Chapter 148 Doubt (6)

Chapter 148 Doubt (6)

If he transformed now, not to mention others, just Jiang Liu this crafty old fox would suspect him.

If you didn’t go out, then it’s fine. But if he went out and Zero also appeared, then it would be unusual.

If this lead to Jiang Liu growing suspicious and connected Zero with himself, he might not be able to maintain his secret.

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi slowly lowered his hand. He absolutely couldn’t make Jiang Liu suspect him.

As for the cloud on the sky……

Jiang Qi gritted his teeth and could only observe. He put his hand in pocket and stopped a car, heading to Renchuan airport.


It was suffocating inside Night Raider’s headquarter, everyone”s eyes were fixing on the light screen.


A sound suddenly rang from the light screen, attracting their attention.

“Han Yi! How are you?”

Ding Yunfeng immediately asked, without concealing worry in his eyes at all.

“I’m fine.”

In the light screen, Han Yi was wearing a helmet and piloting an aircraft. He was looking at the surrounding with a complicated expression.

In the sky, the dark cloud was churning, surging, flooding from all over directions. It continued to pile up, became denser and denser, like the army of ten thousand men marching down.

“This is unbelievable!”

While looking, Han Yi slowly spoke : “I have never seen such a strange cloud before.”

The thunderclap became closer, to the point that he could see lightning. As the cloud became denser, the sky also became darker.

Ding Yunfeng could clearly hear the sound of thunderclaps and could roughly understand Han Yi’s unfavorable situation. He asked : “What is your situation over there?”

“The majority of instruments are normal, only some unimportant data were in a mess, rather this cloud…….”

Han Yi spoke. His brows frowned. He examined the cloud in the sky. Flashes of Lightning followed one after another, like a fire dragon rolling inside the cloud.

“It is as if it is alive, and is swallowing other clouds…..zi…..”

Suddenly, Han Yi’s image and sound in the light screen became fuzzy.

“Han Yi!! Han Yi?! Can you hear me?”

Ding Yunfeng shouted out toward Han Yi in the light screen, but Han Yi’s sounds were still intermittent as before.

“The cloud cluster is moving toward here…..zi…..I am changing to manual control.”

Han Yi fixed his eyes forward and spoke with seriousness.

“Withdraw Immediately!”

Ding Yunfeng immediately ordered with strict tone.

“Don’t……zi……worry……I will……..maintain distances…….zi…….keep watching…….the cloud……location…….”

A few of Han Yi’s sound only passed over and they could still somewhat understand the general idea. However before Han Yi’s sound finished speaking, the light screen became static white dots.

“Han Yi!! Han Yi!!”

Damn it!

Ding Yunfeng continuously shouted out. But Han Yi’s sound didn’t come back anymore. He gritted his teeth, turned around and was about to leave the room.


The door was suddenly opened, but not by Ding Yunfeng, but by Night Raider’s several highest senior officers.

“As the commanding officer, you cannot leave the base.”

An old with beard wearing Chinese tunic suit spoke with serious tone.

He was the minister of the ground force combat troop —— Zhang Zunluo, but his experience in the abnormal incident was a bit better than Ocean Branch, because Ocean Branch had never come across the monsters before.

“But Han Yi……”

Ding Yunfeng knitted his brows. In term of position, he might be the lowest here. But in term of right, he was in the top three. Therefore, he didn’t need to lower his head in private.

“You have to believe in Han Yi’s strength, that he will be alright.”

A woman among them stood out. She was wearing a black suit like a white-collar worker, and sitting on a chair. She was the first in command of the entire Night Raider, and also the open supporter of Ultraman Zero. That’s why Night Raider put their trust in Zero.

Her name was —— Lin Yazheng

She said to Ding Yunfeng: “Although your piloting skill is pretty good, but under that abominable environment, are you out of your mind?”


Ding Yunfeng lowered his head. He really was a bit impulsive. Even if he went out, the possibility of meeting danger was still very big.

“I understand.”

Inhaling, Ding Yunfeng turned his head and spoke to Cheng Yu : “Give the movement direction of the dark cloud.”


Cheng Yu nodded. His hands immediately drilled on the computer, and the virtual ‘Earth’ immediately was brought up.

On it, there was a black dot rapidly moving.

“It’s already entered our country’s territory.”

Cheng Yu looked at the virtual ‘Earth’, then said frowning. Regardless of how the dark cloud was before, as it was now, if it entered China’s territory, the damage would count to at least hundred millions.

The more important point was, based on his previously calculation, that dark cloud was about to pass over their Night Raider’s base.

That dark cloud would make electric device lose its function. If it really happened, then Night Raider’s headquarter would need at least half a year for maintenance.

“Its speed seemed to go up……”

Ding Yunfeng frowned. He looked at the light screen, closed his eyes, and pondered.


At Gaoyang City, the dark cloud shrouded the sky. In the dark, there was only a flash of lightning, depressing the atmosphere.

The thunderclap came immediately after the lightning. From above, strike heavily downward.

“Mama, I’m scared…….”

A five years old child leaned on the window and looked outside suddenly curled his mouth. Teardrops appeared on the corners of his eyes. He threw himself at his mother’s embrace.

”Don’t be scared, mama is here……”

The mother stroked the child’s head and smiled. She didn’t understand what’s going on with this child and only believed that he was frightened by thunder.

The silent cloud once again spit out a streak of dazzling and fierce flame. The sound of thunderclap then rang out, reverberated throughout the city for a long time.

This also frightened the mother into trembling, but she still held her son and continuously comforted her son.

“Mama, will Zero come to save us?”

The child leaned toward the mother’s ear, and spoke with tears streaming down.

“Definitely! Our darling is so lovable……”

The mother couldn’t help but laughed. She softly patted her son’s back. Kt seemed this child was really frightened.

Zero now already became humanity’s spiritual guardian. No matter how that person disliked Zero, when they encounter the monster, their first thought was for Zero to quickly save them.

The thunderclap died down. And the lang and thin zigzag lightning above lowered even more! Like a sharp sword piercing down, its front end wasn’t hidden in the dark cloud, but transforming into terrifying radiant electric spark rapidly charging toward the ground. That big electric light heavily before the large bus that was about to go through high rise bridge. The cement immediately exploded and creating countless sparks.


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