winglike arm in his hand away.


Gazort was truly angry now. The plasma ball was fired from its mouth. But Jiang Qi was well prepared and dodge it.


Seeing its attack miss, Gazort Immediately flew up into he sky. Upon seeing this, Jiang Qi also chased up.


Because of its injury, Gazort’s flying speed was greatly slowed. And because of his rather lack of aerial combat experience, Jiang Qi’s speed also wasn’t much quicker than Gazort.

But what undeniable was, regardless of which, Han Yi couldn’t chased after.
He could only look, anxious and helpless.

Jiang Qi knew that if this chase kept going, he might not necessarily able to keep up.

So, Jiang Qi put his left arm horizontally to his chest, and the Beam Lamp on his forehead fired out a green laser beam.

Emerium Slash——


Emerium Slash successfully hit Gazort’s back, but it only slightly tremble and its speed unexpectedly increased a bit.

Suddenly, Gazort’s gaze sharpened. It unexpectedly turned around and charged at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi was taken aback, he didn’t expect that it still had this move.


Gazort opened it mouth, and a plasma ball was shot out.


After a burst of a violent explosion, Jiang Qi vanished. Gazort naively thought that Jiang Qi had died and relaxed.


A ray of light descended from above. Gazort looked up and saw a giant waving his flaming fist at it.


Gazort just let out a cry when a fist exploded on its back. Without even a time to shriek, Gazort was blasted back to the ground.



Jiang Qi also descended to the ground. Zero Sluggers automatically installed on his head. Fortunately they were there, otherwise he might really get hurt.


Just when Jiang Qi prepared to kill Gazort, the dark clouds on the sky suddenly had an abrupt change.


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