Chapter 146 Doubt (4)

Chapter 146 Doubt (4)

In Night Raider’s headquarter, Cheng Yu and others still closely analyzed Gomara’s movement direction.

“Cheng Yu, we may not need to be tied by only this part of Jiunong Mountain”

Han Yi looked at the analysis chart of Jiunong mountain on the light screen, then said : “Change your way of thinking, gradually extends the scope of analysis throughout Jiunong mountain. This way the possibilities of finding its traces will be bigger.”

“But the degree of difficulty will also become bigger.”

Cheng Yu faintly said : “If we search out from the center of Jiunong mountain, then the scope of searching will become too big and our searching capability will also be too low, thus the possibility of finding will also be low.”

Speaking, Cheng Yu enlarged the picture of Jiunong mountain and explained : “The hole that monster used to escape only extends to 100 meters underground. Therefore, no matter where it escapes, there is a limit. Also, for the depths, our latest model of weapon could only strike living things up to 5 km underground. As long as the monster dig only a bit deeper, we will have no mean to deal with it.”

“Then what should we do?”

While everyone was vexed. Ding Yunfeng who had gone to the meeting suddenly returned, holding a microchip in his hand with an indescribable strange expression.

“Comrades, we have a new mission.”


Upon hearing this, Han Yi’s body immediately stood straight, he asked frowning : “Could it be another monster appears?”


Ding Yunfeng shook his head and handed over the microchip to Cheng Yu. He looked at Cheng Yu Immediately insert the magnetic card into the computer’s terminal, and softly said : “It’s a special mission…….”

“A special mission?”

Han Yi repeated words in doubt, and also a little bit curious about how this mission was special.

Just when Han Yi’s words dropped, Cheng Yu’s work was also completed. The analysis of Jiunong mountain on the light screen was rescinded and changed into their newly developed ‘Earth’.

However this Earth’s state seemed to be not very good. Over 80% of it were shrouded by dark clouds, with flashes of lightning appeared from times to times.

“As everyone knows, recently, the global climate conditions experienced various degrees of worsening.”

Ding Yunfeng walked before the command room and tapped at the Earth. Along with his pointing, that area’s specific data were revealed before everyone’s eyes.

The areas that Ding Yunfeng’s finger tapped at were shrouded with dark clouds and fierce wind.

“The most serious among them is America’s North Sea coast.”

Ding Yunfeng spoke and tapped at America’s North Coast. In it, it was like a hurricane pass through, trees and plant lives were destroyed beyond recognition.


Han Yi suddenly knotted his brows and pushed his finger at his forehead. He pondered a bit, then said : “I recall that this place is an electromagnetic power plant, right?”

“That’s right.”

Cheng Yu heard Han Yi’s words and nodded, then added : “It’s for conserving century of electric energy sources, as well as convert sunlight into magnetic energy.”

“It is because this power plant has stored up electromagnetic energy.”

Ding Yunfeng’s words drew their attentions. Weren’t they talking about climate? Why did he bring up the magnetic energy plants?

Ding Yunfeng understood their doubts. He paused a bit, then said : “Because of the arrival of the tempest, the whole magnetic energy plant was destroyed. The leaked magnetic energy was absorbed by the dark clouds, resulting in the dark clouds carrying large amount of electromagnetic force.”

“I remember that any electromagnetic plants have countermeasures, hasn’t it? How come it was destroyed from tempest?”

Cheng Yu suddenly asked. He felt something off about this matter.

“It is currently unknown.”

Ding Yunfeng spoke and shook his head. He said after a sigh : “Right now, the dark cloud continued to expand. And within its range, any electronic communication devices are not working. America already lose over a few million dollars after these long times.

“But for this kind of matter, shouldn’t it be handed over to natural science inspection team?”

After Cheng Yu understood the matter, he pondered for a while and suddenly said : “I think they would be very interested in this matter.”

“I think you have a point.”

Ding Yunfeng nodded and smiled, then said : “Two days ago, the natural science inspection team was deployed, and they succeeded in entering the dark cloud.

Cheng Yu also nodded and said : “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Ding Yunfeng sat on the chair and spoke to Cheng Yu with the wooden expression : “The result is they still have not come back.”

Cheng Yu:“……”…(__)ノ|

“But what about America’s defense armed forces? Why didn’t they lend a hand? Could it be that they are not worried?”

Han Yi seemed to feel something and was a bit unhappy. You guys are so cold-blood!

“What I am going to say will startle you.”

Ding Yunfeng suddenly said : “That cloud is flying toward China.”


Other people were frightened by this word. They carefully looked at the ‘Earth’, and sure enough, they found a dark cloud rapidly floating toward China.

Cheng Yu Immediately operated a computer, wanting to connect to the satellites to understand the specific situation of the cloud. But what appeared on the light screen was actually snowflakes.

“Damn it! The electromagnetic interference is too strong.”

Han Yi furrowed his brows, then said : “Then I will go and keep a look at its movement.”

“Then how are you going to report to us?”

Ding Yunfeng shook his head, then said : “Under the strong electromagnetic interference, the instruments on plane won’t be working. Forget about looking at the cloud, your safety can’t even be guaranteed.”

“I will change to manual control.”



After a meal, Jiang Qi tidied up bowls and moved to the kitchen, prepared to clean them. These jobs originally belonged to Jiang Xue.

But Jiang Xue went out today, therefore, these jobs fell onto Jiang Qi’s head.

It’s not that Jiang Qi wanted to do it, but who else among them could do this job?
With no choice, Jiang Qi clean bowls and returned to the living room. He unexpectedly saw Jiang Liu took out a newspaper and looked at it with gusto.

Jiang Qi really didn’t understand what’s so good about looking at news.

“What news are you looking at?”

Under extreme curiosity, Jiang Qi stepped forward and asked adorably.


Hearing this Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Liu quietly put down the newspaper, looked at Jiang Qi and said : “Does your face not hurt anymore?”


You bitch!!!

Jiang Qi’s mind recalled a certain bad memory back and his face changed. He looked at Jiang Liu unpleasantly and quietly stepped back.

“To fight me, you are still too tender……”

Jiang Liu’s light voice beside his ear almost made Jiang Qi pulled out a knife and risk it all with Jiang Liu.

Just you wait, there will be a day when this young master will return everything.

Jiang Qi quietly thought and pulled the 40 meters long knife in his mind back.


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