Chapter 15 Galactron

Chapter 15 Galactron

Jiang Qi and Jiang Liu came out from the roller coaster, staggered to the side of the trash bin, began to vomit at the same time.

“Bleech~ say, chief. Why are you taking me as well.”

Jiang Qi vomited, then slowly asked Jiang Liu.

Now he knew, the bad feeling from before was not an illusion. But it was this shameless chief scamming him.

“…… Smelly brat, rice can be eaten messily, but words can’t be spoken carelessly, when did I cheated you … Bleech–“

Jiang Liu slowly and seriously said to Jiang Qi.

“Aren’t you the one that dared me to go?”

Jiang thought, previously because of the ‘go play merry-go-round’, he wanted to prove himself as a man, and burned himself, why was he so impulsive?

“…… I dare you to go? You can’t be reasoned with at all! ”

Jiang Liu stood up, shrugged and said he was innocent.

“Chief, you know what you look like right now?”

Jiang Qi asked while blankly looked at Jiang Liu.

“Like what ?”

Jiang Liu faintly looked at Jiang Qi, in his hearth was also curious what Jiang Qi would describe himself to be.

“Shameless Uncle!”

You dare to scold your boss? Be careful I will make you wear small shoes! ” (tl:穿小鞋 idiom mean ‘to make life difficult for sb’)

“Then you wear it yourself! Shameless Uncle!”




Jiang Xue bought some water from the store for these two clown, she helplessly shook her head.

“Little qi?”

While Jiang Xue handed the water, she asked to her side.

“Behind you.”

Gulping water, Jiang Qi pointed at Jiang Xue, hearing the word, Jiang Xue turned around and saw Jiang qi with two tickets ran to her.

“Where are you going to ride?”

“We both are going to Ferris wheel!”

Jiang qi answered, while looked with disdain to the two people who vomited and said : ”It’s also convenient for those two individuals to rest for a while.”

As these two people could only watch Jiang Xue and Jiang qi go away, they looked at each other eyes, touching their nose embarrassingly.

Jiang Qi also admired Jiang Xue. Don’t look at her gentle and soft temperament. When she was riding the roller coaster, she just screamed a few times and only turned red when she got off, at this point, she’s much stronger than her father.

Thinking, Jiang Qi and Jiang Liu looked at each other. Their complexion was much better now.

He saw Jiang Liu pointed at a public seat, signaled for them sit there for a while.

Sitting on the seat, they went silent for a while. Then Jiang Liu making the first topic to talk:”Last night, what happens to you?”

“Parents, my parents are gone….”

Jiang Qi quietly drank the water, whispered. Although he decided to move on, it’s still not easy to do. Every time he talked about it, his heart always had a vague tingling feeling.

“Oh, so that’s why…”

Jiang Liu nodded softly and said : ”Then you must remember, people can’t be resurrected. Your correct choice is to live for their sake.”

“I didn’t want for the situation last night happen again.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

Watching the restoration of the domineering chief Jiang Liu, Jiang Qi grinning and said:”My impression to chief yesterday was so domineering… but…”

Stole a peek at Jiang Liu ears, Jiang Qi smiled and said:”But today that’s all got destroyed….. Shameless Uncle!”

“You Brats!”

Jiang Liu hearing that words from Jiang Qi, lose all his chief dominance.

“I don’t expect! for our chief to actually vomit because of a roller coaster.”

Jiang Qi almost fell from the seats holding his stomach laughing.

“Aren’t you the same with me ?”

Jiang Liu eyes looked like it can spray flame, and looked at Jiang Qi like he wanted to skin and eat him alive.

“But I not saying I wasn’t afraid.”

Jiang Qi pointed at himself, and lonely said:”There are many things that I’m afraid….”

“Such as….”

Jiang Liu looked at the expression of Jiang Qi, sighed and waited for him to take his time.

“The Mechanical Monster from before.”

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu, and said in self-deprecating : “Am I useless?”

“That’s normal.”

Jiang Liu patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder, said : “For that kind of monster, not many people dare to say they are not afraid of it.”

“And as a man, one day they will face their fear and mustn’t retreat.”

Hearing Jiang Liu, Jiang Qi stunned. So he said:”Thank you for your guidance, Shameless Uncle.”

“As long as you can understand it.”

Jiang Liu nodded his head and drank some water.

“But I seem to hear these words before”

Jiang Qi looked at the leisurely Jiang Liu, narrowing his eyes and said

“Oh? Is it? Who?”

Jiang Liu was very curious about people who had the similar attitude with himself.

“A TV series, a TV drama that has an impact on primary students…. but it was not necessarily a drama now!”

The last sentence Jiang Qi could only speak it lightly. Jiang Liu could only hear it vaguely.

Jiang Liu looked at the smiling Jiang Qi, laughed and scolded: “Get lost!”

These days, no one can tell the truth.

Jiang Qi sighed in the heart then suddenly thinking: If this was the same as the TV series, around this time a monster should appear.

Jiang hurriedly thrown away this idea, at the same time warned himself, OK don’t blindly think.

But he didn’t know why in his heart, there was still this uneasy feeling.

Then, Jiang Qi seemed to heard someone calling him. Blindly looked up, the blue sky was stunning beautiful, with not the slightest of abnormalities.

Jiang Qi frowned, his eyes, as if it could penetrate the universe, looked directly in the sky.

There’s a blazing flame flying over here.

“Uncle, try seeing the sky.”

Jiang Qi staring to the sky and spoke to Jiang Liu.

“What is it?”

Jiang Liu looked at the sky and did not find anything abnormal.

He looked at Jiang Qi whose face was still serious, Jiang Liu looked at the sky again. This time, his face changed.

He saw at the sky, suddenly fire red dots appeared, quickly turned big, into a blazing fireball.

Then without time for Jiang Liu to shouted, the fireball landed, forming a huge deep pit, and the vibrations caused all the facilities in the park to be powered down instantaneously.


“What’s happening.”


People scared from the tremor, some ran, some was at a loss, some wanted to go to the scene to look for the meteorite.

Didn’t know why, in Jiang Qi mind, a name suddenly appeared.

“Extra-dimensional machine no.1 – Galactron……” (人间冰器1号——加斯普罗斯……)



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